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Seychelles tortoises - Savoy Resort & Spa


Meeting giant tortoises in their natural habitat is one of the most interesting things to do in Seychelles. Take a closer look at these cute reptiles! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Seychelles tortoises - Savoy Resort & Spa

Savoy Resort Spa Seychelles tortoises
Meeting giant tortoises in their natural habitat
is one of the most interesting things to do in
Seychelles. Take a closer look at these cute
Giant tortoises from Seychelles - one of the two
largest species of land tortoises, the length of
the shell in some individuals can reach 120 cm.
The weight of these slow giants reaches 250 kg,
and the size of the shell is up to 120 cm. The
neck of these tortoises is able to stretch out of
the shell for a meter, which allows them to pluck
tree branches and bushes.
There used to be huge monastery tortoises on many
islands of the Indian Ocean, but their population
has declined very much due to sailors who prefer
to take them with them on ships for food.
Tortoises were considered a wonderful gift for
officials on the islands of Mauritius, St. Helena
and even in the south of the Atlantic, they were
actively sold to sailors in the ports of
Seychelles and Mauritius. In general, in about
two centuries, more than two thousand tortoises
were exterminated.
The age of the oldest tortoise, who died in
2006, was estimated by experts as 150 - 250 years
... In the mid-1960s, it was planned to deploy a
large air base on Aldabra, which would nullify
the number of turtles. As a result, the project
was rejected.
The island authorities canceled this project and
declared the island of Aldabra the territory of a
national park. The largest population of about
150,000 tortoises lives here. However, there are
small introduced colonies, including on the
Curieuse island.
About 500 individuals of giant tortoise live on
Curieuse island. All of them are numbered and
very willingly communicate with tourists. On
the territory of the island there is a tortoises
nursery in which they are born and grow up to 5
years, after which they are released into the
From 1833 to 1964, Curieuse Island was used as a
quarantine place for people affected by leprosy.
And today you can see the ruins of the leper
colony, as well as the residence of the former
doctor William McGregor, which is currently
transformed into a center of education and
information and is also a national museum.
Currently, the island is known primarily for its
rich flora and fauna.
Around the island, another species of turtles
lives - the sea turtle Bissa, and in the crowns
of its trees you can meet the black parrot. You
can get to Curieuse island only as part of an
organized excursion from Praslin island.
Despite the seemingly thick shell, it reaches
only 2 cm wide with a huge number of nerve
endings. They feel every touch - do not sit on
them, just touch and feed them with a delicious
Tortoises feed on leaves, grass, and fallen
fruits. If you grab bananas, tortoises will be
happy to share a treat with you. In general,
they cheerfully make contact they can be
touched, scratched their rough skin.
Beau Vallon beach, Mahe island, Seychelles 248
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