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Railway Engineering After HSC for Science Students - SPSU University


Explore the option of Railway Engineering after HSC to get an opportunity to work in the fastest growing railway engineering business. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Railway Engineering After HSC for Science Students - SPSU University

Railway Engineering After HSC for Science
The future depends on what you do today.
Mahatma Gandhi.
Indeed! The future is ultimately the outcome of
what we do today, the efforts we put in, the
endeavors we employ and the dreams we visualize
future is just next to that. We are the makers
ourselves. It is never about how small the
decision is, what matters is how efficiently we
manage to make a decision and how precisely we
follow the same, until the conclusion. May it be
about deciding the priorities of chores or may it
be a life-changing factor, such as opting your
career. For todays aspirants, it has become a
tedious and challenging task to opt for a career
and further shape it efficiently. However, right
after juggling with all the possible sources to
trace down your interests and aligning them with
brighter options to make fat sums, the teenage
brains arrive at a point of conclusion. Well,
this phenomenon is non-ending until your brain
agrees to commute a journey on a specific route
to glide a career. Though career counseling and
consultations help up to a certain extent but,
in the end, the decision is to be made by you,
yourself! Engineering has always been a shelter
for technology lovers and creates immense
exposure to brighter future. Among the many
exciting engineering alternatives, Railway
Transport Engineering is one such faculty that
is gaining more and more interest from the wise
futuristic students. Never heard about it? Or,
just nodding acquaintance with the subject? If
you really find it exciting and sounds like you
can make it big into this, then you are on the
right step. This flow of information will enrich
your admiration towards technology with all the
right things about Railway Engineering. The
career opportunities and scope to excel are
immense with Railway Engineering and if you
wonder which could be the best institutional
practice to execute the course, Sir Padampat
Singhania University, Rajasthan is a renowned
name in the top 10 engineering colleges in India.
So, Railway Engineering is that vibrant career
option that makes you an expert in railways
right from designing of the rails to their
construction, from maintenance to the operations
inclusive of monitoring and controlling. Thus, a
railway engineer has a multitude of skills that
help him excel in his career. The dimensions to
unfold are multiple, you just have to gear up
and proceed. Apart from the technical part, if
you feel like challenging your intellectual
abilities then you are welcome to get involved
in the research branch where you can proudly
address yourself as a research geek. There are a
number of benefits of Railway Transport
Engineering which are enough to convince a
student to think about this course once before
finalizing his/her decision regarding admission
to a particular engineering course.
Benefits of Railway Transport Engineering
Course 1.All-in-one Course
You have heard about the engineering degree
courses having specialization in Civil,
Mechanical, Computers, IT, Marine, Aviation, etc.
Well, what separates Railway Transport
Engineering course from the others is that it is
an amalgamation of the civil, mechanical, and
computer subjects and this is what makes it so
demanding. When you gain knowledge of various
significant streams at a time, the result is
always rewarding. This makes you confident while
competing in the long run for making a bright
career. 2. Ample Career Options
  • When you opt for a railway engineering course,
    you rest assured that your future is bright.
    Yes, you read it right! With the massive scope
    including opportunities in Indian Railways,
    foreign rail companies, RD centers, consultants,
    you do not have to worry at all about your
    future. Indian Railways each year has huge
    openings for railway engineers at various grades
    with attractive perks. Also, you open the gates
    to work with foreign rail companies and widen
    your knowledge-base as well as increase your
  • You can work in research centers of many
    companies and get the opportunity to implement
    your skills and knowledge to bring out something
    called fresh in the railways in order to make
    them more efficient and cost-friendly. You can
    also work as a consultant by helping rail
    companies hire your services to make their
    business grow. The railway network is very vast
    and is spread around the globe which confirms
    that you have opportunities showering from all
    around the world.
  • Research Opportunities
  • It is always a dream for many scholars to bring
    out something new that will not only be
    innovative but a remarkable invention and which
    can be implemented worldwide. Railway
    engineering is one such faculty that supports
    that one dream, to be unique and unconventional.
  • Once you are done with the bounds of conventional
    education, you have a wider window open for you
    named RD. You have opportunities to become the
    next pioneer of railways through exceptional
    research. Although, you can join as a research
    assistant to fuel the development being done.
    You can also work on the designing part of the
    railways where new innovation and efficiency is
    widely appreciated.
  • On the other hand, you can also work on
    researching the engine part of the railway. You
    can try and test various new forms of the
    engine, its design and make it more compact,
    energy efficient with maximizing its speed.
  • Besides, you can integrate it with new digital
    technology so as to make rail transport easier
    and well-organized saving time and money at the
    same time. One can also research on the safety
    of rail transport. Researching in railways is
    just limitless!
  • Management Function
  • If you are more interested in Resource Human
    management, organizing things is a plus to
    you,then you can choose your career as a Railway
    Engineer Manager where you will be introduced to
    activities like Human Resource Management,
    Supervision, Rendering the entire rail system,
    managing the capacity, management of freights,
    management of fittings and fastenings, signals
    and interlocking, mitigate the potential risks,
  • This may or may not require being present on the
    site and everything can be handled from your
    office through digital modes.

5. Professor If you feel like spreading the word
is the best charity, embracing the liberty and
sharing the same with people is more of your
things? You can nurture yourself as a pioneer to
shape intellectual minds towards Rail and
technology. You can join in as a faculty member
of a reputed college or university and pass on
your knowledge to the would-be engineers. If you
have a strong urge to learn new things, being a
professor has one biggest advantage that you are
kept updated with the new advancements in your
field constantly along with your current
knowledge. This also helps to know the new era
views alongside the thought-process of the
students and enjoy dynamic discussion
sessions. Despite the existing hoards of
opportunities worldwide in the railway industry,
the biggest attraction is towards the Indian
Railway and is the most sought after career
destination. Let us tell you one interesting
thing about the Indian Railway market. The
Indian Railway is one of the largest recruiters
of India it is often called as the job hub.
Take a look at the amount of investment
increasing in India Railways year on year. It is
providing a boost to the jobs in the engineering
segment as well for Railways. Every year, there
are around lacs of opening for the young
graduates in the Indian Railways. This is also
one of the reasons for its attraction that it
employs even inexperienced or fresher
graduates. The recruitment is done through the
Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) which conducts
examination every year for various posts. There
are group A, group B, group C, and group D posts
in the Indian railways.
Among the various posts that Railway Transport
Engineering graduates get opportunities for are
the Section Engineer, Depot Material
Superintendent, Junior Engineer, Chemical
Metallurgical Assistant, Maintenance Manager,
etc. Indian railways offer numerous benefits to
its employees. Few among them include the
medical care facilities, welfare funds,
educational assistance, hostels for women
employees, subsidies on various matters,
insurance, canteen, staff benefit fund, Railway
Ministers relief fund, handicraft centres,
library, vocational training courses, lifetime
free traveling in railways in India,
complimentary passes after retirement,
residential quarters, retirement benefits, VPF
deposit money, etc. As Indian Railways is an
attractive center for railway engineers in India,
on a global platform, a similar giant venture is
the Hitachi Rail Systems Ltd, Japan.
Apart from the abundant opportunities in Indian
railways, the Railway Transport Engineering
graduates from Sir Padmapat Singhania University
also get a chance to do 2 weeks internship with
Hitachi Rail Systems Ltd in Japan. When you are
done with your degree course, we understand that
you need practical real-world experience to
implement your knowledge. You dont have to worry
about finding the right companies for your
internship because SPSU has collaborations with
the top most companies around the globe where
you get a chance to do your internship. SPSU has
collaboration with the Hitachi Rail Systems Ltd,
Japan a legendary company with more than 100
years of its business in the rail sector. Hitachi
is considered to be one of
the leaders in the global railway industry.
Railway Transport Engineering graduates get 2
weeks internship opportunity in Hitachi Rail
Systems Ltd located in Japan.
While choosing a career option, you should
definitely look forward to an institution that
provides an edge over the others in the market.
Besides contemporary teachings, there is an
equal focus on campus placements. Additionally,
an institute which intends to provide technical
education by nurturing the skills and innate
abilities of each student is always on the
foremost preference. SPSU is the coveted name
amongst students and parents when it comes to
pursuing an engineering degree. Having said
that, now you know the tremendous opportunities
that this engineering course offers and the
potential it holds, you would want to hunt for
the best engineering colleges in India offering
this course. Dear students, relax. Sir Padampat
Singhania University located in Udaipur,
Rajasthan offers this course to the HSC science
pass outs based on their merit. Amongst the
number of other courses the university offers,
Railway Transport Engineering course has been
gaining an increasingly high number of entrants
from the past few years. For more details about
the syllabus, admission process, fee structure of
Railway Transport Engineering course, click
Browse here. Join the hundreds of similar pals
and take a step forward to secure your future by
becoming a part of SPSU. You gain natural
confidence when your alma mater is Sir Padampat
Singhania University. Original
Source https//www.blog.spsu.ac.in/railway-transp
ort-engineering-a-vi brant-career-option/
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