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Rummy Game Trains Your Brain


Why are games and sports considered essential for a person’s well-being? The most-famed education boards are making diversions a necessary part of the school curriculum. Who doesn’t know that outdoor games make a person physically fit as well as mentally agile? Likewise, chess is believed to be a game of sharp minds. But what about other indoor games like the rummy game of cards? Does it do anything for your senses, especially the brain? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Rummy Game Trains Your Brain

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Physical Training
  • How do you train your body? Its by exercising
    regularly so as to boost your stamina as also
    immunity. It helps you to be efficient at
    whatever physical work you do, may it be
    household chores, trekking, or working out in the

Rummy and Mind
  • Coming back to the point, how does a simple
    card-melding game train your brain? Basically, it
    is all about drilling your mental faculties. When
    you put healthy strain on a particular body part,
    it gets exercised, and hence, trained for better
    output. Thats exactly what rummy does with your
    mind and memory.

The Logic Behind The Logical Game
  • What is card-melding? It is nothing but grouping
    of similar cards. Grouping can be done in two
    ways. When you collect at least 3 consecutive
    cards of the same suit, it is called a sequence
    or a run. On the other hand, an assortment of 3-4
    cards of the same number/rank but different
    suits, is called a set. Jokers add more fun and
    intrigue to the game, for they can be used as
    replacements for any card to create valid

The Challenge
  • The task is quite uncomplicated, but the
    requirement that you must come up with your melds
    as early in the gameplay as possible in order to
    win, makes it challenging. There is a race among
    the contestants to achieve the goal in the fewest
    possible turns. The one who presents relevant
    melds first of all, is the winner. 

Drill Your Brain
  • To from suitable combinations of runs and/or
    sets, you need to do a lot of mental
  • Have a careful look at your cards, and plan what
    melds you could form.
  • Keep an eye on the moves of your fellow players
    to make out what combinations they could be
    aiming at, so that you can hamper their progress
    by not discarding the cards they might require.
  • Never give a go-by to rummy rules, tips, and
    tricks. Sticking to the basics makes your path
  • Observe the discard pile to calculate what cards
    others might have, and what cards might still be
    there in the closed pile.
  • Strategize according to the changing scenario,
    and exercise spatial intelligence.
  • Plan and make your moves quickly keeping in mind
    the possible consequences. Mind it you get only a
    few seconds to act in online rummy.
  • Retain the studied information in your memory,
    and swap it with new data with every pick and
    drop of a card.
  • Sort and arrange your cards frequently to
    comfortably monitor your standing.
  • See how to manage your hand with the resources
    you have at your disposal - whether you have any
    Joker card(s), and how to do with and without
    them. If you have them, how to utilize them in
    the best possible way.
  • Quick decision-making ability is a paramount

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