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Ajatt Oberoi | Mumbai Astrologer | Mumbai Jyotish (2)


Ajatt Oberoi is an expert astrologer based in Mumbai. Ajatt Oberoi is known for his acute astrological predictions and astrological gemstone remedies and color therapy. He is well known as Mumbai Astrologer or Mumbai Jyotish who is an expert not only in Astrology but also in Numerology, Vaastu, Fengshui etc – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ajatt Oberoi | Mumbai Astrologer | Mumbai Jyotish (2)

Mumbai Jyotish
  • www.mumbaijyotish.com

Cat's Eye Gemstone's Importance In Vedic
Cat's Eye Gemstone.
  • Cat's eye also known as "lehsunia" or "vaidurya"
    in Hindi is one of the most intriguing gemstones
    out of all the nine gemstones in Vedic Astrology.
    It is a gemstone that is known for its extreme
    planetary energies and hence it is quickest to
    show results. It is also called as Chrysoberyl
    Cat's Eye. This stone is ruled by the planet
    Ketu/ South Node of the Moon. The natural
    appearance of the stone is quite breath taking it
    is a greenish golden or brownish grey colored
    stone with a vertical streak of light that looks
    similar to a Cat's eye.

Ruled By Planet Ketu In Astrology, Who Can Wear
  • Ketu is known as similar to the Planet Mars. The
    nature and the power of the planet varies from
    horoscope to horoscope. Which means in some birth
    chart Ketu would be very strong whereas in some
    it would be very weak. According to Vedic
    Astrology various astrological methods are
    available to check the strength and power of
    Ketu present in a particular sign. The gemstone
    captures the energies of the planet Ketu and it
    transfers it to the wearer of this gemstone. So,
    the placement of Ketu in one's horoscope plays a
    major role. The gemstones are recommended to an
    individual depending on the placement of the
    planets in their horoscope. Ketu is known as an
    intuition of power.

  • . Individuals falling in the positive placement
    of the planet are said to get freedom and Moksha
    from the cycle of birth and death. The planet
    Ketu is a karmic one. It is one of the most
    influential and fast at giving effects to an
    individual. If the birth chart of an individual
    has malefic Ketu then the native suffers from
    sudden accidents, injuries or wounds, lack of
    concentration, sudden incidents like fire and law
    problems. Most negative effects are suffered due
    to the enemies of the planet Ketu that are, Sun,
    Moon and Jupiter, who plays a major role in
    giving malefic effects. By wearing Cat's eye an
    additional energy is transferred into the
    native's body which then strengthens the weak
    Ketu and gives positive aura and energy to the
    native's horoscope resulting in major positive
    affects is one's horoscope and life.
  • The Dasha or period of Ketu runs for almost seven
    years where an individual is tested, punished or
    rewarded according to its Karma. If Ketu is
    placed in 12th or 8th house of an individual's
    chart, this gemstone can be worn by them.

Benefits Of Wearing Cat's Eye Gemstone.
  • The powers endowed in the Cats eye gemstone are
    from its ruling planet Ketu.
  • Wearing this gemstone can bring back lost wealth
    to its wearer.
  • It brings discipline and self-control to the
  • If an individual's birth chart has malefic Ketu,
    wearing the gemstone Cat's eye is highly
    recommended as it will nullify bad effects and
    promoting positive effects of the planet Ketu to
    its wearer.
  • People who are risk taker, who are into
    adventures like gambling and regularly
    participate in speculative activities should wear
    this gemstone as it is said to bring luck and
    positive outcome.
  • Wearing Cat's eye as a talisman can ward off evil
    eye, hexing, black magic, and can give psychic
  • The health benefits of this gemstone is
    miraculous as it is said to cure cancer.

  • It also boosts metabolism and people suffering
    from anorexia or disinterest in food can benefit
    from wearing this stone.
  • Wearing Cat's eye is beneficial for people
    suffering from diseases like back ache,
    leukaemia, paralysis and apoplexy, heart
    diseases, small pox, ring worms, pimples, boils,
    problems in feet, spine, legs, arthritis, pain in
    joints, and hormonal imbalances.
  • It is known as a good luck charm and can reduce
    stress, and detach the wearer from materialistic
    things and brings liberal thinking to its wearer
    opening the gates to Moksha.
  • It helps the wearer to restore memory, mental
    imbalances and strengthen their physical
  • Protects the wearer from bad dreams, ghosts,
    mishaps that are to happen in the future.
  • It is most benefited to the people who are
    doctors, writers, scholars, poet, pharmacist,
    architects, directors, judges or businessmen.

  Procedure On How To Wear Cat's Eye Gemstone.
  • The cat's eye gemstone should be consecrated and
    then worn in the most influential time according
    to event astrology.
  • It is very important to wear the gemstone on a
    Tuesday or Thursday morning of the Shukla Paksha
    Days (Waxing moon).
  • Before wearing the stone dip it in Gangaajal,
    unboiled cow milk or honey for 10 minutes to get
    rid of any negative energy and purify the stone
    with positive energy.
  • The gemstone should be embedded in panchdhatu
    (penta alloy ) or silver ring and worn in the
    middle finger or ring finger ensuring it touches
    the skin so that it charges up the benefits the
    stone has to offer to its wearer.
  • It can also be worn as a pendant.

  • Men can wear this gemstone in the middle finger
    or ring finger of the right hand and women can
    wear this stone in the middle or ring finger of
    the left hand.
  • Finally, chant the Beej mantra of Ketu, "Om
    Ketavay Namaha" or "Om Pram Preem Proom Sah
    Ketavay Namaha and wear the gemstone.
  • The Cat's eye Gemstone should be cleaned
    regularly to keep the powers of the stone
    constantly coming to its wearer.
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