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Plan Xinjiang Tour (1)


Plan Xinjiang Tour with Xinjiang China Travel, we specialize in customizing and tailor-making tours for individuals, families and groups with specific requirements at great value for money. Visit our website for best deals on China Tour. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Plan Xinjiang Tour (1)

Planning to Visit Xinjiang, China

Xinjiang Tour
  • Xinjiang is one autonomous region of China and
    part of Asia connecting, renowned road, Silk
    road. It is the primary gateway of the Silk Road
    having the great cultures of east and west. If
    you are selecting the Xinjiang tour, you will
    visit over 45 ethnic groups, which have unique
Book a trip to Xinjiang
  • Pack your bags for the fascinating places and
    folklores that will give you dreams of being part
    of this place forever. Choose a local Xinjiang
    travel agency with the dedicated team,
    knowledgeable and excellent guides, and you are
    ready for the amazing trip of your life.
Little History
  • A little of history, Silk Road Travel was the
    trade network between east and west from 2nd
    century to 18th century. It is of believing that
    this road is responsible for numerous political,
    economic, and cultural downgrading and upgrading.
    It is not clear whether people were sharing
    secrets on the route or not. Some theories say
    this route brings the world closer, as moths are
    attracted to light, a different world was
    connected because of this.
Why visit Xinjiang ?
  • Xinjiangs Spectacular and Diverse Natural
  • Xinjiangs Fascinating Silk Road History
  • Xinjiang is Ripe for Adventure Travel
  • Xinjiangs Tasty Ethnic Cuisine
  • Xinjiang Is Relatively Unexplored
Journey to Xinjiang
  • No matter if you are a first-timer or have been
    to most cities in China, traveling to Xinjiang
    can give you the feeling of never having visited
    China before. Traveling to Xinjiang is likely to
    be the most rewarding experience of your China
    journey if youre willing to make the time.
  • Well, on your Xinjiang tour, you will see the
    beautiful places and sparkling cultures. However,
    In Xinjiang there are three unbelievable and
    untouched places, will let you lose your senses
    and feel joyous uprooting inside you.
3 Beautiful Untouched Places in Xinjiang
  • Keziliya Grand Canyon
  • Turpans Flaming Mountain
  • Jiaohe Ancient City
Keziliya Grand Canyon
  • This canyon is also known as Xinjiangs Grand
    Canyon it is in the southern region. It
    stretches as long as 5 km with an average depth
    of 1500 meters. No comparison between the USAs
    Grand Canyon and this Grand Canyon, but it fuels
    desires with the Asian history.
Turpans Flaming Mountains
  • If you hear that these mountains are the hills,
    then you are missing the impressive, unique view
    of vivid natural colors. You can even take part
    in the half-marathon race. You may interest
    yourself in knowing the story behind the flaming
    mountains. Moreover, as a tourist, these
    mountains are one of those things you will
    explore in Turpan.
Jiaohe Ancient City
  • In case you are a history buff and all, then
    these ruins of an ancient city will calm your
    wandering soul. Take a walk thinking about what
    majestic city it could have been with
    well-preserved ruins. Check out the mud-brick
    structures meeting the age and imagine busy
    streets there.
Book Your Xinjiang Tour
Last, to share, do not take time to think more
and book your Xinjiang tour at China Silk Road
Travel and experience Urumqi, Turpan, Northern
Xinjiang, and Kashgar.
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