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Technology Moon is a blog for tech enthusiasts who feel passionate about new technology and all the trends revolving around it. Articles on Technology Moon are entertaining, informative and constantly updated. Like a Technology Blog. Unlike ANY Technology Blog. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Technology Moon

10 Tips which definitely works for boosting the
website speed
  • Technology Moon

  • Losses occur for a matter in seconds. True? Well
    in case of Web-Tech era, surely.In between the
    vast advancement of Technology, wed never ever
    know what acute loopholes would result in the
    websites low rankings. And for this, all digital
    marketing organizations build their strong and
    acquainted teams for it.
  • One of the most minute but also a consequential
    factor for high Website Ranking is Speed.
    However, In 2010, this factor was outranked by
    Google but was reincluded again for a fact that
    increment in mobile users was seen.
  • Website Conversions are highly affected by this
    factor, and also reduces 11 of visitors every
  • Mobile users, particularly, are agility-oriented
    consumers in the Web-Tech field.Conversion
    killings and lagging of page loads will surely
    reduce your traffic and hence, loss.

  • Let us have some Statistical Data.
  • According to one of the most renowned tech
    blogs, Crazyegg says
  • 47 of consumers expect a web page to load in 2
    secs or less.
  • 40 abandon a website that takes more than 3 secs
    to load.
  • 79 of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website
    performance are less likely to visit the site
  • 52 of online shoppers state that quick page
    loading is important to their site loyalty.
  • One second delay reduces consumers satisfaction
    by 16.
  • 44 of online shoppers tell their bad experience
    of shopping to others.

  • There would be lots and lots of boosting website
    techniques available, but it is impossible for a
    marketing organization and also for an individual
    digital marketer to adhere to each and every
    technique available. As said, for a good building
    organization, quality of work is more emphasized
    in comparison to the quantity of it.
  • Excelling in these few tips aka techniques would
    help you a lot to enhance your skills in boosting
    website speed, which proportionately increases
    the quality of any website.

Selection of Right hosting options accordingly
  • At the very first beginning of the website, host
    cost doesnt matter much. But as the traffic on
    the website starts, the up-gradation of the host
    is needed. Remember, the selection of the most
    trusted hosts will ensure the quality of your

Resizing images
Usage of Redirecting Links
  • Large image files often create a problem for the
    slow load of pages.Resizing images in a shorter
    size will help you out in increasing the speed of
    the website.
  • Its okay to have redirecting links on a website,
    but too much of it also decreases its
    speed,Because a lot of HTTP requests on a website
    increases the time to connect with other servers.

CDNA new technique
  • When your site is hosted on one server, each user
    who visits it sends requests to that same server.
  • Beyond the server that hosts your site, you can
    also use other networks of servers to decrease
    load times for your visitors.
  • This means that when your site experiences high
    levels of traffic, the time it takes to process
    each request increases, slowing down load times
    for all of them.
  • A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, can help you
    eliminate these issues.
  • With a CDN, you cache your site on a global
    network of servers. When a users browser
    requests files from your site, that request is
    routed to the closest server.CDN such as MaxCDN
    and Cloudflare are the best CDNs to be used.

External Hosting Platforms
  • CDN, also provides you to explore other
    platforms .The very first platform is the social
    media platform,where the large amount of traffic
    holders are acquired.

Monitor Your Speed Regularly
  • After every new experiment,research analysis is
    must be done for implementation status of the
    ideologies behind it.Checking website speed
    regularly will make on an average time, which
    will lead you to resolve the problems regarding
    and accomplish the final results.
  • The most common Website speed test is the Pingdom
    Website Test.Simply put the URL , location from
    where it has its origin and note the speed

Monitor Your Mobile page speed
Minimizing and Combining the file contents
  • Not only Desktop, but also mobile has to be
    given much much importance in terms of speed. A
    websites ranking is much considered to be high
    if it passes both criterias on desktop as well as
    mobiles.Also people use more websites frequently
    if the website is more phone friendly.Test my
    Site is a method to check website speed on
  • Just try to keep the contents short rather than
    longer pages.You may compress the files, resize
    the files, Combine them to one.This may help
    website to load faster.

Reducing the HTTP Requests
  • The first step to minimizing your requests is to
    figure out how many your site currently makes, to
    use as a benchmark.
  • A HTTP request is made for each one of these
    elements, so the more on-page components, the
    longer it takes for the page to render.

Compression of files
  • The smaller your files, the faster your pages
    will load. Compressing files is one of the
    easiest ways to reduce load times, and today,
    enabling compression with Gzip is considered
    standard practice.
  • Gzip is a file format and software application
    that essentially locates strings of similar code
    in your text files, then temporarily replaces
    them to make the files smaller.
  • This works well with CSS and HTML, because these
    files typically have repeated code and

  • Keeping these 10 Speed Boosting Hacks in mind
    will encourage you to attain a good ranking in
    Search Engines.
  • And surely, Quantity, Honest smart work is
    emphasized in every workplace in order to achieve
    a position in whatsoever an organization works.
    It's all about a percent, a percent in efforts.
  • Regards,