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10 ways to protect your privacy on the internet | XA Technologies


10 simple ways to protect your privacy online. Secure your social media accounts privacy, protect bank accounts, photos privacy and other important details. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 ways to protect your privacy on the internet | XA Technologies

10 Ways to Protect Your Privacy on the Internet
Are you reading this blog? Then, this means that
you are concerned about how to protect your
privacy on the internet. You are from millions of
the user of the internet who browse world wide
web at this moment, and this means that you need
to protect your privacy online. With the rise in
the population, it mainly seems like that anyone
around the world can maintain their privacy. Any
individual can find out each and everything about
a person in just minutes. So, if you are not
cautious, the individuals with who you are
communicating on the internet can chase your
complete name, your address, how much money you
make and history of your employment prior you
talk to them. Most of the individuals take
online privacy for granted. Individuals think
that as they are working behind their computers,
so others will not know who they are.  The best
thing about the internet can also be the worst
thing about it as the information can be accessed
online by anyone. Several scammers used to
exploit our online life by accessing the data for
their advantage via illegal means. It can result
in the scam and attack, which can not only cause
financial stress, which affects other life
elements such as credit rating. Well, this does
not take account with the added pressure that
online scams have on our life. So, we need to be
staying alert and protect our online privacy.
Ten Tips to Protect your Privacy Online
Robustly Make use of Antivirus Software, to
Protect your Privacy Online The use of antivirus
software is highly essential for every laptop or
PC without considering whether it is connected
with the internet or not. Well, antivirus
software is an excellent method to protect the
online privacy of your computer or PC. The
software is highly essential and helps to
preserve against infringement into a PC through
an unknown source. It is mainly done by
identifying the weak spot of the PC and adding
strength to access points. So, it is essential to
use antivirus software such that the stored data
on the PC remains safe and inaccessible to any
other person for who it was proposed. XA
Technology is a company that offers the best
antivirus software named XA Secuflex, which helps
PC to stay safe from the virus attacks. Prevent
PC against Identity Theft and Protect your
Privacy Online Identity theft is one of the best
ways through which online fraudsters make use of
the complete information collected on an
individual. They make use of this data to
pretense as someone such that they can utilize
all manner of elements from the life of that
individual. In some worst cases, identity theft
mainly allows a hacker to access an individual
bank account and steal money directly from the
account without person letting know.  Thus,
preventing PC against identity theft is a way to
stop all these frauds from being happened.
Therefore, to this, individuals need to be aware
of the data which they give about themselves.
The primary data is information such as zip code,
address, mothers name, or bank details. It is
just some piece of the data which individuals
happily give online while making any
purchase. So, making yourself about how identity
theft occurs is the initial step towards
protecting it. XA Technology offers the best
identity theft software protection, which helps
to identify online threats and keep hackers
away. Keep Optimizing Password to Protect your
Privacy Online Initially, when we all have
started the use of the internet on the PC, the
majority of us has begun using the same password
for several platforms. So, this makes us use only
some letters for sign in to our PC at work and
home also online accounts we have. Sadly, this is
a way to get all your accounts being hacked and
allow yourself to become a victim of online
fraud. Hackers are only required to spy you
logging to anyone app once, and they will be able
to access all your online account. Thus, the best
way to prevent is to use a different password for
every platform. These are required to get
optimized such that nobody can even guess it. 
Make sure to stay clear of utilizing birthday,
related names, pet names,  or other natural
combination. Keep in mind that all this sound
like stress, but these are all the ways to
prevent your PC from frauds. Make sure to use the
password managers who can secure thousands of
unique password. The password manager can quickly
generate secure and random password whenever
needed.  So, it is recommended to make use of XA
Tech identity theft protection software. Learn 10
Ways to protect your privacy on internet.
To Protect your Privacy Online update Cookies
Regularly Cookies are how the websites collect
and store information about ones browsing
history. Well, this means that the sites are
capable of using that data to optimize
individuals behavior online such that they can
market products and services in a better
way. Moreover, it also means that all these
websites can provide all these optimizations to
any third party such that they also get
information about you. Thus, it is better to keep
our data safe and handle it better. Well, all the
cookies are not that bad, but it pays somewhat
twist setting such that if the cookie is
installed on computer or device automatically,
you are less alert. So, the cookie is the best
way to read and analyze your online activity.
Use VPN to keep Browsing Anonymous and to
Protect your Privacy Utilizing VPN is the best
ways to prevent individual only and have truly
unidentified browsing session. This VPN works by
connecting the users to the internet via another
server. The connection is encrypted by the
provider of the VPN for its subscriber.
Encryption of relationship is known as a tunnel,
and they are mainly tricky for the hackers as
well as spammers to penetrate to get the data on
an individual when they are online. Moreover,
when the information is encrypted even if they do
to penetrate the tunnel cannot read what is being
sent over the internet. Moreover, the best
advantage of VPIN is that provider hides the IP
address of the user and provides them with
another one once they get connected to the
server. This way, the VPN can stop the website
from tracking the primary IP address, your
address, and browsing habit. Picking up a VPN is
entirely tricky due to the massive market that
exists. VPN helps to browser anonymously easy and
Turn off GPS to Protect your Privacy Turning off
your GPS on desktop or laptop through its
application is the way to maintain privacy
online. So, turning off the GPS means all the
users will not be able to read where you are at
present. Some of the applications, such as social
media apps, post this location online. That is
bad for your privacy. So turning off GPS is an
easy way to stay out from the danger of revealing
the site. Use Private Browsing to Protect your
Privacy Due to an increased need for online
privacy and remaining private online, some of the
browsers provide the private feature for
browsing. These features assist users in
protecting online privacy while using the
internet. The best example of private browsing is
incognito window offered by Google Chrome. Most
individuals will recognize it from icons which
looks like glasses and hat. Moreover, a single
window has some limitation, but if you do not
have a VPN, it is better than having
nothing. These anonymous browsers do not allow
pop-ups or cookies. Moreover, they use secure as
well as encrypted way of browsing. Which means
that none of them traces the online activity of
the user, which further address online business.
Make use of HTTP link to protect your
privacy HTTP is a kind of tech terminology which
very fewer individuals only knows the real
meaning behind it. Well, there is only some need
to know technicalities behind it in detail, other
than this you need to ensure that the website
utilizes this as part of its address. Moreover,
if it merely says HTTP or different derivation,
it is not safe to be used.  Well, the reason
behind this is that the website which does not
make use of HTTP is not secure or have malware
installed on it by any fraudster. Well, this
means that they can get access to communicate
among user and website. The hackers can obtain
personal data from that website. The HTTP website
makes sure that the user does not do this by
preventing the intruders from tampering among a
site and users. Ensure to Keep Social Media
Account Private to Protect your Privacy Securing
your social media account and keeping them secret
is highly essential nowadays, as most of them are
public. Means that it is highly more comfortable
to collect information and build up a big picture
which opens up online scams. Facebook is one of
the best examples as it, not an application where
the users are in complete control of internet
privacy. Despite this, Facebook is a money making
company which can make a profit from information
which its user post online or save the profile.
Well, this is entirely possible to change your
setting such that the company is not able to sell
the information, but users need to aware about
which kind of information they have posted. For
instance, some of the users are usually guilty of
posting personal information like an email
address or phone number. Well, this is helpful
for various marketing companies and scammers
Thus, changing your privacy setting on social
media is utmost important as you are protecting
online privacy this way. So, this needs to be
done across all your social media accounts. Learn
how to protect yourself from social media
scams. To Protect your Privacy Make Sure to Log
Out Most of the individuals never log out of
their accounts after they sign in from their PC.
There are chances that their accounts remain
signed in and run in the background. Thus, this
mainly opens up a security violation.  It is due
to the reason that these websites or accounts you
are logged into, and you can read everything else
while online. So, just closing the window in
which you opened up your account is not enough.
Social media account like as mentioned above, and
Facebook can check everything even if you have
closed the application or window through which
you were accessing it. It has become a commodity
for online hackers. So, you have no control over
what has been happened to that precious
information. Thus, to stay unreachable, log out
every time whenever you sign in your accounts
online. Well, it will just take some moments to
do this, but this time being spent can save you
from the future scam done further.  Bottom
Line Staying safe and protecting online privacy
on the internet is highly essential and identical
to locking your front door while you are going
out.  Nowadays, we can be robbed online as
physical burglary. Thus, following all the steps
above will surely help to enhance the protection
while being online and makes it just impossible
for the hackers to hack accounts online or view
sensitive data of the user. So, adopting good
things is also a way to stay secure and safe
online. Click here to learn how to save your
children from dangers of Internet.
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