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Advantages of Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cable


If you require a rapid deployment or concerned about the quality of your field terminations, Pre-Terminated fiber may be something to consider. With massive optical fibers being adopted in the data center to speed data transmission, pre-terminated assemblies offer much higher density and flexibility for data center upgrades. Here are the best advantages you may don’t know, so just go through these assets to know the Quality and product standard for Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cable. For More Visit:  – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Advantages of Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cable

Advantages of Pre Terminated Fiber
  • Pre Terminated cabling solutions are ideally
    suited for data center environments where the
    cable routes are well defined and where the time
    for deployment, ease of installation, network
    reliability and manageability are paramount.
  • The manufacturer should also provide 100 testing
    in a quality-controlled environment before the
    cabling is shipped out to the worksite. Make sure
    the pre-terminated copper or optical fiber
    purchased through a manufacturer uses components
    that have been tested and verified by a third
    party to exceed TIA and IEEE standards.
  • When selecting pre-terminated cable assemblies,
    be sure to use a reliable provider that can offer
    services such as guaranteed cabling performance,
    design assistance, certified contractor training,
    and the ability to support large quantities of
    assemblies in the required delivery window.

Advantages of Pre-Terminated Fiber are
  • Lower Total Cost
  • Quick-Turn Manufacturing
  • Faster Deployments
  • Proven Performance
  • Online Configuration

Lower Total Cost
  • Our studies have shown that a pre-terminated
    fiber assembly can reduce overall installation
    costs by nearly 50 (or more) for (1) 12-strand
    Pre Terminated fiber assembly. By eliminating
    rework, realising termination efficiencies,
    eliminating transmission testing, and all but
    eliminating the need for termination equipment
    and consumables, pre-terminated fiber cabling
    solution can drastically reduce the overall cost
    of installation.

Quick-Turn Manufacturing
  • Quick turn manufacturing can get you a
    pre-terminated fiber assembly within two to four
    days. Pre-terminated fiber is great to help meet
    short project deadlines and increase the overall
    speed of deployment. Eliminate 3rd party
    suppliers and go to the source. You no longer
    have to wait one, two, or even three weeks to get
    your custom fiber assemblies.
  • Pre-terminated cabling provides more consistent
    channel transmission characteristics, as the
    experience level of the field technician no
    longer becomes a factor. Precision
    factory-termination processes take place in a
    clean, well-lit environment, unlike termination
    in uncontrolled field conditions.

Faster Deployments
  • Designed for rapid deployment, pre-terminated
    fiber cabling eliminates the need for field
    terminations. This reduces the labour required
    which in turn enables you to complete the job
    sooner. Youll need to do some up front planning,
    but once you receive your cable, youre ready to
  • Once pre-terminated cabling is delivered, it can
    be unpacked, readied for deployment, and
    connected quickly. In many cases pre-terminated
    cabling can cut installation time by up to 80
    over field terminations.

Proven Performance
  • Mission critical fiber optic networks require the
    highest level of care when it comes to cable
    assembly. Field terminations often compromise the
    overall quality of the cable because of poor air
    quality, inefficient end face polishing, and poor
    cleaning and testing protocol. Pre-terminated
    fiber assemblies should be manufactured in a
    clean room and go through a series of
    inspections, including multiple end-face
    inspections and certification to specific
    insertion loss/return loss thresholds.
  • With pre-terminated cable assemblies,
    transmission testing of assemblies is performed
    by the manufacturer before shipment, and test
    reports are included with the assemblies. This
    leaves only continuity testing for copper and 10
    insertion loss and continuity testing for fiber,
    which reduces the time spent testing on-site.

Online Configuration
  • Ordering a custom pre-terminated fiber cable can
    be surprisingly easy. Some manufacturers of
    pre-terminated fiber cable, including Falcon
    Tech, offer online configurators and SKU building
    tools. While youll need to plan ahead in terms
    of lengths, connectors, and other options, you
    can actually plug in what you want and get a SKU
    in a matter of seconds.
  • One of the benefits of pre-terminated fiber cable
    is online configurator compared to other
    configurators is that you actually get a price
    and can order right then and there instead of
    calling in and requesting a quote. If you need
    help configuring a pre-terminated cable, please
    take advantage of Falcon Tech's free support.

  • Pre Terminated cables are the plug-and-play
    solution for links between switches, servers, and
    patch panels in the data center. As the computing
    environments and business needs of organizations
    differ widely, not every enterprise will find the
    benefits of pre-terminated systems outweigh the
  • Providing reliable quality, advanced testing
    system and favorable price, progress of FS.COM
    has never stopped. We offer a variety of
    pre-terminated optics including the breakout
    patch cable, pre-terminated trunk cable and
    adapter panels. Field-terminated copper and fiber
    cabling and connectivity systems are generally
    less costly to purchase in terms of the various
    components. Just to find a suitable solution
    system for your own network.
  • Fiber optic cables like SC fiber patch cable and
    LC to LC patch cord are also needed. If you have
    any requirement of our products, please send your
    request to us.