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Weight Loss Tips for Women with PCOS


It becomes really difficult for a woman with PCOS to lose weight due to various reasons. We provide you with health tips for a better and healthy life. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Weight Loss Tips for Women with PCOS

Weight Loss Tips For Women With PCOS
  1. Weight Loss Tips For Women With PCOS
  2. Cut Down Your Carb Intake
  3. Increase Fiber Intake.
  4. Avoid Added Sugars And Processed Foods
  5. Proteins
  6. Stay full

Weight Loss Tips For Women With PCOS
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can be defined
    as a condition caused due to imbalanced hormones,
    irregular periods and formation of follicles (a
    small collection of fluids) on ovaries and is
    unable to release eggs regularly.
  • Over 6-9 of woman has this condition.
  • Woman, commonly in reproductive are observed with
    this disorder.

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  • Losing even a small amount of weight with
    approximately 4-7 can create a huge positive
    impact on fertility, menstrual cycle, and Insulin
    resistance and improve hormone levels.
  • For a woman, it becomes really difficult to lose
    weight as different disorders related to this
    condition create hurdles for them.
  • Here are some health tips for you to lead you
    towards a healthy life.

1. Cut Down Your Carb Intake
  • Carb intake of your body creates an impact on our
  • Lowering intake will you manage PCOS as it is
    linked with insulin levels.
  • Insulin is important as they help manage blood
    sugar and storing energy in your body.

  • Having insulin resistance will stop your cell
    recognizing the effects of the insulin.
  • Study says an increase in body fat and weight is
    associated with high levels of insulin.
  • The study suggests, obese woman with PCOS and
    insulin resistance.

  • A diet with a lower carb, higher fat (40 carbs,
    45 fats and 15 protein) can help to lower your
    insulin level.
  • GI (glycmic index) is an index used to rank how
    quickly carbohydrate affects the blood sugar.
  • A diet with low GI can help a woman with PCOS.

Increase Fiber Intake.
  • A diet with high fiber intake can help you with
    weight loss as they keep you full after your
  • Research says that lower belly fat and total body
    fat, and insulin resistance is directly connected
    to high fiber intake (only in women with PCOS).
  • It is necessary to know about your body. Find out
    calories required and fibers according to your
    body an increase in fiber intake accordingly.

Avoid Added Sugars And Processed Foods
  • Slash down unhealthy foods in your diet. They
    raise your blood sugar level and are also
    associated with obesity.
  • Woman with PCOS is more sensitive than a woman
  • Their sugar level rises more than compared even
    when the same amount of sugar is consumed.

  • Real food, which is not processed much create a
    lesser impact on blood sugar level.
  • Experts advise avoiding fast food, candies,
    cakes and cookies as they contain a high amount
    of added carbs and sugar as they create problems
    maintaining healthy body weight.

  • Protein makes you feel full after eating and
    helps to stabilize your blood sugar.
  • Making you feel full reduces your cravings and
    manage your calories.
  • It is advised to lean towards high protein diet
    with 35-45 of calories from protein. This will
    help you lose a significant amount of weight.

  • Increase your protein intake by including food
    like meat, eggs, seafood and nut. Healthy protein
    snacks will help you a lot with reducing weight.

Stay full
  • Lowering calorie intake will create a negative
    impact on hormones controlling appetite. It will
    slow down your metabolism.
  • It may look good for the short term but it will
    make your body adapt to this change and reduce
    overall calories it burns which may lead to
    weight regain.

  • Appetite increasing hormones are affected because
    of such restriction.
  • So it is better to intake whole food and slash
    down processed food.
  • By intaking, the same amount of calories from
    healthy food will work better than cutting down
    the number of calories.

  • By PCOS treatment of well planned diet, mindful
    eating, healthy mind and exercise you will be
    able shed some weight and lead a healthy life.

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