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Do You Have Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts?


On the full, having over one Amazon account isn't allowable however you would possibly take initiative for this upon the real desires. many times, if the policies violation takes place, it ends up in merchant account suspension. in this case, it's higher to arrange Associate in Nursing Amazon attractiveness letter stating the effective arrange of action. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Do You Have Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts?

Do You Have Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts?
Amazon Knows it!
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Amazon knows if you have Multiple Seller Accounts
  • Several times it happens that you try to create
    multiple seller accounts but you face troubles.
    What keeps going on? If you are an Amazon seller
    and want to have another account, go through this
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  • Amazon is the best platform to sell the product
    for an individual seller. The Amazon is the
    trendiest platform that is allowing a large
    number of people to start their business for
    earning purpose. We have seen that many sellers
    dont have any idea about the Amazon policies and
    finally they begin to face problems. Since the
    online marketplace is always vulnerable to the
    invasion of the high volume of competition. The
    Amazon seller account suspension is another issue
    as well.
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  • What we have observed is that Amazon is the
    choice of large number of people and they usually
    want to promote their products through this
    specific platform at all times. Thus it is
    necessary that if an individual is willing to
    initiate for earning being a seller then he must
    have complete knowledge about the Amazon policies.
  • Amazon will come to know about it through these
  • The IP address of the seller
  • The login name of Amazon account
  • Another one is the email address
  • Browsers and browser plugins
  • Computer operating system and cookie stored on
    the computer.
  • The additional is text and flash cookie.

Lets talk about the multiple Amazon seller
  • The question is that why Amazon account gets

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  • The same seller may register one account on
    Amazon. Usually, sellers are not permitted to
    open or manage more than one Amazon seller
  • In case the Amazon algorithm program treats that
    certain accounts are being managed by a similar
    person, then those accounts would be recognized
    as interrelated to Amazon. The detection of this
    particular account takes place automatically by
    the system.

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  • To highlight the buyers purchasing experience,
    Amazon prohibits sellers to sell the same
    products through duplicate distribution. Thus to
    create a fair competition between sellers and
    customers idea, sellers are suggested to sell the
    best quality of the product as much as possible.
    There is always the possibility of having
    multiple sellers for the same product.
What is the basic idea for preventing the Amazon
seller account suspension?
  • The idea of having Amazon seller account
    reinstatement service is an important aspect. But
    it is better if you are acquainted with the
    prevention techniques. The outcome of having more
    than one Amazon account always comes up as
    suspension. Another is that if you have added
    multiple Amazon account with the previous one,
    then it bound to impact that one as well. Thus
    staying focused to avoid this situation is
    important. This might cause the closing of your
    account from the protection point of view.

How you may operate multiple Amazon seller
  • If you need managing the multiple Amazon account
    then make Amazon realize that accounts are being
    run by different people.
Now throwing light on the decisive factors of the
multiple Amazon seller account association
  • The first one is the terminal being operated
    The availability of the network like card MAC,
    browser Cookies and flash object and hard disk
    information dont manage the different accounts
    on a similar PC.
  • The network terminal The MAC address of the
    router and the external network IP address dont
    operate multiple accounts at the same time.
  • The account information Apart from all other
    aspects, credit card, payment terms, phone
    numbers, and a mailbox cannot be similar while
    registering the multiple accounts.
  • Is it possible that multiple Amazon seller
    accounts on different sites be associated?
  • The one tactic of Amazon seller account also
    exists. However the association series also cause
    one issue, that is if one gets affected, all will
    be affected at the same time.
Is the association possible between sellers
accounts only?
  • We will say that there is also an association
    between sellers account and the buyers account.
    Thus the appropriate management is important to
    keep all things in a balanced way. The online
    marketplace is usually prone to many unexpected
What are the reasons for Amazon account be sealed?
  • The association of Amazon seller accounts You
    may avoid the account association by ensuring
    that an IP router, NIC and system are blank new
    at the time of operating a new account. But at
    the time of running multiple accounts, avoid
    using a similar tax identification number.
Second is Amazon listing hijack and violation
Before think of hijacking the product, you need
to be sure whether the target product is
registered or not. It is better to do not treat
it as granted, and prefer to research on the
website according to the requirement. After you
get a warning, you should quickly make the
hijacked listings off shelves.
Guide to let you know about the opening of
multiple Amazon seller accounts
  • You will need to create an alias
  • Again an alias address
  • The new window to proceed with the process
  • Remove the old folders lying on the personal PC
  • Preferring the use of another web browser to
    connect to the Internet
  • You will require checking the IP address to
    ensure that it is unique

You have to run the cleaning software and remove
all cookies
Note down the alias for the future reference.
Now follow the process to register Amazon
sellers account
Further, choose to create a new bank account
But you have to disable all wireless and LAN
connections of your PC.
You have created an alias email address
Later to the 24 to 48 hours, you may feel free to
sell the real product.
After 15-30 days, you may initiate to add a new
bank account to Amazon account.
Intending to avoid the association of your new
account with the previous account, you need to
pay attention to the following factors
  • Initiate with user name and store name Both of
    these cannot be similar to the previous account.
    The second aspect is the registered address.
  • Secondly, you have to register a different email
    address While registering a new account, Amazon
    will track your email message in different ways.
    At the time of opening the picture, you will see
    that it is contained with Amazon link.

  • On the whole, having more than one Amazon account
    is not allowable but you might take initiative
    for this upon the genuine needs. Several times,
    if the policies violation takes place, it leads
    to seller account suspension. In that case, it is
    better to prepare an Amazon appeal letter stating
    the effective plan of action.

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