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Repair vs. Replacement: Which Option Guarantees Reliable Garage Door Performance?


Whether it is minor wear and tear, damage or complete malfunctioning of your garage door, these are among the problems homeowners dread the most. However, at one point or another, you will have to deal with the issue surrounding your garage door. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Repair vs. Replacement: Which Option Guarantees Reliable Garage Door Performance?

Repair vs. Replacement Which Option Guarantees
Reliable Garage Door Performance?
  • Whether it is minor wear and tear, damage or
    complete malfunctioning of your garage door,
    these are among the problems homeowners dread the
    most. However, at one point or another, you will
    have to deal with the issue surrounding your
    garage door. When it does happen, you will have
    to make the decision of doing a repair or
    replacement. How do you go about choosing the
    right solution that guarantees effective and
    long-lasting results?
  • To be honest, both options are great depending on
    the specific problem at hand. Here are some of
    the common garage door problems and whether a
    repair or replacement is ideal.

Table of Contents
  • When a Repair Will Suffice
  • When a Replacement Is the Best Course Of Action
  • Top Prep Steps to Get Your Garage Door
    Repair Project Started Off On the Right Foot
  • Top DIY Garage Door Repair Secrets Every
    Homeowner Should Know
  • Common Garage Door Repair Problems and How to Fix
  • Important Safety Tips to Remember When Doing DIY
    Garage Door Repair
  • Top 5 Hacks for Cutting Cost on Garage Door

When a Repair Will Suffice
  • A replacement job isnt always necessary. When is
    the right time to do garage doors repairs?
  • Damaged Panels If you observe any physical
    damage on your garage door, you might want to
    have it repaired with immediate effect. The key
    to a successful repair of single panel damage is
    to get to it when the damage is still minor. If
    you wait around for too long, you are looking at
    high repair costs that may be equivalent to a
    full replacement.
  • A Sagging Garage Door If you are experiencing a
    situation where your garage door only closes
    halfway, it is a good sign that it is imbalanced.
    This often means that the door is exerting
    pressure on the lifting mechanism and hence needs
    to be repaired.
  • Minor Tweaks Once in a while, you might want to
    do some basic cosmetic fixes on your door
    including chipped paint or fading to improve its
    look. In this case, repair is the most
    cost-effective option.

When a Replacement Is the Best Course Of Action
  • Although repair of a garage door is a cheaper
    option, sometimes theres a need for a
    replacement. This includes the following
  • Severe Damage First and foremost, if the damage
    on your door is extensive, you might want to
    replace it altogether. It beats logic to spend
    money on a number of replacement parts when you
    can get a brand new door once and for all. If
    your door has suffered damage as a result of
    adverse weather conditions, go for a replacement
    without giving it a second thought.
  • Cosmetic Reasons Perhaps your door is 10 years
    or more and you want a new design that matches
    your homes curb appeal. This sounds more like a
    replacement job than a repair project.

  • After A Break-In We hate to break it to you but
    burglars have found ways to bypass garage doors.
    In most cases, these individuals have figured out
    the secret pin for manually unlocking the door.
    Some also disengage the garage doors motor and
    actually open the door by hand. Regardless, you
    might want to have the door replaced to avoid
    another break-in.
  • Your garage door is the biggest entry to your
    home. When it develops issues, you can either
    have it repaired or replaced. The choice will
    ultimately depend on the extent of the damage and
    your personal preferences. Choose wisely!

Top Prep Steps to Get Your Garage Door
Repair Project Started Off On the Right Foot
  • Anyone who knows the operation of an overhead
    garage door understands that it uses spring
    tension to roll up or swing into one piece.
    Essentially, the door moves through metal tracks
    located on the walls of your garage where a heavy
    spring provides the power of the motion. Over
    time, this smooth operation is compromised as a
    result of a number of factors including loose
    screws and bolts, misaligned tracks, loose
    hardware, damaged brackets, and more.
  • If you are looking to have your door repaired,
    there are a few prep steps you can take care of
    to ensure the job goes smoothly. Whether you have
    asked a pro to come over and does the repair or
    you plan on making it a DIY job, there are
    crucial things you can do beforehand.

  • 1. Clear Your Garage
  • The first thing to do would be to clean tidy up
    the garage. You dont have to necessarily empty
    it as thats impractical but itd make things so
    much easier if you got rid of things that can
    fall of the garage door during the project. If
    you have some toys, gardening tools, hanging
    baskets, and car parts, they will make it hard
    for you or a technician to maneuver through the
    mess. Take some time and clear up some space by
    the doorway. Additionally, check the exterior of
    your garage door as well and eliminate any
    obstructive object. By doing this, you ensure
    that the job will be done a lot quicker. It also
    prevents the risk of accidents to your family
    members and your possessions.

  • 2. Perform Some Minor Inspections Of The Door
  • Once the clutter is out of the way, examine your
    garage door and see if you can find basic issues
    that dont necessarily require outside help.
    Begin by checking each mountain bracket for any
    loose screws or bolts. If you find any, tighten
    them. Then proceed to the tracks. Establish
    whether they are properly aligned and at the same
    height. To align them, loosen the bolts and
    screws of each mounting brackets, tap them into
    place and re-tighten the screws and bolts.
  • The next thing to do is to check the springs. If
    theres any malfunction that you think you can
    handle, this is the time to do so. However, most
    of the repair work on the springs is better left
    for the pros. The reason is that the tension on
    the spring can injure you during adjustment.
    Finally, if you are outside and the door wont
    open, check the battery. It might need replacing.

  • 3. Try Not To Dismantle Your Garage Door
  • This is not really a prep stage but an important
    tip nonetheless. No matter your build and skill
    for garage door repairs, dont try to dismantle
    an old garage door by yourself. You could put
    yourself and other people at risk. Leave the job
    to technicians who are trained on how to safely
    and effectively handle garage door replacements
    and repairs.
  • There you have it 3 prep steps to guarantee a
    smooth garage door repair job. The preparation
    stage determines the speed, safety, and
    efficiency of the repair job.

Top DIY Garage Door Repair Secrets Every
Homeowner Should Know
  • If you have a garage at home, its likely that
    you have invested in the best garage door you
    could afford. This is because a garage door does
    more than secure your garage. It also adds value
    to it and to your home as a whole. But, what
    happens when your garage door has a problem? Do
    you pick up your phone to call your local
    handyman or do you take out your toolbox to try
    to fix it yourself?
  • If you belong to the latter category, then you
    need to learn a few secrets for getting the job
    done. And if you belong to the former category
    and eager to learn how to do the repair yourself,
    the secrets to be discussed will definitely help
    you. Besides, DIY garage door repair will
    translate to financial saving in the long run as
    you wont have to pay a handyman.
  • Its important, however, to know that not all
    garage door repairs are DIY. Some are best left
    to garage door experts. Here are some of the
    repairs you can do yourself and the secrets for
    doing them

  • 1. Garage Door is making an Unusual Sound
  • The most popular noise that can come from a
    garage door is a popping sound. If this is the
    case, it means that the rollers are worn out and
    need to be changed. You just need to buy a new
    set to replace the old ones. Preferably, you
    should go for nylon over aluminum. This is
    because nylon rollers are more durable and easier
    to maintain than aluminum rollers. If the noise
    is the squeaking type, then all you have to do is
    lubricate the garage door. Start with the rollers
    and then move to the hinges.

  • 2. Garage Door Has a Dent
  • If you have kids at home, this is likely to
    happen. However, you shouldnt worry as you can
    fix it. You just need to follow these steps
  • Clean the garage door
  • Cover the dent with a layer of aluminum foil
  • Heat the foil slightly
  • Spray carbon dioxide over the foil
  • Wait to see the dent pop out

  • 3. Garage Door Not Opening or Closing as
  • If your garage door wont open or close fully, it
    means that the opener has a problem. In this
    case, its either the limit switch or the sensor
    thats not working. For the first case, you have
    to adjust the limit switch. For the second case,
    you need to clean the sensors to ensure they are

  • 4. Garage Door Not Responding to the Remote
  • If the connection is faulty or the power is out,
    dont expect the garage door to respond to the
    remote control. Sometimes, its a case of the
    batteries being dead. So, check them. If they are
    not working, replace them. In fact, its
    advisable to replace the batteries annually. You
    also need to check the buttons of your remote
    control. If there are small objects trapped,
    remove them.
  • From the above secrets, its clear that not every
    garage door repair needs professional hands. Some
    are simply DIY and you just need to know how to
    get the job done. But still, if the fixing is
    beyond your capability, then you shouldnt
    hesitate to call a handyman. You may save
    yourself a lot of trouble and time if you do so.

Common Garage Door Repair Problems and How to Fix
  • Is your garage door acting up? Has it stopped
    working completely? Contrary to common belief,
    some of the garage door problems can be easily
    fixed by any ordinary individual. Before you call
    the experts, go over the root cause of the issue
    and find out whether you can do something about
    it. Here, we have listed down 5 common garage
    door problems and simple ways to fix them.

  • 1. Your Garage Door Doesnt Open Completely
  • Perhaps the most common garage door issue among
    homeowners is the door opening halfway. It gets
    them into a panic mode, especially when they need
    to step out in haste. However, if this happens to
    you, take a deep breath and check your up-limit
    switch. Is it positioned too far from the motor
    unit? If it is, you might need to move it closer
    to the motor. Alternatively, check for damaged
    and balky rollers and replace or lubricate
  • 2. A Noisy Door
  • Whether it is the presence of squeaky sections,
    shabby parts, or loose hardware, a noisy garage
    door can be really aggravating. Fortunately,
    lubrication can eliminate the problem completely.
    If you notice your door has an unusual noise,
    apply some lubricant on the squeaky part.

  • 3. A Non-Functional Wall Switch
  • Wall switch malfunctions often stem from power
    supply problems. If this ever happens to you,
    inspect your fuses and breakers and find out if
    any of them are broken, tripped or burnt out. If
    this is so, you might want to have them replaced
    or reset. If there are no issues here, check the
    power in your motor unit. If it is burnt out,
    plan for its replacement or repair.
  • 4. A Motor That Wont Stop Running Even After
    The Door Has Closed
  • Ideally, once the garage door has closed all the
    way, the motor should stop running. If you find
    that it keeps running, it may translate an issue
    in your entire system. Like the first problem
    above, this is a depiction of the wrong
    positioning of your up-limit switch. The best way
    to fix it is to move the switch to a good
    distance from the motor.

  • 5. The Remote Doesnt Work
  • If your garage door remote opener isnt working,
    it could be that you are out of range. In this
    case, simply move closer, press the button and
    see if it works. If that isnt really the issue,
    try and open the door using the wall switch. If
    it does open, your remote may have problems of
    its own including depleted batteries and other
    major issues. Try replacing the batteries and if
    that doesnt resolve the issue, replace the
    remote altogether.
  • 6. The Door Wont Open During Winter
  • During winter, a garage door may refuse to open
    due to stiff rollers and problems with the motor
    sensitivity. The best course of action is to
    lubricate the roller and adjust the motor
    sensitivity respectively.
  • As you can see, some of the common garage door
    problems can be easily fixed by anyone. The next
    time you face issues with your garage door, dont
    be in a rush to call the experts. Identify its
    root cause and try and fix it on your own.

Important Safety Tips to Remember When Doing DIY
Garage Door Repair
  • At home, the garage door is probably the largest
    and heaviest component that you have. So, fixing
    it is never easy. But if you are handy, you could
    actually save money doing it yourself. However,
    you have to be careful and watch out for possible
    injury risks. The truth is that safety is always
    a concern when repairing a garage door. You need
    to know what you are doing. Here are important
    safety tips to remember when doing DIY garage
    door repairs

  • 1. Wear Safety Gear
  • Before you can grab your toolbox to fix your
    garage door, you need to ensure that you observe
    personal safety. Wear thick protective gloves to
    protect your fingers from getting pinched by the
    doors joints. If the repair involves welding
    works, you need to protect your eyes and body by
    wearing safety glasses and apron respectively. If
    you dont have an apron on, then you should
    ensure that your clothes are not loose so as not
    to get trapped when working.
  • 2. Watch Your Hands
  • Though you may be wearing thick gloves, they
    dont protect you from heavy tools that may
    accidentally hit you. So, you just need to watch
    your hands and your fingers.

  • 3. Keep Kids Away
  • Kids can be a problem if allowed near your
    working area. For one, they may be tempted to
    play with some of your tools. Considering that a
    majority of them are either heavy or sharp, the
    kids can hurt themselves if they try lifting the
    tools up. Theres also the temptation of using
    your garage door opener. If they engage the door
    when you are still repairing it, you may get
  • 4. Keep the Doorway Clear
  • Before you can disengage your garage door to fix
    it, you should ensure that there are no objects
    on the doorway. This not only includes your car
    but also people who may get injured when the door
    is unlocked.

  • 5. Operate it Manually
  • Though you may be having a garage door opener,
    you dont have to use it when fixing your door
    unless you have to. This is to ensure that its
    not accidentally pressed to engage the door while
    you are still working. If you are caught by the
    door, you may suffer a severe injury.
  • 6. Know When to Call a Garage Expert
  • Not every garage door issue is a DIY fix. Some
    garage door repairs are best left to experts. For
    example, you shouldnt attempt to fix torsion
    springs. They are quite delicate and you may risk
    weakening the door. This could easily lead to it
    falling on you. Additionally, you may not know if
    the springs need to be repaired or to replaced.
    Sometimes all that the springs need is tension
    release. Such a problem requires special tools
    that only garage door experts have access to.
  • When doing DIY garage door repair, what matters
    most other than getting the job done is your
    safety. You have to prioritize it and this means
    staying away from possible sources of injury.
    Always remember the above safety tips to protect
    yourself and everyone around your working area.

Top 5 Hacks for Cutting Cost on Garage Door
  • If youve owned a garage for some time now, you
    probably know that making repairs on it is a
    costly affair. According to HomeGuide, the
    average cost of repairing a garage door in 2019
    is approximately 190. The specific figure
    depends on the size and type of your garage door
    and the particular repairs needed.
  • Lucky for you, there are a few tricks that can
    help bring the figure down to a manageable level.
    Without further ado, here are top 5 tips for
    cutting your garage door costs

  • 1. Regular Maintenance
  • Lets face it many homeowners ignore the need
    for doing regular maintenance on their garage
    doors. Others simply forget until it is too late.
    However, if you can perform some basic checks on
    your garage door every few months, you can avoid
    a lot of problems down the road. Ensure all
    moving parts are lubricated. Check for any
    damages and wear and tear and act immediately to
    avoid further damage. If your door is more than
    two years old, you might want to call the pros to
    do some inspections every year. This way, you
    avoid costly repairs and deadly accidents.
  • 2. Go For Quality
  • You know the saying, cheap is expensive? This
    statement is true when it comes to garage doors.
    When you choose poor quality materials for your
    door and its parts, you will certainly run into
    plenty of repairs in the coming years. To be
    safe, purchase a quality door (both materials and
    electronics) and the door itself. If your door is
    old and utterly worn out, consider of replacing
    it altogether to keep repairs minimum.

  • 3. Go DIY
  • Not all garage door issues warrant expert help.
    Some of them can be fixed with relative ease by
    any John Doe. Some of the easy-to-fix problems
    include doors that wont close all the way,
    remote malfunctions, issues with the wall switch,
    and keypads. The rule of thumb here is that when
    your garage door malfunctions, take some time and
    inspect it. You might find that expert opinion
    isnt necessary.
  • 4. Know When To Call An Expert
  • This hack almost goes against the previous one
    but if you think about it closely, they actually
    go hand-in-hand. With the DIY trend taking over
    the home improvement industry, many homeowners
    are experimenting on every project around their
    spaces. However, DIY sometimes does more harm
    than good. You could damage your motor or the
    entire door which will increase your repair costs
    further. If you arent too sure about your
    technical and electrical skills, let the experts
    handle the project once and for all.

  • 5. Dont Procrastinate
  • Most people suspend small garage door repairs
    (such as squeaks) until its too late. Often,
    this small issue balloons into something more
    serious and costly to repair. Deal with each
    garage door issue as early as possible.
  • Garage doors malfunction from time to time.
    Considering the average price of repairing one,
    the thought of saving money on the repair project
    in a welcome relief to most homeowners.
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