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Red Coral Gemstone's Importance In Vedic Astrology


Ajatt Oberoi is an expert astrologer based in Mumbai. Ajatt Oberoi is known for his acute astrological predictions and astrological gemstone remedies and color therapy. He is well known as Mumbai Astrologer or Mumbai Jyotish who is an expert not only in Astrology but also in Numerology, Vaastu, Fengshui etc – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Red Coral Gemstone's Importance In Vedic Astrology

Ajatt Oberoi Mumbai Astrologer

Red Coral Gemstone's Importance In Vedic
Red Coral Gemstone.
  • Red Coral also known as "Praval" or "Moonga" in
    Hindi is one of the popular and beneficial
    gemstone in Vedic astrology. It is ruled by the
    planet Mars also known as Mangal. Mars in known
    as a god of warfare and commander to the god's
    army. The appearance of this stone is very
    beautiful. It is a blood- red colored attractive
    stone, and a favourite piece to own of many gem
    lovers. This gemstone is widely worn as a
    jewelery piece and as an astrological gemstone,
    as it is loaded with many astrological benefits.

Ruled By Planet Mars In Astrology, Who Can Wear
  • Planet Mars is a royal warrior with great amount
    of courage and confidence. It is considered as
    the planet of energy, anger, ambition, vitality,
    blood circulation. Red Coral is the gemstone of
    the ferocious planet Mars. Hence, this gemstone
    is worn to enhance the energies and power of
    planet Mars.
  • Mars is known as a furious and volatile planet
    which emits red color. Malefic effects of Mars
    are the cause of an individual's accident,
    injuries, loss of blood through surgeries or
    wounds. If the placement of the planet is weak or
    debilitated in an individual's horoscope it can
    cause depression, lack of confidence and failures

  • The placement of the planet Mars in certain
    houses is also responsible for Manglik Dosha.
    Red Coral is suggested to wear as it eliminates
    the malefic effects of Manglik Dosha in native's
    life. Positive placement of Mars in an
    individual's life will make the person successful
    and give prosperity in whatever work they do.
  • People who fall under the sun sign Aries and
    Scorpio can readily wear this furious gemstone to
    yield the benefic effects of planet Mars. Red
    Coral is strongly advised to use if Mars is
    giving negative results in the birth chart.
  • Gem stones are recommended to an individual after
    reading their horoscope and learning the
    placement of planets in their horoscope. So
    before you adopt this gemstone make sure to get
    your birth chart read by an experienced
    astrologer as he will guide you whether it is
    beneficial for you to wear Red Coral gemstone.

Benefits Of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone.
  • This gemstone is known as beneficial for several
  • The top most being health issues as this gemstone
    has great healing power. Wearing this stone will
    get rid of diseases like acidity, indigestion,
    fever, bloating, boils, piles, low energy, and
    any skin problems.
  • Wearing this stone can increase determination,
    self-confidence, courage, helps in overcoming
    depression and nervousness of the wearer.
  • Red coral enhances the will power of the native
    and the native becomes brave, relations with the
    younger siblings are improved, the wearer deals
    with co-operative siblings.
  • This gemstone protects the wearer from enemies,
    evil eye, black magic and hexing.
  • Individuals for whom wearing red coral is most
    beneficial are, doctors, police, surgeons,
    electricians, politicians, armed forces

  • such as army, scientists, weapon manufacturer,
    realty business, defense, etc.
  • A person suffering from anxiety or temper issues,
    lack of compassion can wear this stone as it is
    known to help and improve the wearer's condition
  • Wearing this gemstone can help an individual get
    rid of the debts and promote financial growth in
    their life.
  • The mystical way this stone can warn you or hint
    you about anything bad coming into your life is
    by changing its color, for example, if you are
    about to experience loss in your business or fall
    sick the color of the stone will get changed
  • If you fear miscarriage or have suffered from one
    earlier then wearing this stone after third month
    of being pregnant is highly recommended.
  • Individuals with Manglik Dosha should wear this
    gemstone as it is very beneficial to eradicate
    the malefic effects of Mars in the wearer's life.
    Help couples facing troubles in their married
    life by improving communication and hearty
    connection between the two.
  • The gemstone Red Coral represents Mangalya Balam,
    which means strength of marriage, and long life
    of the husband. It protects the woman from
    widowhood and ensures long life of the spouse.

Procedure On How To Wear Red Coral Gemstone
  • The red coral gemstone should be consecrated and
    then worn in the most influential time according
    to event astrology. Mars represents the day of
    the week, Tuesday.
  • So, it is very important to wear the gemstone on
    a Tuesday morning of the Shukla Paksha Days
    (Waxing moon).
  • Before wearing the stone dip it in Gangaajal, cow
    milk or water for 10 minutes to get rid of any
    negative energy and purify the stone with
    positive energy.
  • The gemstone should be embedded in gold or silver
    ring and worn in the index finger or ring finger
    ensuring it touches the skin so that it charges
    up the benefits the stone has to offer to its
  • It can also be worn as a pendant.

  • Men can wear this gemstone in the index finger or
    ring finger of the right hand and women can wear
    this stone in the index or ring finger of the
    left hand.
  • Finally, chant the Guru mantra, "Om Mangalay
    Namaha" and wear the gemstone.
  • The Red Coral Gemstone should be cleaned
    regularly to keep the powers of the stone
    constantly coming to its wearer.