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Apps that pay you real money


Are there really mobile apps that bring passive income out there? Yes, there are, & you might be missing out on all the goodies. Check out our list of top apps that pay to stay in the know. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Apps that pay you real money

Apps That Pay Bring Passive Profits By Category
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  • Are you and your smartphone inseparable? Do you
    fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning
    with your mobile device in hands? If yes, then
    you may be missing out on an awesome opportunity
    to make money from your smartphone usage, even
    when you are asleep. You just need to learn about
    some readily available apps that pay, which can
    help you earn money for a moderate amount of
    effort. This article will tell you all about the
    best apps to make money from, their different
    categories, and how to use them to start earning
    money on your smartphone immediately.

Top 5 Categories Of Money Making Apps
Money Making Survey Apps
  • These are amongst the best apps to make money
    because they allow you to make a profit by taking
    part in simple, special-format pollings. The
    following are our top 5 picks from polling apps
    that pay.
  • Nielsen App

  • Nielsen makes you a veritable researcher of
    mobile user audiences. In particular, it gathers
    behavioral data from your mobile phone usage,
    websites you visit, and the applications you use.
    You only need to download the application and let
    it run in the background while you use your
    phone. Just tapping regular interface elements on
    your phone provides analytical data to the app,
    which is further analyzed to tell how intuitive
    the navigation of certain web resources is.
  • Every time you use the app, you earn a reward for
    contributing to Nielsens efforts to provide
    accessible interfaces that deliver smoother and
    seamless user experience for mobile audiences. By
    using Nielsen, you not only earn a reward for
    using your smartphone, but you also contribute to
    the latest research in the mobile development

  • An InboxDollars app provides another opportunity
    to earn some cash by practically doing nothing.
    It simply gives every newly registered user five
    bucks on registration and further pays 1.50 per
    hour for taking part in simple polls. Pretty good
    deal for effortless work.
  • You can also subscribe to the newsletter with
    relevant offers to get notifications about the
    most profitable and interesting earning
    opportunities. As for the polls, they can be
    about various topics from your cinema
    preferences to a laundry detergent you usually
    use. Among other things, there are in-app
    purchases available, as well as many other
    interactive features (even games!).

Survey Junkie
  • This mobile app lets you collect points by
    answering simple social polling questions as
    well. For each poll, you get 2-75, which is an
    easy way to earn money for such a passive job.
  • You can also become a member of a focus group,
    for which you get an additional score. Moreover,
    via this app, you can participate in the testing
    of products and services to get individual
    consumer opinions.
  • The main advantage of Survey Junkie, however, is
    the fact that you get points for agreeing to
    participate in a poll, even if you are found not
    eligible for it later.

Google Opinion Rewards
  • Google Opinion Rewards much like its name
    indicates rewards users for feedback and
    opinions expressed towards software service
    providers. By participating in polls you earn a
    certain amount of score that can be spent on
    discounted Google Play items.
  • To start participating, you will have to fill out
    a brief submission form. Then, Google Opinion
    Rewards will issue apps for you for feedback,
    based on your user data. You are usually assigned
    an app once a week, but it can happen more
    frequently too. Each feedback poll has its price
    listed there, so you can assess the size of the
    reward you will get before deciding to review it.

  • This service is a full-blown small freelance
    market, where earning on paid pollings can become
    your major source of profits (while there are
    other efficient opportunities to make money there
    as well). The registration is utterly simple in
    this one. You either specify an email address and
    come up with a password or sign up via Facebook.
  • The minimum withdrawal sum is 2,500 Swagbucks,
    which means that you get 25 on your account. All
    in all, it allows you to make about 7 a day on
    polls/product or ads views with minimum effort
    involved and without any initial investments.

Arcadia Power
  • This is a piece of software that makes good both
    for you and the environment. With it, you can get
    money for saving electrical energy. It is as
    simple as that!
  • As a whole, the basic concept of this software
    was founded on the idea of preventing global
    warming, by reducing electricity consumption
    Simply put, having downloaded Arcadia Power, you
    get to earn money for saving the environment by
    completing simple themed tasks. We believe that
    such apps that pay, which are also useful and
    intended for a greater cause, should be installed
    on each modern smartphone device.

  • This is a freeware application that will help you
    return some cash when purchasing an overpriced
    product. It tracks the prices of online products
    you purchased for lower prices and claims a
    refund on your behalf if a product you bought is
  • This way, you can shop online for your favorite
    products without waiting for discounts, and you
    can have some cash refunded if the price drops in
    the future.
  • All in all, we consider this software solution a
    real catch for shopaholics that helps them get
    all the stuff they need while saving them money.

  • With the Trim app, you can reduce your companys
    telecommunication expenses,  the size of your
    bank loan, or lower the price of your car
    insurance, etc. all in a few clicks. The Trim
    app is your finance distribution assistant you
    just need to link your banking card to your
    profile in the app.
  • Trim can be your financial assistant and allow
    you to save tens or even hundreds of dollars by
    reviewing your monthly subscriptions, negotiating
    your bills, and by providing financial advice to
    cut expenses.

  • IBotta is a solution that will return some of
    your financial spendings right after you make
    purchases. Its principle of work is identical to
    coupons, except you use your smartphone as the
    coupon. Regular use of iBotta lets you save
    around 100 yearly, which is higher than an
    average grocery shopping check.
  • The iBotta app is practical and convenient to use
    for everyone.  You can download a bunch of
    coupons from a catalog and filter them by
    provider or trademark. The greatest advantage of
    the service is that it provides discounts for
    both offline and online commercial grounds.

Ebates Cashback
  • Ebates is among the most prominent American
    cashback solutions. Here, you can access over
    1,800 stores like Amazon, ASOS, Gap, eBay,
    Victorias Secret, 6 pm, Zulily, and many others.
    You get 10 just for registration, which you can
    withdraw once you spend 25 bucks or more on
    purchases on the platform.

  • Digit App is a mobile solution that will help you
    save money on regular purchases. The more you
    spend, the more money this piece of software will
    help you save. Digit app simply tracks your
    online purchases and returns a few bucks from
    every purchase made to your app account. Thus,
    you can make 2 to almost 20 for several days of
  • To get the Digit privileges, you need to connect
    your app profile with your account at one of the
    partner banks.

  • Acorn is yet another noticeable solution in our
    list of prominent money-making apps that
    multiplies your investments over time. No need to
    buy shares or securities. Just spend a couple of
    minutes to register on the platform and thats
  • The main feature of this software is its ability
    to invest small amounts of money you can even
    start with as little as 5. Your investment will
    be a spread between your regular purchase a cup
    of coffee or a new dress and the change you
    receive on that purchase.

  • Dosh is a freeware solution that will get you
    some cash back opportunities with built-in
    investment features. It provides cashback for
    food, clothes, household chemicals, furniture,
    technical devices, and many more things (even
  • To start making money with the app, you need to
    register and link your banking cards to your
    profile. That way, each time you use the linked
    cards for purchases, Dosh will automatically look
    for coupons and discounts, putting the spread
    between the true price of goods and the
    discounted value on your account.

  • Stash provides access to several easy ways to
    invest money by tracking your banking cards
    resources. To start working with it, you will
    need at least 5 available in your account for an
    initial investment. You can use this money later
    to buy shares and securities that could
    potentially grow in value.
  • The main purpose of Stash is to provide financial
    guidance to beginners regarding micro-investment.
    The application finds the most profitable
    investment opportunity in your account balance.

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