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Ajatt Oberoi | Mumbai Astrologer | Mumbai Jyotish


Ajatt Oberoi is an expert astrologer based in Mumbai. Ajatt Oberoi is known for his acute astrological predictions and astrological gemstone remedies and color therapy. He is well known as Mumbai Astrologer or Mumbai Jyotish who is an expert not only in Astrology but also in Numerology, Vaastu, Fengshui etc – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ajatt Oberoi | Mumbai Astrologer | Mumbai Jyotish

WWW. mumbaiastrologerjyotish.com
  • Ajatt Oberoi Astrology center

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone.
  • Yellow Sapphire also known as "Pukhraj" or
    "Pushparagam" stone in Hindi is the most precious
    and considered to be auspicious out of all the
    available nine gemstones in Vedic astrology. It
    is the gemstone of Jupiter, meaning, it holds the
    powers of the planet Jupiter. The gemstone is
    light yellow colored stone, very attractive and
    widely worn as a classic jewellery piece by women
    and men. Jupiter is the heaviest planet of all
    and hence the yellowish stone gets peculiar
    powers which are highly beneficial to the
    suitable wearer.

Ruled by Jupiter, Who can wear Yellow Sapphire
  • Planet Jupiter, also known as Brihaspati and
    Guru. Jupiter is considered the Teacher out of
    all the nine planets. Along with this the reason
    that makes Jupiter the most dominant planet is
    due to its influential and distinctive forces
    that are said to make positive impact on the
    living beings.
  • This yellow gemstone has the ability to collect
    the aura of the planet Jupiter and impart it on
    the wearer of the gemstone. Hence, the wearer
    receives complete advantage of the rays of Guru.
  • It is a known fact that if a female is facing
    difficulties in getting married or growing her
    family tree, she is suggested to adopt a
    consecrated yellow sapphire gemstone. It is said
    to remove the hindrance in getting married.
  • If your zodiac sign is a Pisces or a Sagittarius,
    wear the gemstone without reluctance to get
    endowed by its enormous benefits. It is also
    beneficial for Cancer and Aires ascendants. It is
    a malefic planet for Libra and Taurus ascendants.
  • Yellow sapphire can be worn by other zodiac
    signs as well. As it is known for its healing
    energy, boosting wealth and recover from severe
    health issues.
  • But to know if an individual needs to wear the
    gemstone, always consult with an astrologer as
    they help in guiding you whether to wear it or
    not by reading your birth chart.

  The Benefits Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire
  • The powerful gemstone protects its wearer from
    evil, accidental deaths and provides mental peace
    and happiness.
  • It is mostly beneficial for the people who are in
    the teaching field. Therefore, lawyers, Judges,
    writers, advocates, traders, artists, and
    scholars can immensely benefit from it.
  • It is known for begetting wisdom and fortune,
    healing powers, clarity in taking decisions, and
    handling vague situations.
  • Wearing this gemstone is proved to reduce temper
    issues and make the wearer calm.
  • People with weak Jupiter placements in their
    birth chart is advised to wear the stone to
    negate the malefic effects.
  • The yellow sapphire gemstone can enhance the
    marital life of the wearer making it more joyful
    and inject with happiness.
  • The stone balances your vishudha chakra. Which
    improves communication skills, expressions and
    creativity of the wearer.

How To Wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone
  • The yellow sapphire gemstone should be
    consecrated and then worn in the most influential
    time according to event astrology. Jupiter is
    given a status of Guru (Teacher), and Jupiter
    represents the day of the week, Thursday.
  • So, it is very important to wear the gemstone on
    a Thursday morning of the Shukla Paksha Days
    (Waxing moon).
  • The gemstone should be embedded in gold ring and
    worn in the index finger ensuring it touches the
    skin so that it charges up the benefits the stone
    has to offer to its wearer.
  • Men can wear this gemstone in the index finger of
    the right hand and women can wear this stone in
    the index finger of the left hand.
  • Finally, chant the Guru mantra, "Om Guruve
    Namaha" and wear the gemstone.
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