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Modern Art Museum is a Fusion of Experimental Art Styles


Discover Modern Art Museum and its Changing Perspectives. The public art installations or burning man art installations are one of the areas which continue to surprise the artist and audience. Learn More at: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Modern Art Museum is a Fusion of Experimental Art Styles

W W W . I N S T A L L A T I O N A R T . T V
W W W . I N S T A L L A T I O N A R T . T V
Modern art museum reflects on all aspects with a
varying degree of the creative and social lens.
The artworks have no time boundaries to follow.
The artist reflects on age- old issues or
subjects capturing the essence of its times. The
birth of different types of art styles is an
example of it. Have you ever thought visiting a
museum makes you feel of the time as a passing
wave and you gliding upon it holding onto the
artworks? We lose a sense of time or origins of
the theme or subject in the artwork. Artists
belong to an era, but art doesn't. It brings a
reformed or revised version of the artwork with
every new set of eyes, soul brought to the
Modern Art Museum and Changing
Perspectives Modern art museum explores
different types of art styles. People want to
experience and experiment with art. They want to
have deeper participation to be a part of the
artist's vision. Light installation art is the
best example. A broader sense of imagination is
at play with
such art styles. The experiences the artwork
audience through
the spectrum of light. Each layer holds a
different meaning and designing the fate of
another to take the shape of a single concept
in the end.
The public art installations or burning man art
installations draw the audience without
expecting to have more than a glance or a few
moments spent together. The public artworks
infuse a sense of mysticism among the public.
They find themselves thinking about it in the
middle of a meeting or driving back home.
Modern Art Museum and a Shift in Public
Participation The modern art museum expects the
audience to make the voice of
artists heard around. Art is a a
to bring in
powerful positive The
medium change burning
society. art
installations bring us a kind of hope, relief.
The artists participate and merge into the
artwork as one. On the other hand, light
installation art encourages the audience to
break their thinking pattern and move with the
stream of thoughts flowing and being carried
around by light.
The public art installations stay in our minds a
bit longer than expected. The reason could be we
never expected them to be there or thought of
leaving a strong impact. The burning man art
installations have a similar impression upon
artists. The light art installation has caught
with other art styles quite fast. Burning man
art installations have also garnered a lot of
audience in the last couple of decades. The
public art installation is one area which
continues to surprise the artist and audience.
Thank You!!
Installation Art Tulika 19, Tallinn,
Estonia 10613