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Foot Care: Tip, Tricks, and Footcare cream


If you are suffering from your cracked heels for a long time, don't worry. Get to know intrusting Tips and Tricks about Foot Care and get soft and crack free heels by using one of the best foot crack cream by India's most popular beauty brand Derma Essentia. For more details visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Foot Care: Tip, Tricks, and Footcare cream

Foot Care Tip, Tricks, and Foot care cream
By Derma Essentia
We all are very concern about our skin face,
arms and always try to protect it as much as we
can but what about our Feet. Our feet dont get
the love and care what they deserve (at least for
most of us). We hide them away in socks, forget
to wash them, and properly treat them as their
appearance when we do let them out in the light
of day. This is too bad. Your feet deserve to
be care. They hold you upright, carry you from
place to place, and even function as tools and
weapons if ever were in a situation requiring a
good kick.  Feet can be a foundation for our
generalized well-being. Or they can be a hotbed
for discomfort, infection, and poor hygiene. The
choice is yours to go with Foot Care Cream or not.
Some Great Practices to Start With
1. To clean your skin and nails, try soaking your
feet in warm, soapy water for at least 10
minutes. Your toenails are thick and rigid and
this practice can slightly soften them while
dislodging dirt and bacteria for easy and
thorough cleaning.   2. While your feet are still
warm and soft, use a pumice stone or emery board
to gently rub away calluses and dry skin. Our
feet take quite a beating during our daily life,
so some major exfoliation can be necessary to
keep them looking and feeling their best. A
Moisturizing Foot Cream is also a great idea for
feet in need of some TLC.   3. Trim your toenails
straight across! This is a strange idea for many
people, but its a remarkably simple remedy for
ingrown toenails. When we cut our toenails too
close, and in a curved shape, the edges tend to
grow into the skin.  This can produce painful
ingrown nails which may require professional help
to correct! Straight nails solve this problem,
but should never be so long as to harbor bacteria
and fungus. Use an emery board to smooth the
sharp edges of the squared nails. 4. Say goodbye
to your rough, irritated, and extremely dry feet.
Use a specially formulated Moisturizing Foot
Cream by Derma Essential to soothe and nourish
the foot regions youve just worked on.
What kind of basic care do your feet need?
  • Check them daily for cuts, sores, swelling, and
    infected toenails.
  • Clean them properly in warm water, but avoid
    soaking them because that may dry them out.
  • Moisturize them every day with Moisturising Foot
    Cream. Dont put moisturizer between your toes to
    keep the skin dry, to prevent infection.
  • Avoid wearing tight shoes. Your shoes shouldnt
    be hurting your feet.
  • Don't wear the same pair of shoes every day or
    least wear it randomly.
  • Trim your toenails straight across with a nail
    clipper. Use nail file to smooth the corners,
    which will prevent the nail from growing into
    your skin.
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