Why Business laptops are the best in 2019 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Business laptops are the best in 2019


Some reasons that states why business laptop is the best choice are discussed here – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Business laptops are the best in 2019

Why Business laptops are the best in 2019
  • Nowadays, laptop manufactureres take great pains
    to differentiate between their consumer- and
    professional-oriented product lines.
  • But in many cases, home users would be better off
    if they ignored the marketing spin and bought
    business laptops since the consumer portables are
    usually designed for style and business laptops
    frequently offer a tougher chassis. This would
    make most of the laptop manufacturers to focus on
    providing best business laptop for office
    purposes as well as personal uses.
  • The following are the some of the reasons that
    states why it is better for the consumers to buy
    business laptops.

Matte Displays with Better Viewing Angles
  • Glossy displays have become nearly ubiquitous on
    cutomer's notebooks, because vendors believe in
    consumers retail shopping that will be swayed by
    their shininess and with more vibrant colors.
    However, the more glossier the display is, the
    worse the viewing angles gets.
  • For instance, in Dell's lineup, the
    consumer-oriented Dell Inspiron 15 5000 comes
    with a glossy panel, while the Dell Latitude 15
    5000, which is marketed to corporate.Unfortunately
    , if you configure the Latitude, or any other
    business laptop, with a touch screen you will
    have to live with a glossy surface because that's
    necessary for touch.

Better Keyboards
  • It is not like the consumer keyboards and
    touchpads aren't good, just that their business
    counterparts have to bring up something really
    responsive to the table to appeal to enterprises,
    which are always focused on typing.
  • For instance, Lenovo's ThinkPad keyboards are the
    gold standard for all laptops, with strong travel
    and large, curved keys that are easy to feel
    without looking. But the same company's consumer
    laptops suffer from weak travel and shrunken keys.

Better Pointing Options
  • Nobody can't name a single consumer notebook with
    anything other than a touchpad for navigation.
    However, if you like pointing sticks several
    business systems have them in addition to
  • For instance, Lenovo ThinkPads have their famous
    red TrackPoints.Many people love these so-called
    "nubs" because they're more accurate than
    touchpads and because touch typists don't have to
    lift their fingers off the home row to use them.

Replaceable and Extended Batteries
  • Nowadays, most of the laptops come with sealed-in
    batteries that you can't remove without taking
    them to a service center.
  • But some business systems still let you swap
    batteries on your own so you can carry a spare or
    upgrade to a larger unit.
  • For instance, you can buy the Latitude 14 5000
    with either a 3-cell or a 4-cell battery, with
    the latter costing.

Long Life Span
  • Just because corporations hold onto their laptops
    for years, hardware vendors must keep offering
    parts and service. For such a reason, business
    models usually stay on the market for a year or
    longer and components, like replacement batteries
    and AC Adapters, are available for many years.
  • Although a lot of ultrathin business notebooks
    are difficult, if not impossible to service on
    your own, mainstream and larger sizes usually
    have RAM and storage that you can upgrade.

  • Many of the notebook vendors
    have built their organizations in the idea that
    businesses and home users have different needs,
    but there's no reason to buy into that marketing
    hype. If a consumer wants a laptop as opposed to
    a tablet it's because he have work to do, and a
    business notebook makes that work a lot easier.
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