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Things to know about the Internet of Things (IoT)


IOT has 3 days of program, it has 24 hours of duration. IOT has field of automated products and communication interfaces. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Things to know about the Internet of Things (IoT)

Things to know about the Internet of Things
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  • IOT has 3 days of program, it has 24 hours of
    duration. IOT has field of automated products
    and communication interfaces.

  • Internet of Things is a growing concept related
    to devices that could communicate with each
    other. It contains a variety of applications,
    almost all the modern technologies we use. In
    this article, we'll discuss what IoT is and why
    it is important for us.
  • What is the Internet of Things?
  • The Internet of Things is a system of
    complementary mechanical devices, machines,
    animals, people that are given unique identifiers
    (UIDs). They are also able to transfer data
    through a network without any human or machine
  • The term thing in the Internet of Things refers
    to any living or non-living thing which is given
    the ability to transfer data over a network.
    Industries are using IoT to perform efficiently
    and to understand their customers.
  • Kevin Ashton first introduced the term Internet
    of Things but the idea of interconnected devices
    has been around since 1970s. The first device
    linked to the internet in 1980 and it was a Coke
    machine. Programmers were able to determine
    (using the web) the availability of cold drinks
    in the coke machine.
  • IoT has become a network of billions of devices
    that are used for connecting people all around
    the world. In 2010, China had declared IoT as its
    first priority for the next five-year plan.
  • How the Internet of Things work?
  • IoT consists of an ecosystem that is made by
    smart devices having the ability to connect with
    the internet. They are used in collecting and
    sending various data to other devices. For
    sharing data, IoT devices are connected with the
    IoT gateways where the data is transferred to the
    cloud or analyzed locally. The devices can also
    examine the information provided by other

  • Why IoT is important?
  • The internet of things provides people a complete
    control in their life. It also helps in providing
    various kinds of smart devices for homes. IoT
    also helps in providing businesses by providing
    them an insight about the systems present in
    their company. Apart from this, it also provides
    them insight about machine operation and
  • IoT helps to reduce the labor costs. It also
    helps to control any wastage and improves the
    overall service the company has to offer. This
    helps in maintaining the transparency between the
    organization and the customers while reducing the
    costs of goods and increasing the manufacturing. 
  • IoT has a vast area of application from
    healthcare to manufacturing. It is also being
    employed in farming techniques for growing crops
    efficiently and predicting growth rates for the
    crops and cattle.
  • Advantages of Using IoT
  • IoT helps in accessing the information with ease
    from anywhere at any time.
  • It helps in improving the overall communication
    between various kinds of network devices.
  • When data is transferred over a network in small
    packets, it helps in saving a lot of time and
    money for an organization.
  • IoT automates various tasks which is essential
    for enhancing the service of an organization.
  • Internet of Things is becoming a digital
    revolution for various industries around the
    world. It is expected that over 500 billion
    interconnections between devices would be
    available in 10 years. So, join a course for IoT
    in Malaysia and get ready to be part of this

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