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Solid vs Stranded Copper Wire - Which is Better? (1)


Solid and Stranded Copper Wires are the two most important wires used in various electrical and electronics equipment depends upon the need for flexibility. Visit @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Solid vs Stranded Copper Wire - Which is Better? (1)

Solid vs Stranded Copper Wire - Which is Better?
  • When you talk about electronics - solid and
    stranded copper wires are the two most important
    wires used. Copper wire is popularly used in
    electronics as it is a good conductor. Each type
    of copper wire has its own strengths and
    weaknesses. Copper wiring is used in several
    variants like laminated copper connectors,
    braided copper wire, tin coated wire, etc.

  • Solid wire is made with one strand with a
    non-conductive material for insulation. It is
    generally used in electrical wiring in homes,
    breadboards, and other places where there is no
    need to constantly flex wires. Stranded wires on
    the other hand is a collection of small wires
    that are compressed and insulated with
    non-conductive materials. It is used when there
    is a need to route wires into cramped spaces. It
    is also used in headphone cables, speakers, and
    appliance cables due to its feature of

  • If you are thinking about whether you should use
    stranded or solid wire, then you are not the only
    one. Choosing a type of wire in a project
    requires the engineers to assess the pressure
    that will be put on the wires during the
    operation. Lets dig deeper to understand the
    difference between solid and stranded copper

Solid vs Stranded Copper Wire
  • The type of wire to be used depends upon the need
    for flexibility. Equipment in which a great deal
    of movement is required like a robot will need a
    more flexible sort of wiring. When we say
    flexibility, nothing can be better than a
    stranded copper wire. It is more flexible than
    solid wire. Solid copper wire can be used in
    scenarios where no movement is required. Stranded
    copper wires have more surface area than solid

Use Cases
  • Stranded copper wires can be used when the focus
    is on rigidity and strength. Solid wire is used
    in electric motors, magnet wiring, or coil. Solid
    wire is more resistant to atmospheric and
    weathering exposures, as its surface area is
    small. Stranded wire is more vulnerable to
    corrosion and should be used in a controlled

  • Solid wire is cheaper as compared to stranded
    wire. They can be produced and used easily in
    situations where the solid wire is not required.
    Stranded Wire costs more. The higher the strands,
    the more expensive it is to manufacture.

Choosing the Right Wire
Before you choose the perfect wire for your need,
consider the following points
  • Determine the wire gauge and how much electricity
    or current the wire will be able to carry.
  • Solid wire is used for outdoor equipment and
    rugged duty applications.
  • For intricate applications, stranded copper wire
    is a better option as it can be bent and shaped
    to fit into electronic parts.
  • Vehicular wiring and robotics also need stranded
    wiring due to the higher frequency of motion.
  • Solid wire is cheaper but stranded wire can last

Remember to consider these points when you go out
to purchase your next batch of cables.
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