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Tools you need to manage your fx brokerage and increase profitability


You can have the best forex trading platform for your brokerage, but without a sturdy forex risk management tools in place, you could lose everything. At Sanfrix we provide you the best risk management tools for your brokerage – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Updated: 8 October 2019
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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tools you need to manage your fx brokerage and increase profitability

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  • You are a probably a forex brokerage that
    understands the importance of various tools
    necessary to thrive in this space.
  • You are either a new Fx Broker looking to explore
    the various tools required for efficient
    management and maximum profitability OR an
    established one that just wants to ensure that
    you are not missing out on any of the must-have
  • Whichever one you are, here are the three key
    tools to efficiently manage your forex brokerage
    and achieve maximum results.

Fx Tool 1 Risk Management Tool
Risk Management
  • A successful forex brokerage also plays the role
    of a good risk manager. This makes an efficient
    risk management tool one of the most essential
    ingredients of your recipe for success
  • If youre an existing brokerage, you surely
    understand the various risks involved in this
    volatile market. Market risks such as exchange
    rates, margin or leverage, political risks,
    interest rate fluctuations, credit risks,
    currency devaluation, fraud, and operational
    risks OR toxic client strategies can cause
    potential damage to the overall success of your

Risk Management
  • You may also want to see if your clients are
    using any expert advisors or robots which will
    eat into the probability of your brokerage. In
    such circumstances, an effective risk management
    tool can counter this problem allowing you to
    monitor your risk at any time
  • Also, if your brokerage is on a hybrid model,
    this lets you decide whether you want to move
    your client into a Full STP or a market-making
    model depending on the risk and trading activity

Risk Management
  • Similarly, emotions can be the downfall of any
    trader in a market as volatile as forex, which
    makes it all the more important for you as a
    brokerage to ensure that a risk management tool
    is the number one priority
  • When creating your forex brokerage solution, this
    eliminates unnecessary losses for your customer
    thereby increasing your profitability. You should
    be able to oversee your positions and risk at any
    given time to be able to manage several traders
    or trading groups and numerous positions leading
    to maximum customer satisfaction and
    profitability for your brokerage

Fx Tool 2
Copy Trader or Social Trader
Social Trader / Copy Trader
  • For an amateur trader or even one that doesnt
    have the time or energy to spend on constantly
    monitoring the market and world events to make
    the best possible decisions, being able to copy
    trade is the ideal scenario
  • Social Trader tools make this process not just
    convenient by providing your customers with
    access to interactions between active forex
    traders in real-time, but also automates the
    process of copying every time a signal is
    generated by the trader/s they have decided to

Social Trader / Copy Trader
  • Though your client might start with copying
    trading strategies that show the best results,
    with enough time and an eye for detail they will
    eventually grow into confident traders who are
    able to create and use strategies of their own
    with the combined knowledge of all the expert
    traders they have been copying
  • Catering to new and amateur traders is an
    important part of increasing profitability for
    any forex brokerage, and this makes a robust
    Social Trader tool a must-have to offer a
    complete forex brokerage solution

Fx Tool 3 Forex CRM
Forex CRM
  • A good CRM software is the backbone of any forex
    brokerage. Assuming you already have one (if not,
    thats the first thing to do), you need to ensure
    that yours has all the necessary features that
    make for efficient management and maximum
    profitability of your business as a forex
  • More like a multi-tool, this one software does
    the job of many, thereby eliminating the need for
    many small tools and integrating with most other

Forex CRM
  • To summarize, this tool not just acts as an
    all-in-one platform for your brokerage but also
    allows you to create strategies, run marketing
    campaigns, upsell and cross-sell to existing
    customers, and build brand loyalty among traders,
    all customized and optimized based on exclusive
  • Being able to comply with ever-changing
    regulations and generating reports that help
    efficiently manage your brokerage and understand
    exactly what is working or not are a couple of
    other key benefits. To understand these features
    in detail, read our blog on the top 8 must-have
    features for a forex CRM

  • Not having any of the above is not an option for
    any forex brokerage that is not just looking to
    maximize profits in the short term, but remains
    in the long game as a key player recognized as a
    reliable brand!

Heres how Sanfrix can help you on this journey...
  • Sanfrix has initiated several brokerages from
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    making the entire set up hassle-free.
  • We offer deep institutional liquidity with
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    make sure all your liquidity needs are met.
  • Continued strategic partnership, free
    consultation support and 24/6 customer support
    from our Chief Success Officer.
  • CRM
  • Sturdy CRM customised for FX brokers with
    multi-tier affiliate management, unified
    communications, KYC, customer journeys,
    insightful reporting and more.
  • We offer MT4 / MT5 Whitelabel solutions. Advanced
    technology and reliable solutions at an
    affordable cost.

  • Sanfrix offers forex CRM solutions for small
    businesses as well as enterprise-level companies.
  • To understand all the exciting possibilities
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