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Take Benefits Of Indoor Gardening in Dubai


Sonya Plants & Flowers offer the best indoor plants online in Dubai. Indoor plants fill the house with good air because plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. If you want to reduce the pollution level inside your home and breathe fresh air, you can choose Sonya Plants & Flowers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Take Benefits Of Indoor Gardening in Dubai

Sonya Plants Flowers
  • Sonya Plants Flowers provides one of the best
    ornamental plant displays in the market for you
    who are featured with design conscious today. We
    provide high quality Plants from Holland and
    quality maintenance work to keep your plants
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About Us
  • Sonya Plants Flowers LLC, a fast growing
    company provides high Quality real ornamental
    Indoor and Outdoor Plants installations for high
    and low profile business Offices, Residential,
    Hotels Apartments, and Shopping Malls etc.
    Focus in plant research in recent times shows
    immense potential of plants used all over the
    world has dramatically increased in various
    traditional systems.
  • Our Landscaping services range from the
    development of the overall garden design concept,
    to designing and implementing soft and hard
    landscaping, which includes choosing the right
    plants, as well as installing irrigation systems
    and providing continuous maintenance.
  • Our service also includes Fresh Flower
    arrangements for different occasions. Also we
    organize Flower Deliveries worldwide.

Take Benefits Of Indoor Gardening
  • Get your green thumb going all year long

What is indoor gardening?
  • Indoor Gardening is nothing but the cultivation
    of indoor plants. This can be at home, business
    locations such as office buildings or restaurants
    or other enclosed areas. Indoor Gardening allows
    you to fully control the environment. This means
    you can grow almost all types of plants and you
    can plant them throughout the year.
  • Indoor gardening is a hobby that will help you
    relax during times of the year when the weather
    does not allow you to enjoy nature. This art
    gives you the opportunity to learn more about
    plants and flowers. It will be a fun experience
    to learn to plant flowers under imperfect
    conditions for their growth. Slim sunlight is one
    of the biggest challenges you can face as an
    indoor gardener.
  • Indoor plants decorate the interior of the house.
    They also fill the house with good air because
    plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Benefits Of Indoor Gardening
  • Did you know that plants make people happier?
    Care and nutrition can give people the feeling
    that they have more meaning in their lives, even
    if it means pouring plants from time to time.
    There are other hidden and less hidden benefits
    of gardening indoors.
  • Improved air quality
  • Educational opportunities
  • Veggies and herbs
  • Better Air
  • Therapeutic

Benefits Of Indoor Gardening
  • Plants filter the surrounding air, absorbing
    gases such as benzene, formaldehyde and / or
    trichlorethylene and releasing oxygen. They also
    increase humidity. Cleaner and oxygen-rich air
    makes your family and pets healthier. What is the
    highest ranked facility for improving air
  • Different plants live with different
    combinations of sunlight and water. Cactus might
    be okay for a windowless room, but other plants
    will dry out and die soon. Teaching younger
    family members to grow ornamental plants can be a
    useful experience for elders, and it is a great
    way to spend time together.

Benefits Of Indoor Gardening
  • One of the best ways to grow plants indoors is
    by growing fresh vegetables and herbs throughout
    the year. Basil, parsley, and tomatoes are
    expensive at the store and it can be difficult to
    stay fresh for longer. In addition, it is
    difficult to determine whether products purchased
    in stores come into contact with pesticides or
    preservatives. But with basil plants that bloom
    in your window, every time you need it for a
    recipe, you can tear some healthy leaves that are
    planted at home.
  • Plants release about 97 percent of the water
    they absorb. If you suffer from dry skin or are
    in a permanently dry environment and want to stop
    shortness of breath, get Areca Palm,also known as
    Butterfly or Golden Palm Reed. This plant is
    effective in conjunction with other internal
    flora and fauna for colds, sore throats and dry
    coughs. Areca palm is also a beautiful plant to
    make your home feel like a tropical paradise.

  • The biggest advantage of gardening indoors is
    the fact that plants support air filtering. As
    all students expect, plants absorb carbon dioxide
    and produce oxygen while the human body does the
    opposite. Having plants in and around your home
    will dramatically improve the quality of the air
    you breathe. Air filtration around plants also
    absorbs potentially toxic gases such as benzene,
    formaldehyde and / or trichlorethylene.
  • Whether it's increasing the air in your home,
    enhancing your home visually, or just doing the
    work, indoor gardening is therapy in many ways.
    How is the therapy? By maintaining your plants
    regularly and helping them feed and grow, you
    contribute to the growth of life and help improve
    your home environment. However, indoor
    horticulture is an advantage. That is what makes
    it therapeutic.

Contact Us
  • Mailing address P.O. Box 90075, Showroom 9,
    HamriyaShopping Complex,Abuhail,
    Deira,Dubai UA
  • Email address info_at_sonyaflowers.com
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