Know Your Body — The Flaws And The Perfections — Dr. Marwah’s Clinic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know Your Body — The Flaws And The Perfections — Dr. Marwah’s Clinic


Get in touch with the best skin laser specialist in Mumbai, where you can get rid of both your unwanted body fat and skin blemishes and spots, all under a single roof, using the best and most advanced techniques. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Know Your Body — The Flaws And The Perfections — Dr. Marwah’s Clinic

You want a perfect body, dont you, by
eliminating all those bulges, stubborn fat,
blemishes, fine lines, and spots? And, when you
see a film star, a model, or a gymnast, the urge
gets even stronger. And, if you have put in all
efforts to get that perfect body and skin, but
all in vain, looking at those perfect bodies of
such beautiful celebs is going to only make you
feel upset on why you fail on getting such a
body. But worry not, science has solved this
issue for you too! With amazing laser
techniques, science has been able to eliminate
that stubborn fat from your body through laser
therapies, without having you to sweat out that
fat at the gym, or quitting on eating all those
delicious burgers, pizzas, and icecreams!
However, before you think of opting for any such
procedure, it is always better that you first
understand your body well.
Dont Fret Over Your Imperfect Body You may not
be that perfect 5.7 tall, beautiful body girl,
with a tucked in the tummy and perfectly curved
buttocks. But, you dont need to be upset with
that. Not every girl in town is a great body
girl and so, you should be fine with what you
have. You dont need to be someone else your
goal should be to be yourself, only a better one.
You dont need to fit a society standard. All
you need is to let your true self shine through.
So, how do you set goals for your body?
  • Set A Goal To Improve Your Body
  • Ask yourself, if you would be able to change or
    improve any part of yourself, which would that
    be? Now, if here you say you would want to change
    your height, thats not possible. But, if you
    say that you would want to eliminate any bulges
    on your body or the blemishes or spots you have,
    these can be called as realistic goals. So, you
    need to first be able to set realistic goals for
    yourself only then can you work towards them.
    So, take a look in the mirror of your complete
    self, and think about what all you would like to
    change in your body. Making some changes in your
    body, and making it look leaner or even better is
    sure to boost your self-confidence whenever you
    walk into a room, may it be your conference
    room, office, or a celebration. That perfect
    looking body is only going to make it easier to
    dress up in almost anything you wish to wear.
    And, when you wear something that you love, and
    also look great in it, can you imagine how
    confident you will be!?
  • How Do You Achieve Your Goal?
  • Now, you have a goal so how do you go about
    achieving it? Whether it is about eliminating
    those bulges or getting rid of those marks, you
    need to know where to start. There are more
    choices today than ever before. Amidst all the
    confusion, you can clear your mind, and just
    walk into Dr. Marwahs Clinic, the best skin
    laser specialist in Mumbai. Here, you have
    solutions to both stubborn fat and stubborn
  • To get rid of stubborn fat, you can undergo any
    of the two procedures CoolSculpting and
    UltraShape. Both these techniques, one that uses
    freezing procedures, and the other that uses
    focused ultrasound, can help target the unwanted
    fat cells and help you get rid of them forever,
    never to come back again!
  • To get rid of acne marks, brown spots, blemishes,
    scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and more, you can
    undergo the PicoWay laser technique, and other
    modalities which helps get rid of all kinds of
    skin problems and irregularities with best
    results and least discomfort, wherein ultrashort
    pulses are given to the targeted areas to bring
    about results in fewer treatments.
  • For more information, visit http//www.drmarwah.c