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Communication Skills Body Languages


Body language is something that some of us registers and process without even being aware of it and something that others consistently. for more info – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Communication Skills Body Languages

Communication Skills Body Languages
Body language
  • Body language is something that some of us
    registers and process without even being aware of
    it and something that others consistently unaware
    of the valuable clues of emotions and feelings
    that body language provides. But no matter where
    you are on the spectrum of awareness, an enhanced
    understanding of body language can positively
    impact your business and interpersonal skills.
  • The basic skills is this all non-verbal
    communication has meaning and body language can
    be a rich source of information for any leader
    sometimes its a sign that you arent connecting,
    as body language contradicts whats being said
    other times it signals when a message is getting
    through. In most cases, being sensitive to body
    language can help us and support others and build
    strong relationships.

Here are five truisms about body language
  • Your body language communicates all the emotions
    you feel.
  • When your body communicates to me is more
    accurate than what you say, and it speaks before
    you do. People can often tell what youre
    thinking or feeling before you speak. And your
    actions can speak so loudly they drown out your
  • Employees search a leaders action for meaning
    and then act accordingly.
  • Understanding body language can help leaders know
    when their message resonates and also when more
    clarification is needed.
  • Different cultures, ages and genders can assign
    different meaning to body language, so it is
    important to consider the types of people

The signals for gestures and body language
  • Self-confidence - standing or sitting tall, with
    shoulders back and head up making eye contact
    and smiling clasping hands behind your back or
    placing them on your hips.
  • Defensiveness - crossed, folded arms crossed
    legs with ankles locked fidgeting.
  • Disagreement or negative response - head shaking,
    head down in response to a speaker, crossed arms,
    clenched fists, interwoven clenched fingers,
    sitting with leg crossed
  • Insecurity - standing in scissor pose with ankles
    locked, sitting with legs intertwined, slouching
    posture, limited eye contact, keeping head down,
    gripping your own upper arms.

  • Interest - strong eye contact, holding head
    forward and upright, learning upper body forward,
    slow head nodding, leg pointing in the direction
    of the speaker, sounds of affirmation.
  • Nervousness / tension - Touching your face,
    Biting your lip, grinding teeth, chewing gum,
    arm- across body moves including reaching across
    for a drink or to adjust clothing, holding an
    object in front of the body.
  • Thoughtfulness/evaluation - steeping hands with
    fingers and thumbs on opposite hands touching,
    hand stroking chin, pinching or rubbing nose
    while listening, chin resting on hand with arm on
    elbow, head tilted to one side

How can we use this to our benefit?
  • Thoughts ? emotions ? behavior
  • Do you want to improve many, if not all of the
    social interaction in your life?
  • Its simple to say all you have to do start
    choosing thoughts that reflect where you want to
    go, over time you will believe these new and
    healthy thoughts. You will begin to feel the
    emotions that reflect these new thoughts. Sooner
    or later, your life will reflect the fruit of
    your new thoughts and feelings. Not only will you
    speak these new thoughts, but you will show it in
    your body language, even when youre not trying.
    You will change your life when you change your

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