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Installation Art Light is Fantasy World in the Same Universe


Installation Art Light Finds a way Through Reality into Dreamland, Wishes for an Ideal Society, Ideal Citizens. Also, It Projects Work For Everyone From Artists, Audiences to Society. Know More At: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Installation Art Light is Fantasy World in the Same Universe

Installation Art Light is Fantasy World in the
Same Universe
Installation art light creates a fantasy world
like we imagine in books or see in dreams in the
same universe. Artists have got the imagination
to create a world where our senses float and
connect with other forces in nature. The world
of art believes in some form of magic uniquely.
They dont expect intervention but put a lot of
belief into action. Light installation art offers
an out-of-the-world experience to keep the
audiences engaged. The participation of the
audience is a victory, a reward for an artist.
Installation Art Light Finds a way Through
Reality into Dreamland
Installation art light harnesses the power of
imagination among everyday people. It expects
people to share stories or connect through the
elements in the artwork. Both natural and
artificial light formats seem to work as a
machine to transport the audiences to a land
where theyre free and act independently. Their
perspective has no before or after. The art
installation projects put people in a unique
situation where they can think beyond the known
experience. Theyre willing to broaden the
horizon to unknown lands. Public art sculptures
have a real agenda. The masses may not share a
keen interest in arts, but they dont miss an
opportunity to check and admire the work of
artists. Artists experiment with interactive
installation art to have audiences play an
equally crucial part of the experiences they
take back home.
Public art sculptures have become a source of
inspiration and driving a particular kind of
thought pattern among masses. It focuses on
connecting the public to specified themes. The
action is what they expect in return. Interactive
installation art fulfils its potential right
away. Each audience member visiting and
participating is mission accomplished. The unique
bit is everyone has a different perspective on
how light takes shapes and influences them. The
art installation projects work for everyone from
artists, audiences to society.
Installation Art Light Wishes for an Ideal
Society, Ideal Citizens
Installation art light is a form of art style
that takes the good and put it in people whove
shown signs of keeping the flame burning inside.
Interactive installation art evokes emotional,
spiritual thoughts to have the mind-body
transformation. Those interested in exploring
public art sculptures know its a matter of
honor to learn from the lives of legends. It may
bring some of the fond memories of the victories
made by the leaders and social icons of those
Art installation projects display the work of
established and promising artists. The
collection brings a kind of balance to draw
attention to some of the pressing issues of our
times. Every person shares a love for art. The
bonding takes place at the spiritual level with
both sides looking to find a purpose and make a
contribution towards it.
Thank You!!
Installation Art Tulika 19, Tallinn,
Estonia 10613