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Quarter 1 Newsletter 2019 | Healthabove60 | Geriatric practices in Senior Care


Geriatrics is the special branch of medicine concerning senior wellbeing. A geriatrics-guided approach is essential for holistic wellness of seniors. Read this quarter's newsletter to get more insights on geriatrics. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Quarter 1 Newsletter 2019 | Healthabove60 | Geriatric practices in Senior Care

1st Quarter April - June 2019
The venture, Healthabove60 which started in 2014
is celebrating its fifth year of existence in
July. Throughout these years, we were able to
reach and connect with the elderly who require
home care and medical support. We take great
pride in assisting seniors.
The past years in service has enabled us to
provide better care to seniors. This milestone
growth has been made possible because of our
clients active participa- tion. The feedback
and continued support has given us the direction
towards im- provement and success. Heartfelt
gratitude to all our clients. We will continue to
focus with the same vigor and stride in the
coming years. For a team to succeed, passion and
commitment is a necessity. The team of
Healthabove60 aims to reach new frontiers each
year. The industry of geriatric ser- vices are
wide that we continuously work on principles and
operations to renew our services to the best. We
desire to present with the most accessible and
convenient medical services for the maturely
aged. And so, to pursue on this journey, our
motivation is to retain the spirit of simplicity
in caregiving. We aspire to get as far as
possible to be the best geriatric care service
provider. With the hard-earning efforts, we
believe we can exceed limits and fly over
Editorial Team
Basic Principles in Geriatrics
1Aging is not a disease
There are plenty of health progressions which
happen once the aging starts. There is a myth
which exists that aging comes along with various
diseases and illnesses. But, this is not true.
Seniors can be quite healthy too, at this phase
of life. Factors like lifestyle changes, food
habits and weather will have an impact on the
health of the individuals. Aging itself cannot
be mistaken as a disease. It is supposed to be
embraced as a transition into a wiser state.
2 A Multidisciplinary Approach
This area of specialization operates on various
dimensions of health and wellbeing. It is
necessary to give the right care and support to
our beloved seniors. The collaboration with
professionals like nurses, rehab specialists,
social workers, dietitians brings togeth- er
geriatrics, making it an interdisciplinary field.
There are parallel levels of communica- tion
which goes in different levels to understand the
conditions and state of well-being. The
associative approach that emphasizes on
interaction and alliance in geriatric care is
essential for seniors and caregivers.
3Geriatric Care At Home
The advancement of the geriatric care industry
has spread access to medical services at the
convenience of ones home. The medical
professionals are rising towards an
understanding that the seniors require medi- cal
assistance near them.The benefits of having care
at hand is that, there is reduction in waiting
time, regular consultations and avoiding the
hassles of travel. This would enable the
monitoring the possible changes in the health
conditions, leading to early diagnosis and
treatment. The convenience and flexibility of
accessing healthcare at home, can make seniors
open up willingly on their health concerns.
Medical conditions go undiagnosed and untreated
in geriatric patients
Sometimes, there are instances where older
individuals, care providers and health
professionals mistakenly attribute diseases or
illness to old age. Reassessing the medical
condition through second expertise is a potential
way to rule out any serious illness. There is
the necessity of awareness and learning in
various geriatric issues to clear out myths and
fill in the spaces of doubts. A systematic
screening will assist in detect- ing undiagnosed
diseases and enable early medical treatments. The
geriatrics syn- dromes such as gait,
instability, falls, pain and malnutrition stand
in need of effective diagnosis to facilitate
optimal health management.
Physical rehabilitation for Seniors at Home
The word rehabilitation usually has a less
positive connotation. The general associations
with the words rehab or rehabilitation refers
to a system or institution that aid individuals
in getting out of an addic- tion or a
psychological stigma. But physical rehabilitation
is essential and has scope for bettering the
physical mobility and dexterity of
seniors. Physical rehabilitation is the
combination of right set of exercises, therapies
and treatment modalities that can help seniors
get over the impact sustained from a surgery or
illness. The time spent in recovery from such
conditions can be quite daunting. Rehabilitative
strategies not only speed up the recovery
process effectively but also help elders get
back to a healthier state easily. The different
aspects that may be involved, depending on the
seniors recovery requirements, in
rehabilitation for seniors include
  • Pain management
  • Improvement in mobility
  • Therapy for paralysis, speech-language issues,
    swallowing disabilities
  • Rehabilitation to deal with the aftereffects of a
  • Injury rehabilitation in the cases of burns,
    accidents, etc.
  • Rehabilitation after a fall
  • Rehabilitation to cope with conditions like
    arthritis and osteoporosis
  • Geriatric counselling to balance the
    psychological state of seniors

Healthabove60 is glad to introduce the
rehabilitation services at home for seniors. Our
experienced physiatrists help in the diagnosis
and creation of a recovery plan for seniors that
is both effective and affordable. Get in touch
with us to get a better understanding of this
newly launched service.
For physical rehabilitation sessions at home for
seniors Call now 91 98846 39400
12th - 14th General health camp at Infosys
Around 260 employees of Infosys participated in
the two-day general health camp conducted by
Healthabove60 at Ramanujan IT Park and Tidel Park
campuses respectively.
20th General camp at Senior Citizens Bureau
Here is the glance of general health camp
conducted were 85 seniors from Senior Citizen
Bureau, Royapettah participated.
3rd Camp on bone marrow density at SPIC
campus We hosted a health camp with a focus on
bone marrow density. It enabled the 130
participants at the SPIC campus, Guindy to be
informed on their bone health.
12th Mothers Day Selfie Contest A Selfie
contest was organised to celebrate Mother's Day.
All the participants shared lovely selfies with
their mothers while posting some of their fond
12th International Nurses Day Celebration
Our team of 120 competent nurses were recognised
for their good and dedicated service. The
Florence Nightingale Award was presented to the
best nurse - Mr. Sathish.
17th Fathers Day Selfie Contest
We had a host of netizens who came together to
share cool selfies with their dads for the
Father's Day selfie contest.
28th Gynec camp at BSNL A gynaecology camp
promoting awareness on women's health was
conducted at the BSNL Corporate Office. 65
employees participated in the camp.
10th General camp at Chennai Age centre We
collaborated with HelpAge India to conduct a
general health camp for seniors in Chennai Age
19th General camp at Nimathi elders living
home We had the opportunity of collaborating with
HelpAge India again, to conduct a health camp
for all seniors at Nimathi elders' living home.
27th Blood Donation camp at Infosys A blood
donation drive was conducted at the Tidel Park
and Ramanujam IT Park campuses of Infosys, where
around 70 employees contributed.
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