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Features of Ionic Framework You Should Know About


Today mobile applications have become part and parcel of our lifestyle. We see people performing personal to professional tasks using these apps. The advantages of mobile application entice entrepreneurs to affiliate with a reputed mobile app development company to get the most out of their businesses. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Features of Ionic Framework You Should Know About

Today mobile applications have become part and
parcel of our lifestyle. We see people performing
personal to professional tasks using these apps.
The advantages of mobile application entice
entrepreneurs to affiliate with a reputed mobile
app development company to get the most out of
their businesses.
The ever-increasing usage of the mobile
application is gradually ensuring that new and
established businesses take advantage of this
latest fad and launch their mobile app. People
are looking for services and solutions that
assist them with the development process. This
has resulted in the emergence of app development
frameworks. Every year, we see new application
designing platforms emerging in the market. There
are, in fact, a wide array of platforms
available, which makes it difficult for most of
the mobile developers to find and select the best
framework. If you are facing a similar confusion,
this blog post is specifically for you! In the
forthcoming sections of this write-up, we will
throw light on a wide array of top mobile app
development frameworks in the year 2019. We
promise after reading this piece of content you
will be in a far better situation to streamline
your app coding and design process. This can be
achieved by selecting the right mobile app
development framework for creating mobile apps.
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React Native is one of the most robust mobile
app development frameworks created by Facebook.
The fantastic thing is, Baidu, Airbnb, Tesla,
Walmart, Instagram, and other Fortune 500
companies are using it. It is an extraordinarily
original and compelling version of Facebooks
React JavaScript framework. This will surprise
you for sure React Native employs the similar UI
building blocks as most of iOS and development
framework for Android applications. This
particular facet makes it very difficult to
differentiate between a React Native app and an
application developed by employing Objective-C
and Java. This robust mobile app development
framework enhances the speed of development and
saves resource costs. It requires developers to
write only one code which assists them to save
time on development and sustenance of maintenance
once you hire react native app developers.
Affiliate with a reputed react native app
development company and create amazingly creative
mobile applications for your business!
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It is an open-source framework that has been
licensed under the MIT license. Through this
robust framework, it is possible to get a
comprehensive library of gestures, software
tools, and elements. With the help of Ionic,
developers can create cutting-edge web and native
mobile applications for all major app stores by
including a single codebase. This is achieved,
thanks to the premier native plugins present in
Ionic. Developers can employ it straightforwardly
by availing features like Bluetooth, fingerprint
authentication, and health kit. As of now, there
are approximately 3 to 4 million apps that have
been developed by 4 to 5 million Ionic developers
on a worldwide basis. The thing that makes it
different from other mobile app development
frameworks is the fact that it supports
cross-platform functionalities and features.
Ionic maximizes the effectiveness of Cordova
plugins that assist developers in getting diverse
components of the adaptable framework. Some of
the examples, include GPS, camera, and much more.
To make the most of this trending mobile app
development framework, we suggest you join hands
with a professional Ionic app development company
and hire Ionic app developers who are God-gifted
in this technology!

Xamarin is a widely-accepted cross-platform
framework by developers. It is incredibly
reliable and quick to process. This particular
facet makes it relatively similar to React Native
app development. The only difference between
Xamarin and React Native is the fact that Xamarin
is based on C instead of HTML and JavaScript.
This way, you can consider it to be as robust as
Objective-C, Swift, and Java. The great news is
that it employs the same API and IDE for creating
exact replicas of the applications for
third-party platforms.
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Flutter is one of the most powerful mobile app
development frameworks created by Google. It
assists in creating scintillating and immersive
UI that makes it look class-apart from other
frameworks. In comparison to hybrid apps that
employ web views or React Native apps that employ
native components, Flutter apps utilize native
code. It compiles with native ARM code which
ensures there is no layer between framework and
the CPU. This helps in providing Flutter a native
feel. There is also a graphic engine known as
Skia in Flutter. It is a widely known 2D graphics
engine that has been developed by Google. It
employs Dart, an object-oriented programming
language. Flutter apps perform at a very swift
pace of approximately 60 fps. Since, this mobile
app development framework employs singular code,
lots of time and money gets saved. Since Flutter
is open-source, it is freely available to use.
Final Thoughts Selecting the right mobile
application development framework takes time. You
need to consider lots of different things. If you
are looking to develop a game or an app that
needs truck-loads of device-specific functions,
we recommend you go with Native. However, if you
wish to create a mobile app with a simplistic
appeal, cross-platform can be a better option
especially as it saves your precious time and
money. So, which of the mobile app development
frameworks are you going to choose for your app?
Contemplate hard and then select the best of the
best from the ones that we have mentioned in this
blog. We hope that the list that we have provided
helps you to select the best mobile app
development frameworks to create scintillating
mobile apps that can ease the development process
and give you amazing results! If you wish to
develop ingenious mobile apps using cutting-edge
mobile app development frameworks, this is your
chance to affiliate with us!
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