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EJB Training | EJB 3.3 Online training from India - GOT


EJB training is a specification provided by sun Microsystems to build protected, strong and scalable dispersed applications. For more info please visit our website at: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Updated: 16 November 2019
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Title: EJB Training | EJB 3.3 Online training from India - GOT

EJB Training
  • Contact Us India 91 6301 026190, 91 8121020333
    USA 1 909 233 6006,  1 516 858 6242 training_at_g

About Us
  • In Global Online Trainings we have redefined
    education and have designed the course modules
    for best conveniences of our students. We have
    tried to present best possible interactive
    platform for all our students to complete their
    course curriculum so that the learning process
    becomes easy and comprehensive.
  • Our way of teaching is made easy and wonderfully
    communicative. We use interactive platforms like
    Gotomeeting, Skype, WebEx, for one to one
    teaching classes. We offer flexitime class so
    that student can learn easy and we can coach easy
    for best level of comprehension for all our

Introduction to EJB Training
  • EJB training where EJB means Enterprise Java bean
    is a part of J2EE specification that means they
    are much more than our plain text old java
    objects or the portals it means EJBs hold your
    business logic also though it is actually
    possible to use standard java objects to contain
    your business logic and business data.
  • The world is talking about EJBs because they
    address many of the issues you would find due to
    the usage of simple java objects such as
    scalability, Life cycle management and state

Overview Of EJB training
  • Enterprise Java Beans is a server side module it
    is an essential part of J2EE platform. J2EE
    application container includes the components
    that are able to be used by customer for
    executing business logic these modules are called
    EJB and it mainly includes business logic and
    business data.
  • EJB components lie in some container which is
    called as EJB container where in EJB training EJB
    components is an EJB class which is written by
    developer that implements business logic.

Architecture of EJB training
  • EJB server
  • The EJB server contains the EJB container.
  • EJB client
  • An EJB client typically provides the client
    interface logic on a client machine. An EJB
    client does not contact directly with an EJB
    component. Here is the remote interface describe
    the business methods that can be called by the
    customer and home interface methods to generate
    and destroy proxy for the remote interface.
  • EJB Container
  • The EJB training pattern describes a container as
    the environment in which single or more EJB
    components implement.

What is the use of EJB 3?
  • Java bean is prepared up of a plain old java
    object (POJO) beside a few annotation POJOs with
    getters and setters now like any being
    annotations are things written with _at_ signs as
    you can notice plus they provide clues to the
    compiler of how to create this entity java bean.
  • EJB 3 is effortless to use with annotations
    currently it incorporate actually well through
    the solution stack which means you know calling
    further java things like JNI and additional areas
    are incorporated quite well it is an open java EE
    standard and have a lot of people contribute this
    people from java and people from the industry in
    EJB 3.3 online training.

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