Thinking About Gel Sunscreen SPF 50? Reasons Why Should You Use - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thinking About Gel Sunscreen SPF 50? Reasons Why Should You Use


You probably saw or heard of an SPF on products to protect your skin, but what do these three letters stand for? Sunscreen labels can be confusing, there so many questions. Get essential information before choosing Sunscreen SPF 50. Visit for more information. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Thinking About Gel Sunscreen SPF 50? Reasons Why Should You Use

Thinking About Gel Sunscreen SPF 50 ?
Derma Essentia
Heres what you need to know to stay safe under
sun all year long
What is "SPF" in Sunscreen SPF 50
SPF means Sun Protection Factor and refers to the
amount of time you can stay under sun without
getting sunburned. Even it depends upon your
genetic If you have a family history of skin
cancer, you may be at little risk for skin cancer
or youre if Your Skin is sensitive, you should
never use High SPF eg SPF 70 or more.
It also depends upon your Skin Type If your type
is oily Skin then youre Skin Require High Doses
of SPF - Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin with SPF 50
or above If your Skin Type is sensitive or dry it
means your skin will not able to tolerate High
SPF Doses -Low SPF Gel Sunscreen If you are
confused or don't know about your skin type,
trust me Sunscreen with SPF 50 would be best for
you. It Suits all skin type and protects 97 of
Sun Harmful Rays.
Tips before Buying Gel Sunscreen
Select the Right Sunscreen SPF 50 Choose a
sunscreen that can protect your skin against both
UVA and UVB. Products containing titanium dioxide
or zinc oxide because they protect against the
full spectrum of UVA rays. Re-apply Sunscreen
SPF 50 Re-apply Sunscreen SPF 50 Re-apply Reapply
Gel Sunscreen at least every two to three hours
for the best protection. If you swim or exercise
sunscreen can be easily washed off by- water,
sweat, and clothing can remove it from the skin
which can leave parts of your skin vulnerable to
UV rays. Go for Waterproof Gel Sunscreen. Not all
brand offers Waterproof Gel Sunscreen, Derma
Products Gel Based Sunscreen would be the best
choice for that, it can last long underwater and
sweet. Except Sunscreen SPF 50 Try
Sun-Protective Clothing Choose your clothes
carefully before you go out under the sun. Dark
color clothing can block nearly all kind of UV
radiation and tightly interwoven fabrics are more
protective than looser weaves. How to know which
cloth is more suitable for it, just hold it up to
the sun. If you can see light passing through it,
UV rays can get through, too, Simple.
Sunscreen SPF 50 with Broad Spectrum
Protection Only use a Sunscreen SPF 50with Broad
Spectrum Protection. That term indicates double
protection from UVA rays (the ones that cause
spots, possibly, wrinkles, and skin cancer) and
UVB rays (which lead to burns and as usual skin
cancer). But Derma Products Gel Based Sunscreen
not only protect from these two rays, but it also
protects from IR rays Urban Pollution Sunscreen
SPF 50 must offer PA protection It should
feel light weight It should feel non-sticky High
SPF but not too much High It should be Paraben
free Formed with natural extracts for strength
from harmful UVA/UVB/IR rays of the sun and
pollution. Your Best Sunscreen for oily skinis
also rich in antioxidant properties.
Gel Sunscreen must not be skipping based on skin
It might be no surprise that people with light,
soft skin and hair have a greater need for Gel
Sunscreen. But everyone, no matter their color or
ethnicity, should make the effort to lather up.
Those with darker skin may have lesser risk but
thats no excuse. Says Wang Asian-Americans,
Hispanic-Americans, and African-Americans still
burn. And everyone risks skin damage and
premature aging as a result of extended time in
the sun. Best Sunscreen SPF 50 for you? I
would suggest you The Best Sunscreen Gel for Oily
Skin for you by Derma Essentia at Best Monsoon
offer with free shipping all over India. You must
give it a try. With its Sunscreen Gel SPF 50
formulated with natural extracts which are rich
in antioxidants. Suitable for all skin types -
for sensitive skin, oily skin and normal at any
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