Shaving Or Waxing? Or What If None!? - Dr. Marwah's Clinic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shaving Or Waxing? Or What If None!? - Dr. Marwah's Clinic


Shaving and waxing could prove to be a pain, having you to remove your hair every few days or weeks. Why not get in touch with the best skin laser specialist in Mumbai to get a permanent solution to unwanted hair? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Shaving Or Waxing? Or What If None!? - Dr. Marwah's Clinic

Managing unwanted hair growth, especially for
women, is a pain. Every other day of shaving
every few days of plucking and tweezing or every
month of waxing its all a big pain for every
girl and woman, making them wish that they could
get rid of this daily, weekly, and monthly
tasks. Well, listening to their prayers, science
has come up with a solution! The solution we
speak about here is laser hair removal. Although
it has been in practice since the early 1990s,
many women still have doubts regarding this hair
removal procedures safety and effectivity.
However, for those who are well-informed about
the procedure, not only are women, but men too
are opting for laser hair removal! This is
because they realize that laser hair removal is
the most successful method of long term hair
reduction with amazing benefits.
Laser Hair Removal Process And Results Hair
follicles in unwanted areas are targeted with a
laser to slow down and eliminate the hair growth
cycle. With a high grade laser, not only is the
hair eliminated, but the skin is also left
smooth and silky, with no damage done. So now,
you can say goodbye to your unwanted hair, and
welcome to silky smooth skin. In fact, even
ingrown hair can be easily removed through laser
hair removal procedures.
  • Why Is Laser Hair Removal Better Than Shaving And
  • Shavingis a process that only cuts the upper
    visible hair above the skin, which means the
    hair will grow back again in a day or two. Thus,
    shaving will make you repeat the process every
    2-3 days. In addition, it also brings the risk of
    rashes, skin irritation, cuts and bleeding.
  • Waxingis a process that pulls out the hair
    follicles from within the skin, which undoubtedly
    makes it better against shaving. Waxing effects
    last for almost a month, or even more for some
    people. Thus, once you are waxed, you neednt
    worry about it again for the next 30 days!
    However, waxing is painful and may cause redness,
    itching, bumps, and burns. This makes it risky
    for those with sensitive skin.
  • Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is a
    quick, safe, and easy procedure using
    concentrated light energy to target the hair
    follicles and damage them completely so that the
    hair growth cycle is eliminated completely. The
    hair is thus diminished without damaging the
    skins surface in fact, leaving the skin soft
    and smooth.
  • So now, throw away all your razors, wax cans, and
    waxing strips! Just get an appointment with a
    laser hair removal specialist to get a long term
    solution to unwanted hair growth. You wont
    require lots of time to invest the laser
    sessions are generally only 5-10 minutes in
    length, depending upon the size and area to be
    treated. However, laser hair removal is not a
    onetime procedure you will require multiple
    sessions as advised by the medical practitioner.
    Generally, 6-8 sessions are required at intervals
    of 4-6 weeks. However, the numbers may increase
    of decrease depending upon your particular hair
    type, skin types, and area to be treated.
  • You can get in touch with Dr. Marwahs Clinic,
    where the best skin laser specialist in Mumbai
    uses the most efficient GentleYag Pro laser to
    permanently remove even the finest of hair from
    skins of all types. Lightsheer Diode and RevLite
    lasers are also used for coarse and fine facial
    hair respectively.
  • For more information, visit http//www.drmarwah.c