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Best Rehab Center Folsom


Bella Nirvana Center, A Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Folsom, California. Historic Folsom is a beautiful crime-free town of Sacramento County. It is the only program where clients are monitored by physicians on a daily basis. Our approach is evidence-based, comprehensive, individualized and holistic. Call us today at 916-222-2181 or Email us at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Rehab Center Folsom

Best Rehab Center in Folsom
About Us
  • Bella Nirvana Center creates a customized
    treatment plan for every patient in need. It is
    established to help in educating and helping
    patients to understand the process recovery in a
    better manner. Some of the discussions include
  • How is a patient affected by substance abuse?
  • How to deal with cravings of drugs and alcohol
  • Is addiction a chronic disease like Diabetes,
    HTN, .
  • Conceptualizing the idea of co-occurring mental
    disorder in the process
  • How to deal with relapse prevention
  • How to inspire oneself and others towards a
    positive journey
  • How to lead a sober and happy life

  • What to bring and not to bring
  • DOs
  • Bring all your medications
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Notebooks
  • Spiritual reading materials
  • DONTs
  • Cell Phone (if you bring, it will be kept in a
  • Sharp objects
  • No electronics
  • No paraphernalia
  • No sex toys
  • No communication devices
  • No personal pillow or blankets

  • When you are calling, we will need the following
    information to check your insurance benefits
  • Here at Bella Nirvana Center, A Drug And Alcohol
    Treatment Center accepts insurance for your
    treatment.  Each insurance plan is different so
    it is very important to talk to our admission
    counselor or coordinator to obtain information
    specific to your insurance plan, please call
    at 916-222-2181.  
  • When youre calling you can text or Email
     insurance information at 916-222-2181 OR BNC_at_BELL
  • Name of the insurance company
  • Member ID and group number
  • Policy Holder birth date
  • Name of policyholder
  • Name of client
  • Client birth date
  • Client address (the one insurance has on file)
  • Client phone number

Alcohol Detox Program
  • Alcohol is a common substance consumed by a
    majority of the population in the world. Since it
    is readily available, it is frequently used in
    social settings. In some cases, however, such
    patterns of drinking can lead to unhealthy
    dependencies on alcohol, leading to problems in
    ones life.
  • Understanding the severity of alcohol addiction
    will help you understand the type and range of
    care you will require. For example, if you were
    to stop drinking after a long period of alcohol
    abuse, it can lead to an imbalance between your
    mind and body. Not only is it dangerous, but it
    will also increase your impulsive reactions
    towards others. This is where an alcohol detox
    program can help.

Opioid (Heroin) Detox Program
  • Since 1990, the use of opioids and overdose
    deaths involving opioids have reached epidemic
    proportions. Opioid use disorder can involve the
    misuse of prescribed opioid medications, use of
    diverted opioid medications, or use of illicitly
    obtained heroin.
  • Opioids are used medically for pain relief, but
    also have central nervous system depressant
    effects as well as the potential to cause
    euphoria. Opioids can act on any of the three
    main opioid receptors (mu, kappa, delta).
    Activation of mu receptors results in the typical
    opioid effects including analgesia, euphoria and
    respiratory depression.

Methamphetamine Detox Program
  • Like opiate is a national crisis, Methamphetamine
    or Crystal Meth is another National Crisis. It is
    a central nervous stimulant that causes the
    release and blocks the reuptake of dopamine,
    norepinephrine, and serotonin. It is the fastest
    rising drug of abuse worldwide and the second
    most widely used class of illicit drugs
  • Meth is most often smoked or snorted and less
    commonly injected or ingested. It causes a sense
    of euphoria and a feeling of well-being that can
    last for hours. Users generally feel happy, alert
    and dont feel the need to eat. However, when the
    effects fade away, dopamine levels are
    significantly diminished and users often feel
    depressed, anxious and tired. Prolonged abuse can
    lead to feelings of paranoia and psychotic
    features, as well as an inability to feel
    pleasure without the drug. Developing dependence
    is quick and many users state they felt addicted
    after their very first use.

Cocaine Detox Program
  • Sniffing cocaine thru your nose, feel like a
    numbing sensations and causes euphoric
    experience. However, Cocaine is known to be
    listed the DSM IV in the category Schedule II.
    Cocaine is a   controlled substance that is used
    as an anesthetic on patients for dental
    procedure. In addition, it is known  for its high
    potential of abuse leading to addiction.
  • The withdrawal symptoms  of cocaine occurs once
    the  individual decreases the use of the drug. In
    addition, cocaine use causes  emotional and
    psychological distress and symptoms which will
    put you at high risk to use again. Many patients
    experience suicidal ideation, aggression, sexual
    arousal and cravings for more drugs. So you can
    see how a rapid cycle of addiction and then
    withdrawal cycle

Our Major Treatment
  • Rehab Center Folsom
  • Opiate detox in folsom
  • Benzo detox in Folsom
  • Meth Detox Treatment Folsom
  • Marijuana Detox Treatment Folsom
  • Anxiety Treatment Center

Contact Us
Bella Nirvana Center
Address 1710 Prairie City RoadSte 120
FolsomCA 95630 Email bnc_at_bellanirvanacenter.c
om Phone 19162222181