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Student Nurse’s Life Be Like Without Clinical Placement Software


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Title: Student Nurse’s Life Be Like Without Clinical Placement Software

Student Nurses Life Be Like Without Clinical
Placement Software?
  • What Would A Student Nurses Life Be Like Without
    Clinical Placement Software?
  • Five Things for a Student Nurse to Remember on
    the First Day of Clinical Placement
  • Be punctual
  • Be organized
  • Be prepared
  • Listen carefully
  • Have a good app
  • Why Should a Nurse Get Clinical Rotation
    Scheduling Software?

What Would A Student Nurses Life Be Like Without
Clinical Placement Software?
  • A student nurse needs to survive clinical
    placement to become a full-time registered nurse.
    This can be a daunting prospect for many, but
    there are a number of resources student nurses
    can rely on, one of which is clinical placement
    software. This is something that nurses havent
    always had, so what would it be like today for a
    student nurse to have to live without it?
  • The most frustrating problem that one would
    immediately encounter is having to keep track of
    schedules on a piece of paper rather than
    adaptive software. This is certainly a charming,
    old school alternative, but it can also get
    rather messy, rather quickly. Changes in
    schedules arent quickly adjusted, but hastily
    scribbled in over crossed-out words. This is an
    old practice where mistakes are easy to start
    making once a few schedule changes occur. Before
    a person realizes it, they have a mess of
    scribbles on a crumpled piece of paper!

  • Theres also limited communication when it comes
    to non-software based scheduling. So, be prepared
    for scheduling conflicts that require a bit of
    running around to resolve.
  • Punctuality will be a more challenging goal
    without placement software. There would be no
    warnings of a coming shift, and if that piece of
    paper has a mistake on it a student nurse might
    just be showing up at the right time, but in the
    wrong place. So, be prepared to be apologizing
    for tardiness more often.

  • Student nurses would also have less time
    available to them outside of their shifts.
    Rotation schedulers allow student nurses to order
    background checks, drug screenings, and to store
    job references. Running around to order them
    manually takes time and effort, not to mention
    that getting paper references involves spending
    more spare time running around.
  • Far more mistakes are likely to be made without
    placement software. If one were to rely on a
    paper planner, then error rates on the accuracy
    of information goes up and compliance goes down.
    All of these are not the kind of things that a
    student nurse wants to add to their day!

  • Student nurses would also be more likely to lose
    track of their information if its held on
    something as bulky as a daily planner or
    information is being kept on pieces of paper.
    This might seem like an inconvenience, at first,
    but as time went on it would seem like a
    full-blown meltdown as a student nurse lost track
    of their rotations and information.
  • Even for people who would simply choose to manage
    their information on a spreadsheet, there would
    be time lost in having to manage that spreadsheet
    without the proper software. Errors are again
    more likely due to information not being shared
    online, which reduces the possibility of
  • So, what would life be like without clinical
    placement software for nurses? The world wouldnt
    come to an end, no. But, it would be a harder one
    to live in for your average student nurse.

Five Things for a Student Nurse to Remember on
the First Day of Clinical Placement
  • Even with all of the training that a nurse
    receives in college, the first day of actually
    being placed as a student nurse can be terrifying
    for even the bravest of human beings. Any kind of
    advice should be welcome at the start and here
    are five things to keep in mind on that first day
    of clinical rotation placement

Be punctual
  • This is one of the most important parts of
    presenting that good front from the beginning. A
    student nurse needs to prove her or his worth in
    order to progress towards becoming a regular
    nurse. If someone is late to the game on the
    first day, theyve already got a mark against
    them. This is important at all times and means
    that if lateness cant be avoided call ahead and
    have a good reason.

Be organized
  • This is one of the most important parts of
    keeping ones head and ensuring that the day
    passes by well. Organization for a nurse is of
    paramount importance because of the barely
    controlled chaos that their department can
    descend into at a moments notice. People have to
    know when their shift starts and where. Student
    nurses also need to present themselves well in
    appearance as well as make the right impression.

Be prepared
  • Reading ahead is never a bad idea in college or
    at work! Student nurses cant know everything,
    but they can try to be prepared for what is in
    store for them. Ask others what to expect,
    especially if one has friends whove been in that
    situation before. If shadowing a nurse, dont be
    afraid to ask for advice from that person, as
    well. That is what theyre there for!

Listen carefully
  • Instructions will be given according to what must
    be done and a student nurse has to keep their
    ears open and keep quiet when appropriate. This
    doesnt mean that they have to become mute, but
    being able to take direction is an important part
    of student nurse placement. If a nurse cant take
    instructions, then they wont last very long in
    the field.

Have a good app
  • This doesnt mean get a good app for listening to
    music. Physical daily planners have become a
    thing of the past and virtual planners are now
    what is commonly used. For a student nurse, a
    regular planner isnt good enough for such a
    complex work life. This best thing to do is find
    good software rotation planners and use them
    religiously! This is what a student nurse can
    lean heavily on to stay punctual and be organized.

  • There are many things that a student nurse has to
    juggle on that first day of clinical placement,
    but the important thing to do is to stay calm and
    keep these five things in mind. They form a good
    foundation for having a good day at work and they
    open oneself up to the myriad other things a
    student nurse needs to learn on the job.

Why Should a Nurse Get Clinical Rotation
Scheduling Software?
  • Most people have technology today, but there are
    still many who are cynical of it. Just about
    everyone owns a phone although more than a few
    people dont know how to use one! This isnt
    rare, but pretty normal, especially for older
    generations. As a result, there are a lot of
    nurses out there who might have a phone, but they
    wonder what use is this new clinical rotation
    scheduling software to them? How will it benefit
    nurses and why is it useful? Here are a few
    reasons how this software makes peoples lives

  • The biggest reason to have this form of
    scheduling software is that it allows a nurse to
    have all of the information that they have on one
    app. In a world where technology can be
    confusing, this application aims to ensure that a
    nurses life is easier. The other frightening
    thing for some nurses and people, in general, is
    the idea of losing ones own privacy when opting
    to participate in programs like this. The good
    thing about rotation managers is that they are
    meant to have individual accounts which can only
    be accessed by that one person and no one else.
  • The other pro to this type of software is that it
    can also be, and should be, personalized to ones
    own requirements. This is something to keep in
    mind when choosing scheduling software as its
    always nice for software to reflect ones own

  • There is also that nagging concern that people
    are warned about today when it comes to
    downloading software onto ones phone. There is a
    good reason to be frightened of this as malware
    and spyware can get onto a smartphone just as
    easily as it can get on a computer. Clinical
    rotation scheduling software isnt a download,
    its an online site this is accessed with a user
    account and password. No download, no malware.
  • The biggest advantage of this software is that it
    unifies the entire hospital and staff so that all
    record keeping is done on one system and is kept
    efficiently. This means that there is much less
    stress on the job in that each nurses schedule
    is kept up to date with any changes that may
    occur, taking a load off of everyones shoulders!

  • As a result of this more easily handled schedule,
    there is far less confusion and a nurse is far
    more likely to show up for the right rotation at
    the right time! A nurse knows that organization
    and preparation are important in the field and
    this software makes those goals much more
    achievable. The most important thing about
    rotation scheduling software is to find one that
    is easy to use and easy to manage.
  • So, why should a nurse bother with rotation
    managers? For many reasons, the least of which is
    that it simply makes a nurses life easier. It
    keeps their minds less cluttered, allowing them
    to better focus on their jobs and thats more
    than enough of a reason to have it!