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The Secret to Writing a Compelling Grant Application


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Title: The Secret to Writing a Compelling Grant Application

Modern PowerPoint Presentation
Do you get jealous about the fact that every
other grant writer seems to be having more
success than you? Has it been a while since
youve had a grant application writing success?
Great grant application writing doesnt just
happen. The best grant applications are those
that are well-planned, researched and written
with great attention to detail.
Here are the secret tips that other grant writers
dont want you to know
SECRET NUMBER 1 Grant Writing is Storytelling
Grant application writers may feel that their
grant applications must be matter of fact and
straight-to-the-point. However, when funding
bodies receive hundreds of grant applications
that are all pretty much the same, it makes for
eye-wateringly boring reading. To make your
grant stand out, its important to think of grant
writing as storytelling. Think about it! Who
doesnt like hearing stories? We all know the
feeling of being unable to put down a good book.
Your story should effectively set the scene
(explain your context), introduce characters (key
stakeholders), have a complication (some issue or
need), a hero (thats you), and a resolution (a
solution to the issue that only the hero can
deliver). Seriously! How much more interesting
would grant writing be if we all took this
SECRET NUMBER 2 Its not about you
Believe it or not, your funding body has its own
mission, set of objectives and values. So, spend
some time researching the funding body. No
matter how great your project idea might be, if
it does not fit within the funders interests or
objectives, then you are really trying to fit a
square peg in a round hole. In fact, chances
are, your proposal wont even be reviewed if it
doesnt match the funders guidelines. Funders
publish their interests for a reason, and they
will not change their areas of interest based on
a good project idea.
SECRET NUMBER 3 Think Outside the Box
Funding Bodies receive hundreds of applications
and you can bet that many of them offer the same
kind of solutions to the same kind of problems.
If you want to stand out, then think outside the
square. Funders are looking for innovation.
Funders prefer to try something new than to
constantly fund the old. Show the funding body
that your solution is distinct, that its unlike
anything they have seen before. Great grant
application writers think outside the box!
SECRET NUMBER 4 Keep it Simple
Dont make your proposal more difficult to read
that it needs to be. Sometimes, in an effort to
sound authoritative, we can be tempted to use big
words and complex technical jargon. Sure, we all
want to be taken seriously and be respected as a
grant writer, but using unnecessarily flowery
language, wont do that. If your grant reviewer
has to use a thesaurus to understand what youre
saying, your application is more likely to end up
in the bin. No one cares about your attempts to
bewilder your readers with your eloquent and
boundless vocabulary. The best grant
applications are simple, straightforward and
easily understood.
SECRET NUMBER 5 Use a Grant Writing Service
Its a fact! Engaging a grant application
writing service can increase your chances of
grant writing success. If youre a grant writer,
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