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Data Analytics Course


Data Analytics has 24 hours of duration, it has training is driven using both Python as well as R programming. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Data Analytics Course

Data Analyst and Data Scientist Do you think
both of them perform the same functions?
A data scientist is a person who will study and
predict the future of a company by analyzing
past information. A data analyst is a person who
extracts the relevant information from the raw
data. The job of a data scientist is surrounded
by the valuation of the unknown data, whereas a
data analyst job revolves around searching for
the relevant information from a new
viewpoint. Data scientists usually prepare their
own questions while data analysts will find out
the answers from a given set of questions. Data
analysts are involved in making business
decisions on a daily basis. They find out the
problems in a business. The data scientist will
study these problems and find out a proper
solution to them. The differences between a data
scientist and a data analyst The role of a data
scientist is to convert the data insights into a
business. A Data scientist possesses strong
business skills. He/she may thoroughly examine
the data from different sources and generate a
set of questions which helps in making better
business decisions. They need to work in a very
challenging environment. They need to be more
productive in their work. For a data analyst,
they only extract the relevant information from
the data. They rely on a single source of data.
A data analyst does not need work experience
like a data scientist. Their main purpose is to
find problems in a business environment. Both of
them possess similar skills because both of them
require some knowledge of mathematics,
engineering and good soft skills. Data analysts
are required to master the database language.
Data scientists must have the skills of a data
analyst and also they should have a strong base
in statistics and computer science. The main
difference between both of them is a data
possesses good consumer insight skills which are
not necessary for a data analyst. Role
responsibilities A Data scientist always relies
upon retrieving new information from the data.
They need to organize data for analysis and
identify and produce more questions on data
sets. Data scientists need to learn and develop
machine learning. They are also responsible for
data visualization. A data analyst should master
the database management system and solve business
problems. They also work along with the science
and engineering team to create and generate
reports and designs by using many statistical
tools. Educational Qualification You can be a
data analyst with no prior experience if you are
a science, math, statistics or economics
graduate. But if you are seeking a higher post,
you should have a masters or doctorate degree.
To become a data scientist, you may need the
same qualifications as a data analyst. But if you
are an engineering graduate with relevant
programming language skills, it will be easy for
you to get a data scientist job. You must also
possess analytical and machine learning
abilities. Career wise, they both have equal
opportunities in India and abroad because both
of them are globally acclaimed positions. But if
we compare the salary of both, data scientists
have a higher pay scale than a data analyst. Both
roles are very important for a company anyway.
If you want to master and develop the skills of
analytics, go enroll for data analytics
certification and get your certificate in data
analytics. Explore and build your career in data
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