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Importance of Digital Marketing in Educational Sectors


1. Builds a Strong Reputation:- 2. Develops Trustworthiness:- 3. Improves Institution Rankings:- 4. Increase in Profit:- 5. Easy Access to Target Desired Audience:- 6. Instant Feedback:- 7. High Rate of Conversions:- 8. Maintain Customer Relationships:- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Importance of Digital Marketing in Educational Sectors

Importance Of Digital Marketing In Educational
  • Presented By- Abhinav Shashtri

Index Index Index
SR.NO Title Slide No
1 Introduction- 3
2 1. Builds a Strong Reputation- 4
3 2. Develops Trustworthiness- 5
4 3. Improves Institution Rankings- 7
5 4. Increase in Profit- 8
6 5. Easy Access to Target Desired Audience- 9
7 6. Instant Feedback- 10
7 7. High Rate of Conversions- 11
8 8. Maintain Customer Relationships- 12
  • We are seeing a digital marketing revolution
    throughout India, where digital marketing is
    spreading across various industries and sectors.
    Education sector too included in this the digital
    marketing revolution is bringing about several
    changes, such as an increase in the number of
    internet users especially students, who access
    the internet to seek information, entertainment,
    and social media.
  • More and more education players entering in this
    market has set forth an intense competition among
    educational institutions to stand ahead among the
    rest. Interestingly, it is noticed that the
    average time spends on the Internet among
    teenagers and youth in India is rising day by
    day. Hence, it can be easily predicted that the
    digital platform is the most convenient,
    effective and a suitable way to target desired
    audience groups.
  • Definition of Digital Marketing
  • Digital marketing as a process of reaching out to
    target audiences across digital platforms,
    attracting them to know your brand and providing
    360-degree solutions and services to all your
    digital customers. To simply put, digital
    marketing is the process of marketing conducted
    on the digital mediums or tools. The broader
    definition of digital marketing refers to
    advertising and promotions using digital
    platforms like websites, search engines, social
    networking sites, email, and mobile apps
    marketing, etc.

1. Builds A Strong Reputation-
  • The major benefit for an educational institution
    to having an online presence is that it builds
    the strong. There no doubt that the internet has
    become the main source to access information. For
    educational institutions, students and parents
    are the desired target group.
  • Since the internet itself is popular among
    students, it has become a necessity for every
    educational institution to maintain an online
    presence in order to survive. Hence, if it
    invests more time and energy into this, an
    educational institution can easily build a strong
    reputation towards its target groups.

2. Develops Trustworthiness-
  • Strong Online Reputation of an educational
    institution can easily built trustworthiness with
    having a strong online presence. But an added
    advantage to this is, it can also be developed if
    information/news bulletins and relevant
    information about the institution is updated
    regularly on the internet.
  • For example, you can take advantage by updating
    regular articles and posts regarding your
    education sector, by improving the quality of
    educations, etc. This helps you to make yourself
    an image of a responsible and dedicated education
    institution, which increases your
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3. Improves Institution Rankings-
  • One of the major point to be considered by
    agencies to rank academic institutions by taking
    up students/parents/faculty/stakeholder opinions,
    which can be influenced by digital marketing.
  • If students and other stakeholders have a
    positive opinion about your educational
    institution, and if they are talking positively
    about it on the internet, then it helps to
    improve the ranking of your educational

4. Increase In Profit-
  • Digital marketing is cost effective compared to
    other traditional marketing practices. Hence,
    digital marketing is most suitable for
    educational institutions because they are
    allocated with a limited budget for marketing
  • As hence as the expenditure reduces, there is a
    significant rise in profit as well by increasing

5. Easy Access To Target Desired Audience-
  • Most of all target audience of educational
    institutions are highly active on the internet,
    it is very easy to approach them through digital
    marketing. Hence, digital marketing is the most
    convenient form of marketing which suitable for
    the educational institutions.

6. Instant Feedback-
  • In digital marketing, it is possible to gain
    instant and real-time feedback. Hence, it is
    easier to modify an ineffective strategy in a
    short span of time by replacing it with a better
  • There is a lot of scope for experimentations.
    Thus, digital marketing channels are the quickest
    ways to convey a promotional message to the
    target audience. It is also easy to record their
    responses and feedback within a minute.

7. High Rate Of Conversions-
  • Digital marketing makes it possible for
    educational institutions to reach out to
    potential students with a wider range of
    platforms such as social networking sites,
    emails, native ads, banner ads, etc.
  • This can generate a lot of traffic which
    influences conversion rates. A special advantage
    of digital marketing is that it is capable of all
    areas of the internet.

8. Maintain Customer Relationships-
  • The main focus target audiences of educational
    institutions are students. In the present time,
    students fall into the various category.
  • Hence, through digital marketing it is possible
    to maintain a good relationship with them by
    keeping them informed and engaged on social
    media, responding to their queries or questions
    in real time and acting on their negative
  • Thus, digital marketing enables educational
    institutions to maintain valuable customer
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