Here’s Why Vitamins are Crucial for Losing Weight and Boosting Metabolism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here’s Why Vitamins are Crucial for Losing Weight and Boosting Metabolism


Our body needs so many vitamins that helps to stay healthy. There are so many people who are suffering from overweight. Having proper amount of vitamins can solve this issue by boosting metabolism but yes it can take time. For faster result you can try vitamins supplements for weight loss which are easily available on online health food store. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Here’s Why Vitamins are Crucial for Losing Weight and Boosting Metabolism

Heres Why Vitamins are Crucial for Losing Weight
and Boosting Metabolism
If you are on a campaign to lose weight, you also
might be avoiding eating high-calorie foods.
However, this does not mean that you completely
ignore certain foods for their calorific value.
You need to ensure that you are having a well
balanced diet at all times whenever you are
trying to shed those extra pounds.
If you arent sure about if your diet is
well-balanced with all the nutrients needed for
you to aid in your weight loss regimen, you can
take vitamin supplements for weight loss after
consulting a professional.

Here are the Vitamins which are crucial for your
campaign to lose weight and boost metabolism.
Vitamin A
  • It has been proved through various studies that
    people do not take the recommended dosage of
    Vitamin A in their diets. This Vitamin is
    essential to ensure the regulation of the thyroid
    hormones which regulate the way our bodys cells
    use energy. If your thyroid level is very low,
    you can have a decrease in the rate of
  • You need to ensure that you have at least 700 to
    900 mg of Vitamin A in your diet on a daily

Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D helps is known to help to regulate fat
    mass, which, if left unchecked could lead to
    weight gain and obesity.
  • It has also been suggested that those who follow
    a weight loss diet while taking Vitamin D can
    help themselves lose weight. people who consumed
    calcium and Vitamin D tablets were found to lose
    more body weight than those who did not take any
    kind of supplement.

Vitamin C
  • Just like Vitamin D, those people who are obese
    are likely to have a Vitamin C deficiency. When
    you increase the intake of Vitamin C, you can
    expect to burn at least 30 percent of fat, while
    also doing moderate exercise on a regular basis.
    If there are lower levels of Vitamin C in your
    diet, you may have greater trouble in losing

Vitamin B
  • The whole family of eight water soluble Vitamin B
    nutrients are needed for helping you to
    metabolize food into energy. They are generally
    found in many foods, giving people misconceptions
    that they are having the right amounts of Vitamin
    B in their diets. If you do not have adequate
    amounts of Vitamin B in your diets, you might
    need to take supplements for the same.

For anyone who is seriously trying hard to lose
weight, having a diet rich in Vitamins and other
nutrients is crucial, while also ensuring that
you eat the right foods at the right time. This
should be done in conjunction with regular
exercise, so that you can not only lose weight
but also gain muscle. The path to a healthy body
is not easy, but once you achieve it, the feel
good factor is great. You can get your dose of
health supplements regularly from online health
food stores where the prices for health foods are
affordable and easily available.