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Advantages of Modular Furniture


Modular furniture can be defined as furniture which is manufacture by storage units with panels and independent work surface used as end panels or space dividers. It includes all modular furniture components that are required to setup a workstation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Advantages of Modular Furniture

Benefits of Modular Furniture
Modular furniture are furniture which
is manufacture by storage units with panel parts
and independent work surface used as end panels
or space dividers. It includes all modular
furniture parts that are required to setup a
Here are the Benefits of modular office furniture 
to your business. 1. Flexibility and
Versatility Modular office furniture is flexible
and versatile in Nature Because Modular Furniture
has lightweight and can be easily reassembled and
disassembled. These Furniture can be rearranged
as per your layouts and this leads to hire more
people with proper planning. Time plays a vital
role when setting up furniture because it reduce
the time when moving a workstation to another
hall or may be another building. The installation
process of modular furniture is quick and more
efficient. 2. Space friendly Traditional office
furniture is big in size and occupies lot of
office space. Unlike Modular Furniture it saves
lot of office space. Modular Furniture enhances
your office work space in fashion trends. It fits
your world exactly the way you desire most. It
can be store away in smaller spaces when its out
of service.
3. Affordable Cost of Modular Furniture The
prime factor is affordability because
affordability is major concern for every
business, and modular furniture wins the game in
this factor with a great margin. There are number
of factors which bring the Price down of modular
workstations, Cabin Partition, desks and
cabinets. Number one reason is the time because
Manufacturing them requires less time which
brings the labor cost down as it apply the rule
of time is money. Modular Furniture saves time
for the both parties as well as supplier and the
customer because supplier manufacturing time
saves and the customer installation time gets
save as compare to traditionally office furniture.
4. Environmentally Friendly Modular Office
Furniture is environmentally friendly because it
used less wood as compared to Traditional office
furniture. Most of the parts are made up of
metals so it applies the rule of save nature save
planet. Modular Furniture also comes in Wood
particles but it you are looking to save the
environment then modular furnishings are the way
to go. Plywood comes from trees that need at
least 20 to mature. In our effort to lessen the
burden on environment, we use eco-friendly
particle boards that utilize easily available
wastes such as roots, branches, grass, etc. the
Boards work better than traditional wood as
theyre pre-treated against border and termites.
5. Dismantling Reinstallation Future Expansion/
Moving   Now a days most of the business are
located on Lease so whenever the location
changes. It might worry as its required cost in
moving the traditional office furniture from one
location to another but in modular furniture this
is not the case, modular furniture can be easily
dismantling from one place and reinstall to
another place so for rented business modular
office furniture is a must to go with it.
6. Business Innovation, Culture, Productivity
Modular Office Furniture are manufacture in such
a way that it gives comfort to the user. Studies
has shown that comfortability of workstation
improves the team productivity of the employees.
According to a research, 75 percent of an
individuals output depended on the Team
Work. 7. Ease of transport Modular
Workstations are pretty easy to transport as they
can be unassembled, use less space and can be
packed easily in trucks. Modular workstations
comes in parts, you can easily dissembled
it.Dissembling the Modular Furniture saves lots
of space so parts can be easily move from one
office to another. And you your offices are on
Rent then Modular furniture will ease the
transport indeed.
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