Create lifelike 3D characters from a single selfie photo! With Mugjam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Create lifelike 3D characters from a single selfie photo! With Mugjam


Create lifelike 3D characters from a single selfie photo! With Mugjam – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Create lifelike 3D characters from a single selfie photo! With Mugjam

What is MugJam ? MigJam is the first ever
application, that can make 3D Talking Avatars Of
any face you can think of. Automatically. In
Seconds. So if you dont want to be on the
camera, you can make a picture of yourself and
MugJam will create everything else for you. Or
you can use the done for you templates
or avatars. You can use the tool to make videos
for someone else and get paid for that by using
his avatar/image and MugJam will animate it.
3D Avatar Creator The best thing is that this is
the first Avatar Creator, which can craft Life
Like Talking Avatar of every person. Every
created avatar possess unique facial geometry.
Template Made For Video You Very well made
Templates, which you can use to create your
videos by using the avatars youw ant.
Use Your Own Videos Another great feature is when
you add your avatars on your existing videos, the
avatars will instantly lip-sync towards your
videos audio.
10 Done For You professional Avatars The
creators of MugJam have hired professional
models, so they can make avatars of high quality
by using Mugjam. You will get unlimited use
license with the certain avatars.
8 Templates in Different Categories The most
variety set of templates they have made so far.
Categories varying from Local Business, Ads,
Quotes and a lot more.
50 Done For You Templates Those unique templates
are custom made from scratch to fit the avatars
perfectly from their team of animation experts.
Auto Lip-Sync All the Avatars that aremade with
MugJam are able to lip-sync with any audio. The
movements of the Mouth are designed to be as
realistic as possible.
Natural Eye Teeth MugJam creates very realistic
Eyes and Teeth for every Avatar. For the avatars
to be more life-like, the avatars will even look
around on random.
Natural Head Turns The Avatars will also look and
turn around randomly for purpose of imitatating
the normal speaking movements of a professional
Green Screen Videos This is one of the few, apps
that allows you to export your talking avatars
with green screen background. So you can use and
integrate your avatars within any other apps.
Using You Own Voice You can record your voice in
the app or you can upload a ready done voice into
MugJam and the avatars will do the lip-sync
automation for you.
Very High Quality Text-To-Speech One of the most
high quality and near to natural Text To Speech.
With the software, you will be also available to
control the voice,pitch,speed and more.
HD Quality Output Every video made by MugJam is
exported to high quality 1080P.
Cloning The Clothes You Wear MugJam also makes
clothes, that look similar to those you are
wearing on your image/selfie.
Support of Multiple Languages The best thing is
MugJam integrates with almost evey language.
Their templates and the text to speech support
with most languages, so you will not have problem
with that. How Does MugJam Work ? In a nutshell
MugJam works in a very simple way, even for
people who dont have any technical skills. In a
few clicks, you will have everything done for
you. 1. First you choose a template in the
category/niche, you want or you can upload your
2. The second step is to choose an avatar, which
can be from you or a friend you want to make a
video for or a client, but you can also use the
predefined templates, MugJam has.
3. Customize Template/Video
4. About the audio, you can use text to speech
with different professional voices, you can
record your own voice or you can upload a voice.
5. Preview and Export to whereever platform youw
ant. Once again the best thing is that you can
use existing videos for example, which dont have
a person on the video and you can upload the
talking avatar on the video.
Bonuses With MugJam Boost Your Website
Traffic This bonus will help you to master
Sales Page Lead Magnet Optin Page Email Swipes
Articles Graphics Infographic Keyword
Research Alternate Sales Page Headlines
Alternate Opt-in Page Head- lines Socia Media
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about The Most Essential Metrics In Your Digital
or Online Business you will be sure and Know
Whats Working And What Is Not Not! You are
gonna discover Tips, Techniques And Detailed
steps To Take To Finally Get The Results You
Deserve! There is a saying that which is
measured, grows. It means the following the
simple act of measuring some metric or other can
be enough to help that metric improve. This can
be applied for weight loss, where simply weighing
yourself regularly can reduce the pounds fall
off and of course it is true of digital marketing.
Wp Viral Traffic Ninja Traffic is the path to
every profitable Internet business and WITHOUT it
your beautiful looking blog will be lost in a
sea of mediocrity. This software is a Intended
Automated Traffic System, which You Can Use To
Get UNLIMITED amount of people To Your Blog or
website without spending any money! It also
offers your visitors a price, if they tell others
about your blog. and the best thing is that
everything is done for you. The best thing is the
easy and quick for usage. And another great thing
is that, it will generate you unlimited traffic
to the blog you have. It is simple for
installation and usage. Everything related to
the plugin is automated. Just multiple minutes
for setting it up. Usage of cookies and Ip
adresses in order to prevent cheating. Start
generating viral traffic with no effort on your
part! Create unlimited prizes to get massive
amounts of free traffic! Customize how many
referrals are needed to unlock each prize! Enjoy
a hands-off approach to instant and passive
traffic forever!
Conclusion About MugJam ? Very well made
customizable templates. Their team of animation
experts has gone through months of creating
high-quality templates for almost every niche you
can think of. These custom made templates
perfectly fit the avatars and work with them
harmoniously. ? Your own videos. For the first
time, you can upload your existing videos and add
talking avatars on top of it. Another thing you
can also control the size and position of the
avatars that automatically lip-syncs with the
audio in the video. ? Real Facial Features. They
have succeeded in some of the most challenging
things of making automatic 3d models when it is
about humans. It includesthe following realistic
eyes, teeth, head turns and clothes that exactly
matches with the person in the image. ? Software
Avatar Creation, which is one of a kind. The AI
around this technology studies the facial
geometry of the face to craft a the most
realistic talking 3d model of the person
possible. This is the kind of technology you will
hardly ever find elsewhere on the internet. ? On
the top of everything, you get another thing is
30 days Mone Back Guarantee, so if you are not
satisfied by MugJam, you can get back your
money. I am currently using the app and this is
the first time, I have ever seen and used such
tool. I personally think that it is worth.
Get MugJam By Clicking Here
MugJam will create 3D talking avatars for you, so
you can be a spokesperson without being on camera
with just a picture and it will animate
everything else for you.
MugJam Review Bonuses - The First Ever App That
Creates 3D Talking Avatars