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Is The Vampire Facelift Right For You?


Here is some information about this facial so you can decide whether you should add this facial to your skin care regimen. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Is The Vampire Facelift Right For You?

Is The Vampire Facelift Right For You?
  • Is The Vampire Facelift Right For You?
  • What Is The HCG Diet?

  • There are several new facial treatments on the
    market, and many of them promise to make you look
    younger and improve the condition of your skin.
    Whether you receive all your skin care from a
    dermatologist, or you visit a spa or esthetician
    for facial treatments, you may have heard of the
    vampire facelift. Here is some information about
    this facial so you can decide whether you should
    add this facial to your skin care regimen.

  • The vampire facelift is a nonsurgical procedure
    that is relatively quick to perform. Hyaluronic
    acid fillers similar to products like Juvederm
    and Restylane are used in the treatment and
    unipotent stem cells for a customized facial. The
    purpose of the vampire facelift is to smooth
    wrinkles in the face and provide volume in the
    right places. The facial can also improve skin
    texture and make the skin look revitalized.
    Platelet Rich Plasma therapy and other dermal
    fillers to achieve the desired result. Platelets,
    as well as other growth factors in the blood
    naturally promote the production of collagen. As
    a result, your skin becomes smoother, tighter and
    more youthful. The vampire facial combines
    platelets with the dermal filler improve the
    colors, shape, volume and texture of the skin and
    youre likely to see lasting results in as little
    as 18 months.

  • Even though the procedure is known as a facelift,
    its actually not a surgical procedure, but a
    skin treatment that utilizes the growth factors
    and healing properties of the body found in human
    blood, which is where the vampire name comes
    from. The facial treatment is virtually painless
    and involves several injections in specific areas
    of the face to get rid of wrinkles and add volume
    to make the skin look younger.

  • There are several reasons to consider the vampire
    facelift. As we age, the color of our skin
    changes because there is less blood flow to the
    face. The shape of the face also begins to
    collapse, which is why the skin can become droopy
    with age due to a decrease in collagen. The
    texture of the skin also becomes rougher with age
    and both coarse and fine wrinkles can appear on
    various areas of the face. The facial is also
    beneficial to make the skin thicker and improve
    elasticity, since the face can lose volume as we
    get older. So, many people choose to get the
    vampire facial to get the lively rose look that
    children and teenagers often have naturally.

  • Although the vampire facial can improve the
    overall look and feel of the skin. The facial is
    great for people who dont want to get plastic
    surgery, but its important to note that this
    treatment is not a cure-all for all age-related
    skin issues. It may be necessary to get cosmetic
    surgery to remove excess skin, especially if
    youve recently lost a considerable amount of
    weight. Since hyaluronic acid is used in the
    facial, its important not to receive injections
    too close to the eyes, since the acid will lift
    the skin of the face away from the bone to create
    volume. Be sure to talk to your dermatologist and
    skin care specialist about the pros and cons of
    the vampire facelift before going through with
    the procedure.

What Is The HCG Diet?
  • Theres a good chance youve heard of the HCG
    diet, since this eating plan has been around for
    several years. The diet is seen as extreme by
    some, but it claims to help lose 1 or 2 pounds
    each day. Those who support the diet also claim
    that youre not supposed to feel hungry while
    youre on the diet. The FDA has asserted that the
    diet may not be safe, but there are still several
    people who are experiencing the weight loss they
    desire with the HCG diet.
  • Theres a science behind the HCG diet that keeps
    people interested in this eating plan. These
    days, HCG products are sold in several forms, so
    you can purchase them in sprays, pellets and
    drops that are taken orally. You can purchase HCG
    products at health food stores and on
    health-related websites.

  • Before you start the HCG diet, you should know
    more about the role that HCG plays in the body.
    HCG is a hormone that is protein-based. It is
    produced during pregnancy and is the indicator to
    a womans body telling the body that it is
    carrying a child. While a woman is pregnant, HCG
    maintains hormone production like estrogen and
    progesterone these hormones are necessary for
    the healthy development of the fetus and embryo.
    Blood levels of HCG decrease after the first

  • Those who support the HCG diet claim that the
    hormone boosts the bodys metabolism and assists
    the body in losing large amounts of fat without
    the feeling of hunger. There are several theories
    that explain the weight loss mechanism of HCG.
    However, there are several studies that have
    revealed that the weight loss many people achieve
    by being on the HCG diet is because of the very
    low caloric intake, which actually has nothing to
    do with the HCG hormone. The study compared HCG
    effects and placebo injections that were
    administered to people who were on a low-calorie
    diet. In the end, weight loss was identical or
    close to identical between the two groups. The
    studies also revealed that the HCG hormone didnt
    have a significant effect in hunger reduction.

  • While some people do experience weight loss on
    the HCG diet, its important to note that weight
    loss can lead to decreased muscle mass. This is
    particularly common with the HCG diet, since the
    diet is calorie-restricted. When youre not
    taking in enough calories, the body may go into
    starvation mode and reserve calories as a
    survival method, which can result in less weight
    loss. However, those who follow or support the
    diet state that the diet only causes fat loss and
    not muscle loss.
  • If youre thinking about following the HCG diet,
    it may be best to talk to your doctor about the
    pros and cons of these eating plan. Its also
    best to limit the time you spend on the time so
    the body wont become too accustomed to taking in
    reduced calories. Its also best to adopt a
    healthy diet that includes healthy carbs and a
    variety of vegetables and fruits to maintain
    weight loss.
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