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What are the Advantages and Challenges of Microsoft SQL Server


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Title: What are the Advantages and Challenges of Microsoft SQL Server

  • What are the Advantages and Challenges of
    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Databases help the business access information
    more quickly. This, in turn, allows employees to
    get more done in less time, which allows
    businesses to grow more rapidly. When businesses
    grow more rapidly, there are generally more jobs
    and higher pay and the economy does better. This
    all sounds wonderful, doesnt it? So then why
    dont we see databases helping companies and
    organizations progress their business faster?

  • Productivity is a main contributor, but there are
    many others. In fact, databases are very
    difficult to understand on a holistic level. From
    programming to maintaining and from deploying to
    managing, databases can be tricky to keep up with
    when thinking about the business. In this post,
    well take a closer look at what challenges are
    faced by virtualization admins who are, in one
    way or another, connected to Microsoft SQL Server
    (MSSQL) in addition to some of the advantages of
    using the software.

  • Why MSSQL?
  • The main reason Microsoft SQL Server is a
    favourite of developers and virtualization admins
    alike is its ease of use. Development and
    troubleshooting are typically the toughest
    aspects to perfect when thinking about getting a
    SQL project into production. MSSQL comes with
    excellent tools that will save you a lot of time
    in these areas tools like SQL Server Profiler,
    SQL Server Management Studio, BI tools and
    Database Tuning Advisor.

  • Setting up almost everything, from installing on
    a VM to initial query writing and editing, is
    incredibly easy with MSSQL especially in
    comparison to other SQL products. If there are
    problems in any stage of development, there is a
    plethora of online support and documentation in
    addition to live product support, whereas the
    support options for other SQL products are not
    nearly as robust.

  • MSSQL Memory Management Challenges
  • Although we can always program code better to be
    a little (or a lot) more efficient, the real
    struggles with MSSQL happen when managing it in a
    virtual environment. MSSQL tends to hog the
    allocated memory, at least from the VMs
    perspective, seemingly using 100 of its virtual
    memory. A common practice is to simply ignore
    this monitored utilization and take the DBAs
    recommendation for VM memory configuration.

  • 1 - Scalability
  • One of the key reasons behind SQL Servers
    performance is the use of cutting-edge multicore
    processors, which can efficiently scale with
    minimal effect on performance. This translates to
    seemingly limitless data management capabilities,
    even as the business grows and makes increasing
    demands of its database.
  • 2 - Security
  • Despite having the ability to add multiple users
    and accounts, Microsoft SQL Server also provides
    sensible security measures to restrict access
    when necessary. Administrators can determine
    which individual users have access, along with
    what level of authorization theyre provided, to
    modify and view different data. User access can
    be further customized with specific views of the
    data reflecting that individual users purpose
    for accessing it.

  • - Reliability
  • Combining security with reliability is a hallmark
    of SQL Server, with impressive uptime abilities
    to put end-users minds at ease that access is
    preserved even in the event of a system outage.
    If a crash or other outage occurs, SQL Server has
    automatic recovery features that go into effect
    automatically, without the need for an
    administrator to intervene. SQL Server will
    automatically launch database restoration to the
    last state of consistency.

  • Data Analysis
  • L Server combines impressive reliability with the
    ability to extract data when and where needed,
    with on-board reporting tools that support the
    creation of charts and graphics for rich,
    compelling presentations. Data can easily
    transfer into presentation modes or Excel,
    allowing project managers to quickly compile
    relevant data points into formats suitable for
    sharing with clients and partners.
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