Treating Female Urinary Incontinence With Laser Treatment - Dr. Marwah Clinic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Treating Female Urinary Incontinence With Laser Treatment - Dr. Marwah Clinic


Do you take multiple halts while travelling or are you scared of that good laugh and that random cough and sneeze? Females, post delivery and menopausal may suffer from this and may end up with diapers as routine. But here we have a brilliant technology with no downtime and which improve your quality of life drastically. Get one session of CO2RE intima and feel the difference. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Treating Female Urinary Incontinence With Laser Treatment - Dr. Marwah Clinic

What Is Vaginal Laser Treatment? Vaginal laser
treatment is a simple non-surgical procedure that
treats the vaginal wall of a woman to make it
firm, strong, and lubricated so that a variety of
vaginal problems can be treated. Dr. Marwahs
Clinic offers the best urinary incontinence laser
treatment in Mumbai with the help of CO2RE
Intima laser. Using this laser, the physician
delivers gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall
which stimulates a healing response and enhances
moisture levels in the vaginal canal. This
remodels the tissue fibers, thus restoring
flexibility and shape. The patient can thus get
immediate and long-lasting relief with a
completely painless and quick procedure.
What Problems Can Be Resolved With A Laser
Treatment? Natural childbirth and ageing in women
may also bring about certain side-effects like
loss of vaginal tone. Over time, the vaginal
wall, which contains collagen fibers, can stretch
and lose elasticity and tissue tone. This loose
vaginal tone can result in urine leakage even
with the slightest activities of laughing,
sneezing, and coughing, which cause unwanted
stress. Moreover, women also experience pain,
itching, and burning sensation in the vagina
during intercourse as they age. This happens
because the vagina slowly gets devoid of the
lubrication required for a pleasure-filled sexual
life. Laser treatment can resolve all these
problems by bringing about lubrication in the
vagina and tightening its walls thus
eliminating problems of both sexual problems and
urinary incontinence. Why CO2RE Intima
Laser? This laser machine offers a quick, safe,
and easy procedure that is non-surgical and
incision-less. There is almost no discomfort
caused to the patient, with relief obtained after
just one treatment! However, you may require
around 3 treatments to get the best results.
Also, it is recommended to have a once-a-year
single treatment annually to maintain symptom
relief. Moreover, this is a walk-in and walk-out
treatment procedure that requires only 10
minutes of your time per session! With CO2RE
Intima, you can tighten your vagina and enjoy
life just like you used to, while also enjoying
intimate wellness completely. CO2RE Intima
Results Review And Survey Women have reported
high satisfaction levels with CO2RE Intima
treatments. 94 of women have reported an
improvement in vaginal rejuvenation, while 81 of
women have reported improvement in sexual
gratification. All in all, 100 of women gave
reported satisfaction with the treatment, with
94 of them recommending the same for their
friends and relatives. The 6 of women who wont
recommend it is because they experience mild
discomfort with the laser handpiece tip insertion
during the first procedure. But, this discomfort
is only temporary and is caused because of the
dryness of the vagina. After the first
treatment, the discomfort will be no more.
Moreover, think about the brighter side. You
will experience relief from vaginal dryness and
urinary incontinence almost right away! Thus,
you can get back to your normal cool self within
minutes! For more information, visit