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Career as Data Analyst-converted


Career as Data Analyst-converted – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Career as Data Analyst-converted

A Career as a Data Analyst
  • You must have graduated to become a data analyst
    in an entry-level position. You can be a
    graduate in any field such as statistics,
    economics, math, engineering and computer
    science. If you dont have prior work experience,
    you must earn your graduation to become a data
    analyst. If you want to gain experience in this
    field, you can enroll for a data analytics course
    either online or offline or you can take up
    internships to know how the analytics work. Data
    analytics mainly deals with the analysis of data
    and a data analyst deals with this data to get a
    relevant solution for the business. Data
    analytics also studies the recent changes and
    innovations which need to be adopted by an
    organization for their growth. A data analyst
    will keep an eye on this so that the companies
    are never laid back. It is a continuous learning
  • Who is a data analyst?
  • A data analyst is a person who deals with various
    data of consumers, companies and products to
    help in decision making. Companies get insights
    from their customers, sales etc. These insights
    will help the companies to know the performance
    of the business. Thus, the information helps
    industries to set the standard of the products
    or services which are offered to them in respect
    to their needs and wants.
  • Skills needed to become a data analyst
  • To become a successful data analyst, there are
    certain skills which must be acquired by the
    candidates. We will go through some of the
    required skills.
  • The person must possess a basic math knowledge. A
    data analyst needs the mathematical ability to
    play with the data because there is a wide use
    of statistics and statistical methods to generate
    reports. It helps in solving business issues.
    You will need to learn math at the graduate
  • Another skill required by an analyst is the
    knowledge of programming language. He/she needs
    to know one programming language or should learn
    any one of them. There are many programming
    languages like Python, Java, PHP, R and more. It
    is very important to have this skill.

  • To manipulate and manage the data, the analyst
    should know programming languages. Also, there
    is an essential part of data analysis, which is
    to build queries to extract the desired data. You
    will need to create specified reports after
    analyzing the data by using analytical tools.
  • A data analyst must have great communication
    skills and great domain knowledge to get
    detailed and specified information. They should
    know what the customer wants and their
    expectations. This analyst must have great
    leadership and communication skills to
    collaborate with the other departments in the
    organization. Because at the end of the day, the
    analyst is improving the functions of a business.
  • There will be many calculations and organization
    of data so the analyst must know how to use MS
    Excel. This makes his job easier.
  • Many opportunities are there for the data
    analyst. All the major industries hire data
    analysts for their companies. Industries related
    to market research, finance and sales mainly
    need to appoint analysts to their firms. At the
    entry-level itself, you will get a great salary
    package. If you are confident and passionate to
    become a data analyst, join the nearest institute
    for the data analytics course and get a
    certificate in data analytics.

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