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UK Couples Are Seeking IVF Treatment Abroad, Here's Why They're Choosing North Cyprus


To date, more than two million children are born via IVF! In vitro fertilization or IVF captured public attention since it was introduced in 1978. It is also known as Assisted Reproductive Technology or ART which is available in most civilized countries worldwide. Declining birth rate is one of the major concerns of the UK and other European countries. Studies have shown that a considerable number of couples in the UK seek treatment abroad because of affordability and lesser waiting time. Why the UK have Lower Fertility Rate? Birth control methods are easily accessible, so unwanted pregnancy is prevented. Younger adults seek higher education and a better professional career. 48% of people live in countries where the TFR or Total Fertility Rate is below average which is around 2.1 births per woman for the year 2005 to 2010. Read full content here: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: UK Couples Are Seeking IVF Treatment Abroad, Here's Why They're Choosing North Cyprus

Why Do UK Couples Seeking IVF Treatment abroad
travel to North Cyprus?
IVF Fun Facts
  • IVF was introduced way back in 1978.
  • IVF was only accepted after nearly three decades.
  • Some refer to IVF as Assisted Reproductive
    Technology a.k.a. ART.
  • There are more than 2 million IVF babies already.
  • UK and other European countries are dealing with
    a serious case of declining birth rate.

Fertility Rate In The UK
  • Fertility Rate in the UK is quite low because of
    peoples lifestyle choices. Unwanted pregnancy is
    prevented because of how easy it is for women to
    hop on birth control methods. Women choose to
    have kids at an older age because they want to
    pursue higher education or their career first.

  • Total Fertility Rate in Europe is 1.5 births per
    woman while in Japan, the TFR is 1.4 births per
    woman. Low fertility rates like these can lead to
    population ageing and rapid population decline.
    48 of people in the world actually live in
    countries where the TFR is below average.

Why Are UK Couples Choosing IVF Treatment?
IVF Is Recommended When
  • A Woman or Man has unexplained infertility
  • A Woman or Mans family has a history of genetic
  • A Woman had her fallopian tubes removed
  • A Woman has uterine fibroids, premature ovarian
    failure, and ovulation disorders
  • A Man has a low sperm count or sperm motility
  • Fallopian tubes are damaged

Things You Should Know About Cyprus
  • It is the biggest and most populated island in
    the Mediterranean.
  • This island has history that spans 10,000 years
    and it has one of the oldest civilizations in the
  • The island is known for offering high-end resort
    amenities and a top-notch spa experience.
  • The island is one of the top choices for medical
    fertility tourism.

Perks of Getting IVF in North Cyprus
Low Cost
  • Getting IVF treatments in Cyprus is way cheaper
    than getting IVF in the United Kingdom.
  • Those who do their clinic research will know that
    Cyprus is known for having more economical
  • Although the cost is lower, you can still rest
    assured that the doctors in Cyprus are all

IVF ( Microinjection-ICSI) - 3,000 Euros
Egg Donation - 5,000 Euros
Sperm Donation - 4,000 Euros
Embryo Donation - 6,000 Euros
Next Generation Sequencing - 5,500 Euros 300
Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis - 6,000 Euros
Embryo Cryo - 500 Euros
Anonymous Egg Donation Program
  • In the UK, IVF kids have the right to look for
    their real parents when they get older.
  • In Cyprus, it is possible for a donors identity
    to remain a secret forever thanks to the
    Anonymous Egg Donation Program.

No Waitlist
  • The National Health Service in England is what
    funds IVF treatments in the UK.
  • Waitlisted people can wait a couple of months to
    three years before getting a grant for fertility
  • Difficulty of finding a donor egg, area where
    they live, and NHS limited resources all affect
    how long people people have to wait.
  • Cyprus has no waitlist whatsoever and people are
    matched with a donor right away so achieving a
    successful pregnancy can happen as soon as

Gender Selection Is Possible
  • In Europe, most countries dont allow Gender
  • Gender Selection is completely possible in Cyprus
    and this is one of the things that really make
    people want to do their IVF treatment in Cyprus.

Above European Average Success Rates
  • The IVF success rates in Cyprus are noticeably
    greater than the success rates in other European
  • The Dunya IVF Clinic in Cyprus is part of the
    Global Clinical Rankings list of the Top 10
    Fertility Clinics in the World so this just shows
    how greatly the IVF success in Cyprus is

Age Egg Donation Embryo Donation Sperm Donation IVF PGD Egg Donation PGD
20-29 82 83 59 56 51 80
30-34 81 83 54 51 47 80
35-39 81 82 47 45 43 79
40 80 82 19 14 11 78
Large Donor Pool
  • In Cyprus, people have the freedom to choose from
    a number of criteria for their sperm or egg
  • People can choose a donor that fits their
    preferences when it comes to things like race,
    height, eye color, and hair color.

Patients Can Be Single Or Advanced Age
  • Women with an advanced age or who are single
    wont be considered for IVF treatments in a
    number of countries.
  • North Cyprus allows older or single women to get
    IVF with no problems whatsoever.
  • North Cyprus is known for its liberal IVF

ISO 9001
  • Clinics in Cyprus that have a ISO 9001 standard,
    like Dunya IVF, are clinics that are certified
    globally competitive.
  • This means that the quality of service is
  • North Cyprus is known for having clinics with
    highly specialized facilities.

  • Cyprus is divided into North and South Cyprus.
  • North Cyprus is more peaceful and less
  • There are no direct flights going to North Cyprus
    from the UK so people fly to South Cyprus first.
  • Travelling from the UK to South Cyprus just takes
    around 4 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Driving from South to North Cyprus is easy and
    its as if you will get to have a mini road trip.

24/7 Sunny Weather
  • You will be having a great mood during your whole
    stay in Cyprus for IVF because of the beautiful
    sunny weather.
  • Since youre already in a beautiful place, you
    might as well treat yourself to a relaxing
    vacation after days of going through your IVF
  • When you come as a couple, you leave as a family!
    It is like hitting two birds in one stone.

How is the Fertility Treatment done? How long
will it last?
  • Those who want to get IVF in North Cyprus have to
    go through a preparation phase in the UK first.
  • 10-14 days is allotted for the ovarian
  • The couple will then go to North Cyprus and spend
    around 5-7 days there for the other stages of
    their IVF treatment.
  • Couples only have to visit the IVF clinic a few
    times so they wont really be spending much.
  • Those who go for an Egg or Embryo Donation have
    no stimulation period but they will have a 1-2
    month endometrial preparation for the embryo

Why Choosing The Right IVF Clinic Is Very
IVF treatments are not cheap so everyone really
wants to get their moneys worth wherever they
may go.
Choosing the right IVF Clinic is important since
the right clinic will always have a higher chance
of a successful procedure.
Nobody wants to be stressed during their IVF
journey so going for a clinic with good doctors
and a nice facility is the way to go.
The Dunya IVF Clinic Is One Of The Top IVF
Clinics In Cyprus You Can Go To Because
  • A service
  • The clinic is ranked at 7 in Global Clinic
    Rankings list of Top 10 Fertility Clinics in
    Europe for 2018.
  • Reasonable prices
  • Well-experienced doctors and friendly clinic
  • State-of-the-art facility
  • High success rates
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • Multilingual patient support
  • No waitlist

Good luck to all of you who plan to embark on an
IVF journey )