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What is Quality Assurance and Why is it Important?


This PPT discusses the software quality assurance strategy needs to be embedded throughout a software development life cycle for proactively dealing with potential bugs and failures. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is Quality Assurance and Why is it Important?


What is Quality Assurance and Why is
it Important?
What is Quality Assurance and Why is it
Technology had not advanced much, and software
did not exist when Aristotle said, Quality is
not an act, it is a habit. Yet, it holds true
for every software development process. The
success of any organization is based on the
quality of its products or services. Quality
Assurance or Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is
a subset of the umbrella process of Software
Quality Management, which also comprises software
testing and software quality control processes.
With the objective of improving software
development and maintenance processes, quality
assurance guarantees alignment with the business
goals, agreement with the required
specifications, and compliance with regulatory
standards. Although, software testing and
software quality assurance are often used
interchangeably, they are different in terms of
their scope, role, and responsibilities. While
software testing is performed as a sequential
step to code development, software quality
assurance spans the entire software development
life cycle, right from the planning stage till
the very end. Quality assurance is a continuous
process of identifying weaknesses and errors in a
developed application or software and
implementing relevant mitigation measures. QA
offers a set of independent eyes and a fresh
perspective to discover undetected bugs and
defects. It ensures that any potential failures
are identified and controlled proactively, which
otherwise might cause a big hole in an
organizations pocket and a spot on its market
What is Quality Assurance and Why is it
Undoubtedly, QA imparts immense value and
benefits to a software development lifecycle. Let
us delve into why exactly software quality
assurance is important The Pulse of Agile
Development Methodologies Quality means doing it
right, when no one is looking Henry Ford In an
agile scenario, the scope of each sprint is
short, and so is the deadline for its completion.
In such cases, sprint managers often tend to
ignore the value of QA, thus, taking a huge
gamble on softwares quality. By integrating
quality assurance practices at the beginning,
this gamble can be safely converted into a
well-planned and executed project that
successfully delivers high value to the
customers. Given the fast, iterative agile
processes, QA cannot be an afterthought. There is
no time for quality assurance to be performed
after the code is developed. It has to be there
from the start in order to avoid unnecessary
rework at later stages, thus, preventing costly
delays. Better User Experience, Enhanced User
Satisfaction Give them quality. Thats the best
kind of advertising Milton Hershey
What is Quality Assurance and Why is it

Users crave nothing less than a smooth
experience. As the world is undergoing rapid
technological advancements, the consumers
patience for botcy, non-intuitive software is
wearing thin while brand loyalty has become a
myth. Users today do not think twice before
jumping to the competitors product if they are
offering a better experience. When quality is
assured, seamlessness in experience is a given.
Instead of relying on customers for pointing out
the mistakes in the application, organizations
can be rather proactive in terms of defect
detection. The level of user satisfaction is
directly proportional to how glitch-free their
experience with the product is. Read Full
Blog at https//www.cigniti.com/blog/software-qu
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