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Capstone Project Ideas for IT, Psychology, Engineering


Are you looking for the best information technology capstone project ideas? You can find it here – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Capstone Project Ideas for IT, Psychology, Engineering

Capstone Project Ideas for IT, Psychology,
  • If your undergraduate or graduate program is
    nearly coming to an end, prepare yourself that
    your professors or advisors will require you to
    complete a capstone project. Bur before you start
    working on it, its important to understand the
    meaning and purpose of this particular kind of
  • A capstone is a multi-faceted project that helps
    to evaluate the students skills and knowledge
    gained during the whole course and to provide
    future specialists with relevant academic and
    intellectual experience. The capstone program is
    quite new, established in 2014.
  • According to the US News rankings, there are
    about 300 American schools, 15 Canadian and 30
    other international schools that require senior
    students to pass a capstone. 15 US institutions
    were nominated with the most stellar capstone
  • Therefore, that means that no matter what country
    youre going to study in, youll have to face
    capstone project writing anyway. And to do that
    excellently, you have to work hard enough and
    find a relevant topic depending on your
  • The quality of your capstone can be a very
    decisive factor in your future profession as it
    integrates a great variety of skills and
    knowledge necessary to become a great specialist.
In accordance with Iowa State University data,
only a bit more than 150 students have been
accepted to the capstone program in 2011, while
in 2017 this figure has grown significantly
(nearly 450 students).
Nursing ?apstone Project
  • As mentioned before, the choice of your topic
    depends on the specialty youre pursuing. If, for
    instance, youre going to be a nurse in prospect
    and you have no idea what to write about in your
    upcoming proposal, you should definitely get some
    quality help with nursing capstone project to
    find a perfect subject and get to know the main
    writing requirements.
IT Capstone Project Ideas
  • However, if youre a future IT-specialist, here
    are some of the best information technology
    capstone project ideas to help you create a
    stellar proposal paper
  • Intelligent Car Transportation System
  • Financial Services Gaming Simulation
  • Wireless Surveillance Computer Information
    Systems Vision
  • Smart Card Reader Usage
  • Fare Payment Software
  • Sale App Purpose, etc.
Psychology Capstone Project
If we talk about psychology as a major, youll
have to be prepared to submit a brilliant
psychology capstone project, which wont be easy
either. All senior students studying at this
particular course are required to pass it by the
end of the academic year in the form a research
essay with a thorough analysis of the topic and
answers to all essential questions. Be sure
youve utilized all of the terminologies and
concepts youve learned during the program to
demonstrate your skills in the best manner.
Engineering Capstone Project
  • As for the engineers who are going to work on
    their capstone, the whole process may create a
    lot of problems for you. The first major issue is
    choosing the right theme which is better to be
    taken from a reliable source, so do not rely on
    the Internet that much. Instead, take a look at
    these electrical engineering project topics that
    might facilitate your search
  • Micro-genetic algorithm
  • Smartphone automation voice feedback system
  • Bottle filling automation control
  • Petroleum tank wireless monitoring and
  • Adjustable temperature heating system and more.
Capstone Project Elements
  • To make your capstone project complete and
    well-structured, it should contain all of the
    basic elements necessary for a successful paper.
    Start with an introduction in which you present
    the background of the project, providing a brief
    overview of the problems that will reviewed.
Capstone Project Elements
  • In the second section you to describe specific
    issues that address to your project, clearly
    present your goals and talk about the product or
    services youre going to introduce.
  • The third paragraph should be your literature
    review where you include all relevant literature
    related to your topic.
Capstone Project Elements
  • The fourth section is your project description
    with a proper methodology and major steps youve
    taken while composing the project.
  • The last part of your capstone should present a
    list of references youve cited in your project.
Capstone Project Tips
To make your capstone look professional and
well-planned, take a look at the following
Capstone Project Requirements
  • The content of your project must include all of
    the basic elements aforesaid. You have to follow
    the APA recommendations concerning the style and
    headings/subheadings formatting. As for the
    length, your capstone should be at least 20-25
    pages and no more than 45 pages with references.
Capstone Project Requirements
  • Your project drafts should be sent to the
    Capstone Advisor directly so he can assess your
    work adequately.
  • Dont get disappointed if youll have to rewrite
    or request a review multiple times since almost
    no one can be accepted at once.
Capstone Project Writing Style
  • While working on your project, you also shouldnt
    forget about your own style. Write in the first
    person only using past tense and simple language.
    Make sure your sentences are short and direct but
    get rid of the paragraphs with one sentence only.
Capstone Project Writing Style
  • Avoid using shortenings (such as Fig., better
    spell out Figure), always use a page break
    command and ensure that your text is accurately
    proofread. Its critical that your project is
    easy-to-read and grammatically correct as well.
  • According to the Gillings Global School of Public
    Health, the capstone project has a broad scope of
    work that can be accomplished by a team of 4-6
    students, the whole process may take up to 8
You capstone will be successful if
  • it completely describes your overall project
  • it developed students skills that will be
    necessary in the future
  • youve used adequate resources
  • youve written in your own, unique style
  • all of the formatting and structure requirements
    were met.
  • In case you have problems with composing an
    outstanding capstone project on your own due to
    the lack of writing skills, you can always ask
    your school advisor, professors or search for
    valuable information in different books like this
  • Having any troubles with your capstone?
  • Visit the website and get top-notch help!