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Reasons Why Social Media is Essential for Growing Business


It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big national company. Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, it’s no passing trend. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Reasons Why Social Media is Essential for Growing Business

It doesnt matter if you run a small local
shop or a big national company. Social media is
an essential piece of your business marketing
strategy. Social platforms help you connect with
your customers, increase awareness about your
brand, and boost your leads and sales. With more
than three billion people around the world using
social media every month, its no passing
trend.What you might not know is that youre
ready to get your companys social media off the
ground right now. You dont need to know every
intimidating buzzword or have the magic number of
followers. You can get started immediatelyand
even enjoy yourself in the process.
Here Are Six Reasons Why Investing In Social
Media Is A Wise Business Move Improved Brand
Awareness Social media is one of the most
stress-free and profitable digital marketing
platforms that can be used to increase your
business visibility. To get started, create
social media profiles for your business and start
networking with others. By applying a social
media strategy, it will help you significantly
increase your brand recognition. By spending only
a few hours per week, over 91 of marketers
claimed that their social marketing efforts
greatly increased their brand visibility and
heightened user experience. Undoubtedly, having a
social media page for your brand will benefit
your business and with a regular user, it can
also produce a wide audience for your business in
no time.
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Cost-effective For an advertising strategy,
social media marketing is possibly the most
cost-effective way. Creating an account and
signing up is free for almost all social
networking platforms. But if you decide to use
paid advertising on social media, always start
small to see what you should expect. Being
cost-effective is important as it helps you
attain a greater return on investment and hold a
bigger budget for other marketing and business
payments. Just by investing a little money and
time, you can significantly increase your
conversion rates and ultimately get a return on
investment on the money that you primarily
Engage With Your Customers Social media is a
good way of engaging and interacting customers.
The more you communicate with the audience, the
more chances you have of conversion. Set up
two-way communication with your target audience
so that their wishes are known and their interest
is catered with ease. Moreover, communication and
engagement with customers is one of the ways to
win their attention and convey them your brand
message. Thus, your brand will reach more
audience in real terms and gets itself
established without any hassle.
Improved Brand Loyalty When you have a social
media presence, you make it easier for your
customers to find you and connect with you. By
connecting with your customers through social
media, you are more probable to upsurge customer
retention and customer loyalty. Since developing
a loyal customer base is one of the main goals of
almost any business. Customer satisfaction and
brand loyalty typically go hand in hand. It is
essential to often engage with your customers and
start developing a bond with them. Social media
is not just limited to introducing your product
it is also a leading platform for promotional
campaigns. A customer sees these platforms as
service channels where they can directly
communicate with the business.
Healthier Customer Satisfaction Social media
plays a vital role in networking and
communication platform. With the help of these
platforms, creating a voice for your company is
important in improving the overall brand image.
Customers appreciate the fact that when they post
comments on your page, they receive a modified
reply rather than a computerized message. A brand
that values its customers, takes the time to
compose a personal message, which is perceived
naturally in a positive light.
Marketplace Awareness One of the best ways to
find the needs and wants of your customers
instead of directly communicating with them is
Marketplace awareness. It is also considered as
the most valuable advantage of social media. By
observing the activities on your profile, you can
see customers interest and opinions that you
might not know otherwise if you didnt have a
social media presence. As a complementary
research tool, social media can help you get
information and a better understanding of your
industry. Once you get a large following, you can
then use additional tools to examine other
demographics of your consumers.
Social Media Marketing Social Media
Marketing refers to the method of gaining traffic
or attention through social media sites. Social
media itself could be a catch-all term for sites
that will give radically completely different
social actions. For example, Twitter could be a
social website designed to let individuals share
short messages or updates with others. The
coming of social media has really been the game
changer in the way we carry out business
marketing and related activities. Their birth has
made custom targeting of prospective customers a
breeze. It has enhanced our ability to
communicate directly with those we seek to reach.
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Local Social Media Sites Facebook This is by
far the most popular social media website,
boasting more than 1.5 billion active monthly
users. This platform is particularly great for
small businesses that are looking to advertise
products or events. Yelp Yelp is the king of
reviews. While it might not be structured like
may other social networking sites, Yelp has more
than 140 million active users. It is widely
trusted and having positive reviews and ratings
on the site might actually see you acquire lots
of new business.
Google While its no Facebook, the fact that it
is a Google product makes it quite attractive.
Google has also put in more and more resources
into the platform. Its SEO value makes it a
must-use tool for any small business.
AngelList Looking to raise some extra funds for
your startup? Well you need to try out AngleList,
a social network that connects startups with
investors. Twitter Twitters value lies in its
ability for your posts to go viral. You can use
the platform to post your business updates,
recent news and more. Hashtags play an important
role in building your posts momentum so ensure
you use relevant hashtags.
LinkedIn Consider this as your online resume.
You can list your business history, core
objectives and skill as well as a recommendation
from customers. A sound LinkedIn profile might
see you win incredible business offers.
Instagram This platform helps you to eliminate
clutter, highlighting your products and services
in a very visual way. While it works best with
products, you can still use the website to show
business accomplishments such as involvement in
charity, travel, parties and so on. Use the
platform as a push tool to other platforms such
as Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest Like
Instagram, Pinterest is another interesting
visual sharing platform. Pin clickable images
that lead back to your website. With more than
100 million users, you dont want to ignore its
marketing power.
Tumblr Though a bit confusing for first timers,
tumblr is a truly interesting tool that allows
you to post videos, photos, chats, audio messages
and quotes. You can also reblog your favourite
Foursquare Foursquare is a location check-in
service that allows your customers to tell the
world that they are in your place of business.
They can as well share this info with their
friends. Like Yelp, this is a must use platform
for all small local businesses.
YouTube Besides being the second largest search
engine, this site is also owned by Google and so
when it comes to search engine optimization,
their videos are more likely to appear on
Googles top search results. Use it also as a
feedback platform.
Affluence Are you an accomplished businessman
looking to connect with other industry experts,
then you need Affluence. This is more of a
private social network where industry experts
connect, share information and engage in
meaningful conversations.
Quora This question and answer platform allows
you to set yourself as an expert in your field.
Offer consistent, credible answers and see
traffic to your website increase. Meetup Are you
trying to extend your event marketing campaigns,
network with industry professionals or launch new
products? Well, you need Meetup. With millions of
users, Meetup is a powerful local networking and
organizing tool for small businesses.
EFactor This is an online community thats
specifically designed for entrepreneurs. It is
the largest network of entrepreneurs and boasts
over 25,000 vetted investors.
Biznik Biznik is a community of small businesses
and entrepreneurs dedicated to helping each other
succeed. It is one of the very few online
communities that advocate for collaboration
rather than competition. Ecademy This is network
is dedicated to businesses that are looking to
create contacts and share knowledge. It offers
offline and online networking events as well as
global networking groups. The platform has been
around since 1998.
Gust This site is solely dedicated to
professional investor relations right from pitch
all the way to exit. The platform provides the
right infrastructure for identifying
opportunities and managing the investment
JASEzone Looking for a business partner?
JASEzone is the right platform for you. This
platform makes it easy to find both potential
customers and business partners. PartnerUp Like
JASEzone, PartnerUp is an online networking
community that allows small business owners and
entrepreneurs to find the resources and expertise
they need to grow their business. Use the
platform to connect with potential advisers and
Focus This website focuses on helping businesses
to make decisions as well as share expertise in
functional areas of business.
Reddit This is a social news and entertainment
platform where you can submit content such as
text posts and direct link. The site users also
to determine the best posts by voting submissions
up or down. The best submissions appear on the
main page. Snapchat Snapchat is an image
processing application that has quickly grown in
popularity. You can use this application to share
promo codes, demo your products or even partner
with influencers as a strategy to increasing your
brand awareness.
WhatsApp Use this widely popular instant
messaging client as a customer service tool. Use
it to quickly pass on internal communication or
create a group as a way to advertise your
products or services.
Periscope This is a live video streaming app.
Use it to advertise your products, announce new
products or as a means to collect feedback from
viewers. You can as well use it for
tutorials. BizSugar BizSugar is niche resource
as well as a social networking site for small
business owners, entrepreneurs and managers. Use
the platform to share blog posts, podcasts,
videos and articles among other content. (In the
interest of full disclosure, BizSugar is owned by
Small Business Trends LLC.)
Stumble Upon This is a social media bookmarking
site that allows users to like websites and add
them to their profile. This site could help you
generate good traffic but you have to make sure
you deliver great content that will earn you
Delicious This is a social bookmarking web
service for discovering, storing and sharing web
bookmarks. It could prove to be a highly reliable
site for tracking all mentions of you or your
business in the press or even monitoring
competitors. Digg This is a news aggregator with
a curated front page that selects stories
specifically for the Internet audience. Use it to
get business news that directly impacts your
business. Digg also supports sharing of content
to other social media platforms such as Facebook
and Twitter.
Plaxo This is an enhanced address book tool for
networking and staying in contact. Use it to grow
your business contacts.
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