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Advantages of using bare copper wires for your homes


Copper has countless features, which makes it good for electrical winding. Ganpati Wires is the Leading Manufacturer of bare copper wire, Silver and Tin wire Products in India. Visit @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Advantages of using bare copper wires for your homes

Advantages of using bare copper wires for your
You must have noticed that most of the electrical
components and related-devices at home use copper
wires. This is because of the countless features
found in copper that makes good for electrical
wiring. Copper has been around for many years.
The numerous benefits found in this metal is the
reason behind its popularity and wide-scale
adoption.  Popular kinds of copper wiring include
bare tin coated copper wire, bare copper wire,
tinsel copper wire, etc.
  • This blog covers the major advantages of using
    copper wires for homes and businesses. Lets
  • Best conductor 
  • Out of the different metals out there, copper is
    the best electricity conductor after silver.
    While silver is the best conductor of
    electricity, it is very expensive and can easily
    break. Copper wires can handle heavy loads of
    electricity, requiring less insulation and
    armoring. This is the reason why industries like
    manufacturing, electronics, telecom, marine
    prefer copper wiring. It is very affordable as
    compared to other precious metals. 

2. Highly malleable and ductile Copper is highly
ductile and malleable. You can find copper wires
as thin as a human hair strand. It can be bent
and molded into any shape without the fear of
breaking. This is the reason why electrical cable
wires and headphone wires prefer copper. 
3. High melting point  Copper wires have a high
melting point, making it suitable for
withstanding heavy electrical loads. In case of
overload or surge, copper wires rarely melt or
burn. This is very important to protect the
household against potential short circuits and
consequent fires. Therefore, if you want to
safeguard your house against such catastrophic
short circuits, copper wiring can prove
supportive.  4. Resistant to corrosion Apart from
being a good conductor of electricity, copper
wire is also resistant to corrosion. This is the
reason behind its popularity in marine
applications and equipment, where they are
exposed to a lot of moisture. Other metals can
experience frequent breakdowns due to the
presence of excess humidity in the air. However,
copper is resistant to rusting and hence is best
for under-water electrical arrangements and
5. Easy installations  Copper wires are easy to
work with and install. This is the reason why
electricians prefer to work with copper. They can
easily strip it, pull it through tight spots,
etc. without worrying about the formation of
surface oxides.  6. Does not loosen  Copper wires
are highly flexible. Electricians can bend it
several times for different settings, without the
fear of breaking the wire. They also do not
loosen with continued usage. This makes copper
wiring very desirable in different electrical
settings and environments.
As a metal, copper is very strong and have high
tensile strength. Their ease of use and
flexibility are the major reasons behind their
popular demand in various industries. Ganpati
Wires,  is the Leading Manufacturer of bare
copper wire, Silver and Tin wire Products in
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