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Communication the key to successful project management


Effective communication is crucial to every relationship in life and successful project management is no exception. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Communication the key to successful project management

Communication The Key to Successful Project
  • In all elements of work life the most widely
    complaint about an organisation is absence of
    communication. A successful project manager
    should be a great communicator! Project
    management communication is a skill that is never
    perfected, can always be improved and it is
    important to be able to start and mobilise a
    project effectively. A project group is usually a
    different group of people. Project teams are
    usually together to provide a new and unique
    benefit for an organization, which is new and
    different to the day to day activities. This
    decent variety gives a further communication
    challenge for the project manager.

  • Successful project management communication is
    tied in with being there for everybody, being in
    touch with the genuine difficulties of the
    project, understanding the main problems within
    the team who must deliver the project as well as
    understanding the issues of the sponsors which
    the team distributes the project.

It is important to present, be visible, and
engage with everyone. It is important to present,
be visible, and engage with everyone during the
good times and the challenging times.
  • Communication isn't just about speaking to and
    hearing from people, it's tied in with
    understanding the complete message. What language
    to utilize, how to pass on the message with
    respect to tone, feeling and body language all
    play a vital role in the communication process.
    If these are utilized incorrectly, the outcome is
    regularly a confused message and misunderstanding
    of the main problems.
  • So a successful project manager can just expand
    the effectiveness of communication within the
    team by being set up to show others how its done.
    A big part of leadership is to be available, and
    be set up to communicate with all stakeholders at
    their respective levels. And to consciously
    Listen! Listen! and Listen some more!

  • Projects often fail since we basically neglect
    to obviously explain the vision and the projects
    success criteria. This vision must be well
    communicated to each stakeholder and team member.
    The entire team should be able to visualise the
    end result, in order to work towards a common
  • Regularly reporting on the progress of a project
    is crucial to the success of the project.
    Communicating this to all stakeholders in a clear
    and exact way is vital, so that all understand
    what the key messages are. Diagrams, charts,
    graphs and tables ought to be expanded here. The
    well known saying a picture is worth a thousand
    words is no less valid than when communicating
    project progress or status.
  • Strong presentation skills are necessary to
    communicate the progress and status of the
    project. The audience needs to be engaged during
    these presentations so that it can be verified
    that major messages have been received and
  • Learn Article - Importance of Presentation skills
    in business

Communication methods
  • Given the organisational and geographical
    assorted variety of project teams it is
    imperative to think about all the techniques and
    methods of communication. Todays enhanced
    technology enables us to communicate easily
    wherever the team members may be. A communication
    strategy ought to be considered at the project
    planning stages, so key is its influence on the
    success of the project.

Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills at Work
Active communication methods are used to
communicate here and now, for example
Communication methods can either be active or
  • Face to Face meetings
  • Video conference, meeting - group or one on one.
  • Telephone conference, or voice only web
  • Webinars (web based seminar )are becoming
    increasingly popular for distribution of
    presentation based activities.
  • Telephone good old fashioned call
  • Stand up presentations in person

Passive communication methods are those that the
recipients can adopt in their own time, for
  • Podcast
  • Web cast
  • Email
  • Intranet bulletin boards
  • Blogs
  • Website
  • Project newsletter paper based
  • Table top presentation

Always ensure that a mix of active and passive
techniques of communication are utilized to
compliment each other. This ought to be
considered as a major aspect of the overall
project management communication strategy.
  • Active listening is seemingly the greatest factor
    affecting communication. Our body language can
    clearly demonstrate whether we are actively
  • Eye to eye contact is basic to active listening.
    It shows that you are really interested and
    engaged when someone is talking to you.
  • Effective communication results in all involved
    in the projects understand what is being
  • This comes from spending time with the project
    team, being fully engaged and prepared to listen
    and comprehend the sentiments which might be the
    key driver of the communication process. Project
    managers really need to have numerous
    qualities(good communication skills being one of
    them) to drive the project to become successful.

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