Free vs Premium WordPress Themes: Which One Should You Choose? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Free vs Premium WordPress Themes: Which One Should You Choose?


In this ppt, we are discussing the benefits and drawbacks of both types of themes so that beginners can make an informed decision. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Free vs Premium WordPress Themes: Which One Should You Choose?

Francisco, CA
Free vs Premium WordPress Themes Which One
Should You Choose?
Advantages Of Free WordPress Themes
1. Free Layouts Are Cost-effectiveThe biggest
advantage of free templates is that they do not
require any monetary investment. The open source
nature of these pre-built layouts makes it easy
for anyone to start a website. Premium products
can be costly and people with limited budget may
find it difficult to purchase them. Another
benefit of using a free design is that you can
discard it if you do not find it useful. On the
other hand, most paid layouts cannot be returned.
This means that there is always a chance of
losing money if the product is not suitable. 2.
Free Themes Have To Pass Rigorous Screening In
order to be listed in the official WordPress
theme directory, all layouts have to pass a
strict screening procedure. The review team tests
a design on various parameters to ensure only
good-quality items are included in the library.
Products are checked to make sure they have
efficient code and adhere to the security
standards of the platform. 3. Free Designs Are
Easy To Use People regularly convert website to
WordPress theme or acquire a brand new interface.
Most such users are new to the platform and
require an easy-to-use template. Developers craft
free themes with beginners in mind. Moreover, the
reviewers also assess whether templates can be
easily handled by all kinds of users or not.
Drawbacks of Free WordPress Themes
1. Free Layouts Have A Generic Appearance
Popular free templates are downloaded by millions
of users worldwide. People who use such items
cannot hope to acquire a unique looking
interface. These designs have a handful of
generic customization options. This means that
even after modifying the color scheme, fonts,
etc., a website may not look completely
unique. 2. Limited Features Restrict Users Free
templates have limited features which can
restrict users looking to enhance their websites.
Creating landing pages or the flexibility to use
shortcodes is not included in many such designs.
Owners of interfaces created with open source
layouts can find it hard to scale up their
operations. 3. Lack Of Effective Support A
major factor that can tilt scales towards the
latter in the free vs premium WordPress themes
debate is support. There is no dedicated support
system for free template users. You can find
third-party help like forums or social network
groups for popular layouts. However, it can be
virtually impossible to find solutions for
rarely-used items.
Advantages Of Premium WordPress Themes
1. Guarantee Of Unique Design Premium products
will always have lesser subscribers that free
product users. This means their visibility will
also be lesser than open-source designs.
Moreover, such designs can also be personalized
according to your own branding requirements. A
paid product is ideal for business users who are
looking to build a brand. 2. Benefit Of Advanced
Features And Customization OptionsPremium
templates provide subscribers with advanced
features as compared to free items. They also
have more customization options which help in
personalizing an interface. Many products come
with options like shortcodes, drag and drop
builders, multiple templates, etc. Paid design
subscribers enjoy much more flexible modification
options than free users. 3. Assurance Of
Effective Support System Paid items are offered
by professional designers or firms which assure
their customers of effective support. Users can
get in touch through e-mail, phone or other
communication modes to get assistance. Such
products also receive constant updates making
sure they remain synchronized with the latest
WordPress upgrades.
Drawbacks Of Premium WordPress Themes
1. Paid Products Have A Difficult Learning Curve
The advanced features and multiple options of
premium themes mean that they can be difficult to
use for beginners. The steep learning curve of
such items can act as a stumbling block for
people who are not familiar with the
platform. 2. Increased Cost Of Development
Premium themes can be costly and many of them
also have paid add-ons. This can increase the
cost of development which can be disadvantageous
for users with limited budgets. 3. Dependence On
Theme-specific Features Some themes have
functions which are unique to them. Dependance on
such features is not good as they will disappear
as soon as the template is switched.
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