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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts Ideas for Employees In 2019


Every employee deserves appreciation for their hard work before the holidays. Here are few thoughtful holiday gifts ideas for employees this year. For more information, visit at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Thoughtful Holiday Gifts Ideas for Employees In 2019

Are you thinking of providing gifts to your
employees this holiday season? A gift to an
employee serves as a solicitous touch making your
workforce feel acknowledged. Your company is only
as extraordinary as your employees are. Either
you manage few workers at a coworking space or
thousands nationwide, you know that your
employees are precious assets of your company and
the key to your business success and
conceivably thanking them apart from simply
paying them salaries is what can help create a
culture of trust and efficient working in the
Now is the time to surprise your employees with
the elevated, considerate, and beneficial
corporate gifts. Some options come from our
experts, while others are just a click away on
holiday gifts for employees sources like ETSY or
Amazon. Make an extra effort by modifying them
with company branding, or a thoughtful touch that
truly make them feel appreciated. In addition, if
you want to admire your employees work and get
them to stay longer in your company, a gift can
go a long way.
We have created a list of interactive and
valuableholiday gifts ideas for your employees
in 2019.
Workspace Interior Decor
Sound Devices
Travel Accessories
Event Tickets
Office Stationary
Kindle e-Readers
Desk Organizer
Personalized Gifts
Liquor Bottle
Gourmet Gift Basket
Specialty Coffee
Time Off
Spa Treatments
E-Gift Cards
Work Space Interior Decor
Delight your employees by decorating the
employees workspaces! Creating a delighted
workspace will act as a valued persuader for your
employees. The interior décor can include adding
a plant on employees desk, colorful holders, fun
magnets or pushpins, decorative bookends or Knick
Knacks are all the creative holiday gifts that
every employee will appreciate.
Travel Accessories
Typically, business travelers appreciate things
that make their travelling easier, luxurious, or
more enjoyable. If your employees frequently
travel for business purposes, providing holiday
gifts like imprinted travel backpacks, portable
chargers, packing cubes, or elevated wardrobe
staples can help feel them contented. All these
holiday gifts are relatively affordable, but will
be cherished by the employee whos usually
Office Stationary
Think about providing your employees with items
they used every day to stay driven, proficient,
and inspired to make a difference! Give them
awesome office supplies like engraved pens,
notepads, clip holders, penholders, puns sticky
notes, paperweights, penholders and custom
Desk Organizer
If you have employee who loves to keep their desk
in order, feel them appreciated by providing them
stylish desk organizer things like name plate,
pen stands, card holders or file organizer to
keep their desk look fashionable all year long.
Liquor Bottle
A nice liquor bottle can also make a good gift
based on your corporate culture and employees
tastes. If they like a certain type of alcohol,
giving them what they like drinking can be
perfect gift.
Specialty Coffee
For sure, you will some employees that cant work
without caffeine? If theyre really in it, give
them a custom-made coffee mug, handheld coffee
maker, coffee beans and boxes, or a plug-in
coffee warmer to get them something awesome.
Spa Treatments
If you really want to pamper your employees this
season to unwind and re-charge after the
holidays, offer them calming, soothing product
like spa-themed gifts cards. Even an oil aroma
candle set, hand repair kit, bath bomb set,
footbath massager, essential oil diffuser or
simple a massage service can help them feel
relaxed and demonstrate their mental health is
essential to you.
Sound Devices
Open workspaces or bordering cubicles office
spaces can sometime leads to a strident
workplace. You do have employees who love
listening to music. Headphones and similar sound
devices are considered the foremost accessory in
the life of a corporate. A quality pair of
headphones, sound-canceling headphones,
noise-masking sleep buds, or portable speakers
for the desktop are the experiential gifts for
the wellness-minded employees.
Event Tickets
Make your employees relax over the holidays by
offering then passes and vouchers for a night out
at the cinema or tickets to a sports or music
event. You can also provide gift cards or tickets
to your employees via apps like StubHub, Vivid
Seats or SeatGeek.
Kindle - E-Readers
If your employees love reading, give them a nice
holiday gift in form of a tablet or kindle
e-reader. A tablet is a great way to help them
take better meeting notes, have them working off
site, access to real time information on the go
and get them reading while on a commute to work
or traveling ultimately boost employees mood
and engagement at the office.
Personalized Gifts
Is your employee a fan of endurance sports? Or
like high-risk pursuits, music, art or maybe
spend time creating video blogs when not at work.
Think about what they love doing, and offer
personalized employee holiday gifts based on
their hobbies. Sketching wallet, sports
accessories, or camping gears are all
hobby-related gifts that your employees would
Gourmet Food Gift Basket
Say Thank you with a gourmet food basket to
show you care. You really cant go wrong with
giving food basket as a gift to employees. Make
the contents of food baskets tailored and themed
to employee tastes so they can enjoy themselves
or can share with others. A gift basket of
cheese, nuts and crackers, cookies, chocolates,
spices, or infused syrups are all truly winners.
Time Off
One great and free way to appreciate your
employees is by giving them time off. Give them a
long lunch, offer a little early leave from work
or an extra paid day off is enough for them to
feel contented. You can also offer them mandatory
days off like when their kids are on holidays
from school, or allow them to choose the day they
want to leave work early. If youre looking to
give your employees a gift they wont forget and
might not even expect, consider Throwing a few
no-strings-attached PTO days to their way will
also act as appreciation they might really wanted.
E-Gift Cards
Everyone likes getting a gift card and a better
alternative when youre unable to create a
personalized gift. An e-gift card promote the
giving experience by enabling your employees to
choose the gift they want to receive. You can
give gift cards from Visa, Best Buy, Amazon,
iTunes, or Walmart. Grocery store gift cards are
in trend as holiday gifts for employees. It also
serves as a gesture that doesnt make any
suppositions about employees celebrations or
religious traditions.
Considerations When Giving Holidays gifts to
Avoid Favoritism
Be Reasonable
Avoid Promotional Gifts
Adhere to Taxation
The Conclusion Giving gifts to employees is just
a small part of an entire package of fun,
appreciation, and memorable events. In todays
frantic and detached world, such occasions of
sincere gratitude can count a lot to employee
retention and self-esteem!
Irrespective of the type of employee holiday gift
you give, it must come from the heart.
Get everyone together, give all of them a
handwritten thank you note with every gift, and
let them know you truly value their efforts.
Give the attention they deserve by engraving or
personalizing their gifts.