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Common Presentation mistakes in CA Exams - CA Test Series (1)


Good presentation doesn’t mean that you need to write slowly, designing the text and using different types of pen. Stay away from illustrations. Learn about the common errors which students commit in presentation. Good presentation can help to increase 10-12 marks in each exam. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Common Presentation mistakes in CA Exams - CA Test Series (1)

Common Presentation mistakes in CA Exams
Good presentation doesnt mean that you need to
write slowly, designing the text and using
different types of pen. Stay away from
illusations. Learn about the common errors which
students commit in presentation. Good
presentation can help to increase 10-12 marks in
each exam.
1. Good presentation doesnt mean that you need
to write slowly, designing the text and using
different types of pen. Stay away from
illusations. Learn about the common errors which
students commit in presentation. Good
presentation can help to increase 10-12 marks in
each exam.
After completing the 1st part of the answer, he
directly goes to the next part without properly
specify or showing that one part is completed.
On second part, student is not specifying what he
is calculating. He simply start his calculation,
how a examiner or a lay man can understand what
you are doing with below amounts. Properly give
a short heading to your calculation.
You should write neatly, Proper spacing is must.
2. Here the student is writing the observation or
decision from the situation but he is skipping to
write about the situation or option, he is only
mentioning the option number. Proper mention the
name of the option and reason. Proper reason is
must otherwise you may lose 1-1.5 marks depending
on the weightage.
3. In Solution 2, question has asked about 6
situations. Student directly starts his answer
from part 1, without giving any introduction.
Also he is not specifying about the part that
what it is about. He directly starts his
calculation. Shortly mention that this part is
about 9,00,000 proposed production of goods in
next year or like that. You can also underline or
highlight that heading. It will not take much
time. No need to use different color pens, use
one pen only.
4. In subjects like costing(SCM / AMA), Financial
management (SFM), decision making is quite
important. Many students able to calculate the
correcct figures but didnt got the correct
conclusion due to lack of concept clarity in
decision making questions.
5. We frequently receive some queries that
whether to write comparison based questions in
table format or in paragraph format. The answer
is if the content of the solution is less then
table format is the best option. If the content
is lenghty and weighatage of the question is more
than 4 marks then paragraph format should be
In below image, content is less but the student
has opted paragraph format which looks awakward.
And we cannot suitably compare both the options.
Here student is starting the second part of the
question. No spacing leaves after completing
first part. Properly leave appropriate space
after first part. So that a user can properly
differentiate between both and it should look
6. Write question number and other words clearly.
Donot overwrite. Examiner dont have enough time
to analysis and check what you are trying to
write. Like in below question, student have
attempted 4 questions, thereafter he has
attempted 6th question but he overwirte the
question number. Sometime it looks like he is
trying to write question 5
7. When you are writing numeric figures, must
mention about the format of those figures whether
it is in lac, thousands, crores or in units.
This is must many students lose marks over this
point. Sometime due to this small mistake, they
wrongly answered the question.
8. Although its not possible to write formulas.
But this student used intelligent approach. In
small questions, he mentioned formula for main
answer only. He didnt write formula for working
notes. It will save your time also and helps to
score good marks.
9. One of the important point about presentation
is appropriate heading to your accounts or
statements is must. Like for balance sheet, value
added statement, profit and loss etc, You have to
mention date on which the statement is prepared
and name of the company for which you are
preparing the statement. These two things is
must. In case of journal entries, properly
mention in whose books you are posting those
journal entries. Another point is proper format
of statements is must. Like in balance sheet
properly categorize or sub-categorize the items
10. Student is switching to second part without
specifying anything. He is just concentrating on
finding missing figures. Examiner is not only
interested in your figures but he also require
that you have understanding of the concept and
you are able to teach others also. Write in such
a way that you are teaching to others.
11. You presentations first look describe about
your confidence. You can see the below two
images. Your mind will make one thought, one
looks like a student write with full confidence
that he knows the answer and other one looks
like a student is struggling to find the correct
answer. This look also impact examiners mind. In
your solutions looks confidence then you can
expect more marks.
12. In theory questions, students start their
answer without first introducing the topics
shortly. They directly start with main points.
If your answer includes number of points then
also short 2-3 lines introduction is required to
score good marks.
13. There are 5 parts in theory questions. First
heading in 3-4 words. In this if you are sure
about the section or AS or SA name and number,
must write. Like Section 138, appointment of
auditor If you write this, it is most probable
that most of the examiner will check your reason
and conclusion part only. Second part, write
about applicable provision. Here in this part,
try to include bookish or act language to score
well. This para should be in 3-5 lines and only
content related to provision should be covered.
Remember- content is a king. Third parts, in this
part write about the facts of the case given in
the question. You can write in normal language.
Fourth, very few students cover this. Write
reason in 2-3 lines. It is the scoring
step.Fifth, Write conclusion with section number
and name.
14. In normal theory questions where case studies
are not asked, instead of leaving or completing
the answer open fielded. You should write or
conclude your answer in 2-3 lines to score good
Other Tips about speed and approach
1. Read question carefully and understand
properly the requirement of the question. Take a
pause and think about the solution, make a rough
calculation in your mind and then start to solve
2. Avoid using abbreviations which cannot be
understandable by the examiner. Avoid irrelevant
points - By writing irrelevant points you waste
your own time and time of the examiner also.
Which create negative impact on examiner
3. Without any doubt, your marks will be deducted
if you will not give proper references. You may
learn sections of some important topics only. But
for audit must learn all the SA numbers and
company audit also have limited sections. So
start learns from day one. Never think of
learning at last moment only.
4. 100 marks ICAI exam paper and you have three
hours in hand means 180 minutes so by that means
I can say one point eight minutes per mark. So,
lets say we have a question often 10 marks so by
that calculation you have 18 minutes in hand.
5. Do not take eighteen minutes rather take
sixteen minutes what you need to do is you need
to try to complete a question within these 16
minutes and treat these two minutes as buffer
time as grace time. If you are unable to do your
question in these 16 minutes, we shall utilize
this time which we have capped aside 2-minute
time buffer time or grace time and you shall
utilize this time.
6. But, do not go beyond 18 minutes. Leave that
question then and there itself, right P.T.O. at
the bottom of the page and leave two or three
pages so that in the case at the end of paper you
have some spare time you can definitely invest
that time on this question.
7. Don't try to recollect before the exam. Just
keep reading. Cos if you try to recollect and you
don't remember you will end up panicking. In the
exam when you look at the question paper,
automatically things will fall into places, your
brain will organize facts well and boost up your
8. Follow the countdown method for 15 questions,
you will find the improvement in your speed.
9. Always try to write answer to question 1 and 7
in the beginning, as they are short 4 - 5 mark
question, which you can complete within the 45
minutes to an hour and grab some easy 20 - 25
10. Next try to attempt the questions which are
of 8 or 10 marks depending upon how well you know
that question. Make sure you don't take more
then 10 - 15 minutes on every part, so that you
have ample time in the end for the 16 marks
11. Into the final hour we need to complete 2
questions, they could either be 16 marks each or
any other combination. Try to complete that
questions in ascending order here too and make
sure you don't end up spending more then 25
minutes on each question.
12. Write clearly, precisely and patiently
without jumping to next question while attempting
the current one.
13. For these 3 hours, dont focus on any other
student. Just keep attempting your exam only. You
cannot change the questions of the exam paper if
it is difficult and your result is not depending
on any other. You should go with an attitude of
sports man. Who continuously runs until he
reached the end point only. Your next 6 month,
stress and career depend on those 3 hours. You
should be unstoppable for 3 hours.